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The Brand Builder Show
His BBC Dragon’s Den Appearance In FULL & Surprising Detail w/ Kevan Marshall – #26

Welcome back to another episode of the Brand Builder Show!

This week we’re joined by one of our well loved BBU members Kevan Marshall.

Kevan recently appeared on Dragon’s Den (UK’s version of Shark Tank) and pitched his business for investment from serial entrepreneurs such as Peter Jones and Steven Bartlett.

In this episode we discussed everything that goes on behind the scenes and get some fascinating insight into what it’s really like to appear on the show.

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Talking points:

00:00 Ben introduces Kevan Marshall

01:05 Kevan talks about his journey

08:10 Kevan discusses how his business grew

14:45 Talking about Dragon’s Den

23:29 Due diligence for Dragon’s Den

30:20 Getting in to the actual room of Dragon’s Den

34:29 Investment time

36:18 Deciding factors in terms of investment and percentage

38:32 Leaving the Dragon’s Den

46:07 If Kevan would go back to Dragon’s Den

48:13 Kevan’s plan for the following years