The Brand Builder Show
The Brand Builder Show
Amazon PPC Campaign Structure & Launch Tips w/ Dustin Kane & Kris Gramlich – #25

Welcome back to another episode of the Brand Builder Show! 

This week we’re joined by not one, but two sellers! Dustin & Kris both started selling on Amazon in 2014 only to later meet and join the Sellozo team. 

In this episode we discussed their journey through the Wild West of Amazon in 2014 to today’s very different market. We also talked through best-practice PPC campaign structures Dustin And Kris are seeing inside the accounts of their most successful clients.

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Talking points:

00:00 Ben introduces Dustin and Kris of Sellozo

01:51 Dustin and Kris talk about the difference between selling in 2014 vs. the present

07:39 Journey through the first few years on Amazon

18:40 How Dustin and Kris started with Sellozo

24:42 Sellozo roles of Dustin and Kris

27:54 Strategies of the best performing accounts

35:54 What’s in the future for Sellozo

39:02 Successful product launches

43:14 The right approach in 2022 for new Amazon sellers

51:36 Where to go to know more about Sellozo and the guests