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Learn the details of what's included inside BBU, and the thought process behind its purposeful design.

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What's Inside The BBU Training Library?

Course 1: The Brand Builder Blueprint

An in-depth 8-module course taking you from beginner to advanced Amazon seller and brand builder.

Learn the detail of every step needed in order to launch your first profitable product and build a brand that lasts.

Includes checklists, PDF guides, transcripts, quizzes and more.

Total lessons: 125

Total length: 22 hours

Course 2: The PPC Masters

An expert-level 11-module course designed to equip you for success with Amazon PPC.

Learn the step-by-step of building high-performing 6-figure PPC campaigns and deploy leading strategies such as our keyword funnel process.

Total lessons: 84

Total length: 14 hours

Course 3: Outsourcing Masters

A step-by-step process for hiring your first team members, growing your capacity and freeing you up to work 'on' the business, not just 'in' the business.

Total lessons: 17

Total length: 3 hours

Course 4: Amazon Masters: Global Expansion

Learn keys for expansion into the ever-growing number of Amazon marketplaces across the world and maximize the opportunities for global eCommerce.

Total lessons: 10

Total length: 2 hours

Course 5: Building A Brand To Sell

The best time to learn how to get out is when you get in. Set up your business the right way and build and asset that can generate true lifetime wealth. 

Total lessons: 6

Total length: 1 hour

Lesson numbers and course length subject to fluctuation due to continual updates, improvements and additions to each course.

Future Training Roadmap

We are always expanding the training inside Brand Builder University. Here is a roadmap of what is currently under development, and planned for the future.

  • Cashflow Management
  • Facebook Ads for eCommerce
  • Email Marketing
  • Audience Building
  • Growing With Shopify
  • ...and many more!
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