The Brand Builder Show
The Brand Builder Show
How The Halo Effect Can Help Grow Your Amazon Sales w/ ZonGuru’s Jon Tilley – #37

Welcome back to another episode of the Brand Builder Show! 

This week we’re joined by Jon Tilley the co-founder of popular Amazon tool ZonGuru.

In this episode we discussed:

  • How to choose the right keywords and initiate the “Halo Effect” for your Amazon products
  • How to launch products in competitive niches
  • What your first 12 months should look like to succeed when launching on Amazon.

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Talking Points:

00:00 Introducing Jon

06:06 Contextual SEO

08:52 Halo Effect Method

12:49 Writing your listing

18:08 First 12 months success

22:47 VC funding

25:44 ZonGuru Tools

33:57 Dealing with competition

37:18 What’s next for ZonGuru