The Brand Builder Show
The Brand Builder Show
Powerful Data Insights Most Amazon Sellers Ignore w/ Rael Cline – #20

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Brand Builder Show where we are joined by Rael Cline. Rael is the founder of Nozzle – a tool that helps Amazon sellers understand the journey of their customers in order to be able to reduce acquisition cost and increase customer lifetime value.

Key Topics:

  • Why understanding customer acquisition cost is becoming more and more important on Amazon
  • How the lifetime value of a customer impacts our marketing efforts on Amazon
  • How Amazon aggregators are viewing customer metrics when making acquisitions

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Talking Points:

00:00 Ben talks about Rael Cline

01:56 Rael talks about himself

06:50 Understanding your customer’s purchasing behavior

10:01 Why Rael chose Amazon

15:40 Biggest challenges for sellers in accessing customer data on Amazon

22:57 What is the primary use case for Nozzle?

24:31 How much can I pay to acquire a new customer on Amazon?

25:40 Profitability vs. Growth

34:54 Increasing the customer lifetime value

39:41 How do you adjust your customer acquisition cost?

43:15 Future plans for Nozzle