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The Brand Builder Show
Amazon Bookkeeping Best Practices w/ EcomBalance Founder Nathan Hirsch – #29

Welcome back to another episode of the Brand Builder Show!

This week we’re joined by serial entrepreneur Nathan Hirsch.

Having scaled and sold the popular outsourcing marketplace FreeeUp, Nathan and his partner Connor recently launched EcomBalance. It’s a bookkeeping startup focused on helping Ecommerce sellers get financially strong to build successful businesses.

In this episode we’ll discuss best practices, biggest mistakes, and keys for adding value to the asset that is your business. Enjoy!

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Talking Points:

00:00 Ben Introduces Nathan Hirsch

00:34 Nathan Talks about his journey with Amazon

07:34 How to sell your company and find the right buyer.

11:57 Key Process and Financial Habits

15:02 Why we need to hire a bookeeper or an accountant?

16:11 The Importance Of Healthy Books

19:45 Nathan Talks about eCom Balance.

22:59 Pain points in the eCommerce industry

30:13 Biggest bookkeeping mistakes eCommerce sellers make with their finances

31:24 Processes or principles eCommmerce should have in place to increase business value

32:33 Where to get started with eCom Balance