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The Brand Builder Show
List Building Lessons From $7billion in Revenue w/ Privy founder Ben Jabbawy – #27

Welcome back to another episode of the Brand Builder Show!

This week we’re joined by Ben Jabbawy, founder of eCommerce marketing platform Privy.

Ben and his team at Privy serve over 100,000 customers and have helped them collect 500 million email addresses and drive $7billion in revenue.

So, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about building and monetizing a list of engaged customers. In this episode, he breaks down what every brand builder should be doing to develop this valuable asset in their business.

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Talking points:

00:00 Ben D. introduces Ben Jabbawy

00:41 Ben J. talks about his e-commerce journey

06:51 Importance of building a customer list

11:20 Building sustainable traffic to your store

15:18 List building

21:20 Best converting offers for welcome pop-up

26:27 What happens after growing a list

30:46 SMS marketing on Privy

35:26 Why is Privy the best solution for list building on Shopify?

36:56 Where to find Ben J. and Privy