How To Sell On Amazon Europe Successfully w/ AVASK Accounting – #04

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How To Sell On Amazon Europe Successfully w/ AVASK Accounting – #04

Welcome to episode four of the Brand Builder Show! In this episode, I sit with Piers from AVASK Accounting to assess the European expansion opportunity.

Key Topics:

  • The biggest myths around selling in Europe and how ignoring them can help you win
  • The impact of Brexit on selling on Amazon in Europe and what you need to do to stay on top
  • Keys for success in European marketplaces despite their unique attributes

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Talking Points

0:00 Introduction To Guest – Piers Eveleigh
01:15 Piers’ Background / Introduction To AVASK
03:01 Impact of Brexit On E-commerce Businesses and Amazon Sellers
08:58 Business Expansion To EU
16:33 Compliance And Its Four Subsections
19:30 OSS and IOSS Explained
24:39 Recommended Strategy To Start Selling in EU
36:59 Amazon Set Up: Expanding To New Marketplaces
40:04 Important Components of Launching In A New Marketplace
42:53 AVASK Accounting VAT Services
43:33 How To Reach AVASK

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