Amazon External Traffic Growth Strategies
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The Brand Builder Show
Amazon External Traffic Growth Strategies w/ MaverickX Founder Ben Faw – #49

One of the most effective strategies for growing sales on Amazon right now is utilizing external traffic to boost organic ranking.

Amazon even incentivize you to do it by offering a 10% Brand Referral Bonus. But how do you get started? And what KPIs should you be focusing on?

In this week’s episode of the podcast we speak to Ben Faw, founder of MaverickX – a company entirely focused on external traffic campaigns.

We talked about:
💡 How Ben built and sold BestReviews for $100million
💡 Why driving traffic to Amazon is essential in competitive markets
💡 Keys for success when deploying this strategy
💡 And a whole bunch more!

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Talking Points

1:06 How Ben Faw Started in the World of eCommerce
4:24 How Working For Big Companies Helped
8:09 BestReviews Backstory
12:38 How MaverickX Came About
18:15 Effective Strategies That Drive Traffic
21:08 What Is MaverickX And How They Can Help Your Business
23:25 Google Ads Best Practices and Ingredients For Success
33:37 Other Key Strategies For Success
39:05 Word of Advice For Amazon Sellers