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The Brand Builder Show
Growing A 7-Figure Brand Whilst Travelling The World w/ Tray Brunner – #44

To grow a time and location-independent income is the dream for so many. 

But how do you actually go from zero to freedom?

Well in this week’s episode of the Brand Builder Show we’re joined by Tray Brunner who launched BambooAve just a few short years ago with the dream of doing just that.

He & his partner have since grown the brand to 7-figures in revenue whilst spending large chunks of time overseas in locations like Bali. 

In this episode we dive into a few topics:

  • Product: How Tray identified the product opportunity and worked with manufacturers to produce a clothing item they were proud of.
  • Marketing: How Tray’s experience working at Facebook helped launch BambooAve to 300% growth multiple years running without taking on any capital.
  • Team: The lean approach taken to build the brand with strength & flexibility.

A must listen episode for anyone looking to build a brand and have time and location freedom! 


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