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The Brand Builder Show
Success on Amazon In Spite Of Amazon w/ Lesley From Riverbend Consulting – #36

Welcome back to another episode of the Brand Builder Show! 

This week we’re joined by Lesley Hensell, co-founder of leading Amazon agency Riverbend Consulting. Riverbend are experts at handling complex cases and overcoming significant problems to help Amazon sellers thrive.

In this episode we discussed:

  • How to win against the eCommerce giant in 2022
  • The absolute best way to get fast, helpful support from Amazon Seller Support
  • How to maximize revenue whilst reducing risks
  • And much more!

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Talking Points:

00:00 Introducing Lesley

04:02 How to handle Amazon

09:44 Frustrations with Seller Support

15:13 Amazon abusing position

18:17 Maximize revenue, reduce risk

22:31 Creating a lasting brand

24:55 Product safety precautions

28:40 Amazon transparency program