73. Behdad Jamshidi: Mastering The eCommerce Brand/Agency Relationship

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73. Behdad Jamshidi: Mastering The eCommerce Brand/Agency Relationship

As your eCommerce brand grows you’ll naturally look to bring on help within key areas of the business.

Whether that’s marketing, accounting, or any other area, finding the right freelancers, agencies, and in-house team is a key skill to master. 

Knowing when to choose which option is also a vital part of the process.

So in this week’s episode of the Brand Builder Show, we invited marketing broker Behdad Jamshidi to share his wisdom on the subject. 

He has experience working with over 600 agencies and a lot of good thoughts to share.

In the episode, we talked about:

  • When is the right time to use freelancers vs agencies
  • How to find the right agencies and partners to grow your business
  • How to maintain a healthy relationship with agencies
  • Getting the best value from outsourced work
  • And a whole bunch more!

It’s the perfect episode for growing brand owners looking to level up their operations. Enjoy!

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Talking Points

  • 00:00 Introduction to Guest: Behdad Jamshidi
  • 00:53 Behdad’s Background
  • 03:44 The Journey of Outsourcing
  • 06:58 Benefits of Collaborating with an Agency
  • 10:16 In-house Team vs. Agency: Things to Consider
  • 14:23 Challenges When Working with Agencies
  • 17:38 Establishing a Healthy Relationship Between Business and Agency
  • 24:12 Key Considerations for Business Owners When Choosing an Agency
  • 26:23 Recommended Steps for an Average eCommerce Business Seeking Extra Help
  • 29:40 Opportunities for Entrepreneurs Looking to Build an Agency
  • 31:30 Setting a Realistic Payment Expectation when Working with an Agency

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