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Selling on Amazon has been the subject of significant change in recent times. Some of the biggest changes surround the most critical aspects of an Amazon business - launching new products and ranking for keywords

In this all-new exclusive 4-Part Amazon PPC training series I'll be delivering to you my playbook for success with PPC - designed to position your business for optimal results on Amazon.

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In this 4-Part PPC training series you will learn:

How Selling On Amazon Has Changed...

...and what you need to do about it. In this first session we discuss the significant changes to the Amazon platform in recent times, why PPC is a big part of the answer and how we can position ourselves to rise above the crowd and build a business with longevity.

The Four Pillars Of PPC Success...

...and how they underpin your entire PPC efforts. In this session we do a deep-dive into the mentalities, strategies and practices that create the foundations of success with PPC. Time to stop shooting in the breeze and start implementing some tested and proven strategies. 

The Metrics That Matter...

...and what to do when they don't go your way. In this session we delve into "top level metrics" and "core underlying metrics" to ascertain what matters, what doesn't, and how to crush the metrics that really move the needle.

The Final Ingredient Of PPC Success...

...and why it impacts the daily health of your business. In this final session we discuss how to stay sharp in an ever-changing eco-system, prioritise the right strategies, and always come out on top amidst increasing competition.

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