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The Brand Builder Show
Building & Exiting 7-Figure Brands w/ Seller.Tools Founder Troy Johnston – #24

Welcome back to another episode of the Brand Builder Show! 

This week we’re joined by Troy Johnston, long-time Amazon seller and founder of Seller.Tools.

Having achieved a 7-figure exit in 2017, Troy has since gone from strength to strength in his execution of building leading Amazon brands.

He has also helped drive the suite to becoming one of the most respected tools in the space.

In this episode we discussed Seller.Tools recent acquisition by Carbon 6, along with what Troy advises sellers to look for when researching and launching new products on Amazon.

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Talking Points:

00:00 Ben introduces Troy Johnston

01:04 Troy talks about his career journey

08:44 Focusing on repeat purchase behavior

18:52 Big earning potential

21:31 Troy Johnston after his exit

26:04 How Troy’s exit affected his decision making

29:29 Troy talks about Carbon 6

33:47 Where is Seller.Tools going?

44:09 Troy talks about Campaign Manager

50:31 Troy’s forecast for Carbon 6

53:53 Troy’s social media presence