68. Ben Leonard: Sourcing In Vietnam, New Brands, Imposter Syndrome & More

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68. Ben Leonard: Sourcing In Vietnam, New Brands, Imposter Syndrome & More

It’s one thing to build a brand once, but this week’s podcast guest has turned around and is doing it all over again.

Ben Leonard founded Beast Gear in 2016, sold it in 2019, and now returns for his third appearance on the Brand Builder Show to talk about new brands he’s building and why he’s doing it.

We discussed:

  • Sourcing in Vietnam vs China
  • Truly understanding the customer you’re serving
  • How to build brands that last beyond any trending tactics
  • Dealing with the darker side of entrepreneurship
  • And much more!

This is an episode with a bit of a different feel and speaks to the heart of the eCommerce entrepreneur. Make sure to give it a listen!

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Talking Points

00:00 Introduction to Guest: Ben Leonard

01:15 Background of Ben

03:34 E-commerce in Vietnam

05:25 Type of products currently being sourced in Vietnam

07:23 Best way to get started in Vietnam sourcing

09:11 Comparing cost vs China

10:40 New brands that Ben has launched

12:36 Ben talks about his new book, Quit Stalling, Build Your Brand

17:15 Advice for people who lacks business experience

20:37 The imposter syndrome of starting a brand

24:02 Is it still possible to succeed outside of something you are not passionate about?

26:56 The dark side of e-commerce entrepreneurship and how to overcome it

33:14 What’s the bigger purpose of e-commerce?

36:04 Final words of advice for those who are struggling to get started

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