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The Brand Builder Show
How Tool Aggregator Carbon 6 Is Shaking Things Up w/ Clayton Atchison – #23

Welcome back to another episode of the Brand Builder Show! 

This week we’re joined by Clayton from Carbon 6. 

Having recently burst onto the scene, Carbon 6 are an Amazon tool aggregator, combining some of the greatest tools in the Amazon FBA space. In this episode we talk about the journey, what they are aiming to do, and get a behind the scenes demo on one of their most exciting tools – PixelMe.

PixelMe helps sellers drive external traffic to Amazon with clear reporting data giving the ability to scale up on what’s working, and shut down what isn’t.

Here are all the Carbon 6 tools mentioned:

=> Explore PixelMe here

=> Explore here

=> Explore AMZ Alert here

=> Explore here

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Talking Points:

00:00 Ben introduces Clayton

01:14 Clayton talks about his career on Amazon

06:38 What is Carbon 6?

11:25 Where is Carbon 6 headed in the future?

14:33 Private label tools

25:06 PixelMe

31:37 Clayton demos PixelMe

40:25 Other markets where PixelMe is available

43:02 Clayton talks about what 2022 looks like in the Amazon space