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The Evolving eCommerce Opportunity

The path to building a successful eCommerce brand has changed.

Slapping a logo on a generic product that had high demand and low competition and then throwing it up on Amazon used to be enough.

But in a maturing market, you now need to be sharper, smarter, and more sophisticated than the average competition.

The good news though, for those that commit themselves to the journey of mastery, is that the eCommerce opportunity continues to grow:

ecommerce growth chart
Retail e-commerce sales worldwide. Source: Statista

Millions more people are spending billions more online every. single. year. Without fail.

This creates an opportunity for hard-working entrepreneurs-in-the-making to capture this demand and grow a six-figure (and beyond) business quicker than ever.

And, with a maturing market comes more investment.

Capital from large venture firms and private investors alike is being increasingly deployed to snap up quick-growing brands like the one you’ll learn how to build inside BBU Pro.

And it’s not just isolated cases.

It’s happening with enough regularity for the BBC to report on it:

And another small publisher you may have heard of, the Financial Times:

financial times amazon fba

These physical product brands built by normal everyday people (usually from a spare room in their home) are a high-demand asset as they stand the test of time:

  • They can resist inflation by putting you on both sides of the buy/sell equation…
  • They can resist recessions by selling essential products that are always in demand whatever the economic climate…
  • And they can resist the AI revolution simply by selling physical products (ain’t no ChatGPT gonna spit out code to produce a garlic press! 😤)

But, in order to take advantage of this growing opportunity, you need to be deploying the strategies that work now, not three years ago.

So whether you’re a complete beginner or looking for a community to level up within, inside BBU Pro you’ll get help at every stage of your journey:

Starting Out

  • Identifying profitable product opportunities
  • Carrying out effective market research
  • Setting up your business the right way
  • Launching your first product with momentum
  • And much more!

Scaling Up

  • Building an engaged brand following
  • Mastering marketing for predictable growth
  • Optimizing cash flow for faster growth
  • Expanding globally for unlimited growth
  • And much more!

Selling On

  • Building a business you can sell
  • Implementing ‘exit-ready’ systems & structures
  • Building yourself out of the day-to-day business
  • Achieving the highest possible sale price
  • And much more!

As you’ll discover, BBU Pro isn’t your regular everyday eCommerce training. Instead, it includes:

  • Courses – A growing library of in-depth courses taught by a collection of industry experts.
  • Coaching – Live calls, product validation, marketing feedback, and more.
  • Community – A global support system made up of 6 & 7-figure brand builders.

Let’s take a deeper dive…


Access A Library Of Expert-Taught Courses

Inside BBU Pro, you’ll access a growing library of courses teaching you the building blocks of a successful business.

Having this step-by-step, linear roadmap of eCommerce best practices will help you take positive strides forward and ensure you don’t miss any essential steps in your brand-building journey.

Courses include:

The Brand Builder Blueprint

The step-by-literal-step roadmap for launching a private label brand on Amazon, scaling it across global marketplaces, and building a cash-flowing eCommerce asset you can one day sell.

ppc master course thumbnail

The PPC Masters

A hyper-depth 11-module course teaching the foundations of Amazon Advertising. Learn how to carry out effective research, build efficient campaign structures, launch products with PPC & much more.

Exit Engine Course

Exit Engine

Study the traits of a valuable eCommerce business with Beast Gear founder Ben Leonard. You’ll learn the exact systems, structures, and processes needed to build a brand you can one day sell for a potentially life-changing payday.

outsourcing masters course thumbnail

The Outsourcing Masters

Learn our tested and proven process for hiring high-capacity freelancers, virtual assistants, and long-term team members are surprisingly affordable prices so you can outsource repetitive tasks and focus on growth.

Learn From A Faculty Of Industry Experts

By learning from a range of industry leaders, you can be sure you’re accessing the very best knowledge in all areas of growing eCommerce brands.

We’re adding new instructors all the time, and the current lineup includes:

  • BBU founder Ben Donovan teaches the foundations of getting your eCommerce business launched and primed for growth.
  • Brand-building expert Ben Leonard on how to build a brand customers love and prepare your business for a lucrative exit.
  • Helium 10’s Carrie Miller on finding profitable product opportunities to grow your brand.
  • Sourcing expert Jing Zhu on how to create differentiated products that stand out from the crowd.
  • Finance expert Daniel Little on structuring your finances for long-term success.
  • Amazon copywriter Claire Howarth on the art of writing a well-optimized Amazon listing.
  • Logistics guru Stu Conroy on taking private label business model beyond just Amazon FBA and into a multi-channel brand.
  • Systems expert Marcin Chaszczewski on creating effective processes and structures in your business to maximize growth.
  • Founder of YLT Translations Jana Krekic on successfully expanding to global Amazon marketplaces.
  • John Cant on expanding into the potentially lucrative and largely untapped Amazon Japan marketplace.

This is a big recommend… If someone had just told me to join Brand Builder Uni earlier that could have saved me a lot of money and time!

Mathias, via TrustPilot


Join In-The-Trenches Coaching Sessions

Join us live for weekly drop-in sessions hosted by the BBU team and guest experts. Topics of discussion include:

  • Product Research
  • Advertising Strategies
  • Product Launches
  • Building Systems
  • Hiring Team Members
  • & Many More!

All sessions are recorded with timestamps of topics added so you can catch up at your convenience.

amazon fba coaching testimonial

Excellent community, information and resources.

Sunil C., via TrustPilot

It’s been one of the best decisions I have made.

Ben J., via TrustPilot


Connect With Brand Building Peers

Get exclusive access to our BBU Members-Only Hub for real-time community in 15+ topic-based spaces, including:

  • Product Research
  • Sourcing & Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Website Development
  • & heaps more!

Easily search the archives for rapid answers to urgent questions, and shoot the breeze with growing 6 & 7-figure sellers all over the world.

amazon fba community

Be the next in a growing number of BBU community success stories…

Emre was driving for Uber to make ends meet when he joined BBU, and now generates multiple 7-figures per year on Amazon.

Kevan was able to retire early following the success of his brand and also appeared on TV show Dragon’s Den (The UK’s Shark Tank).

Samantha went from operating a trampoline park to launching a health brand now stocked in leading national retailers.

Brand Builder University is a no brainer, do it!

Kevin D., via TrustPilot

I’ve got back in spades what I handed over!

Peter K., via TrustPilot


Copy & Paste A Library Of Proven Resources

Enrol in any BBU course today and unlock access to our BBU Bonus Vault. Inside you’ll find a growing range of time-saving and profit-boosting resources we’ve developed so you don’t have to.

Resources include:

  • Time-saving templates so you can quickly implement effective marketing strategies even if you aren’t a designer or copywriter.
  • Detailed spreadsheets & calculators to quickly assess profitability, budget effectively, and track inventory efficiently.
  • Confidence-boosting checklists you can follow and check off along the journey to ensure not a single step is missed.
  • A proven, vetted Rolodex of key contacts and trusted service providers so you’re never flying in the dark.
  • Discounted tools & services helping keep costs down to the bare essentials leaving more room for growth.
  • Copy & paste ManyChat flows to help you build an audience of engaged buyers.

Plus, with a BBU Pro membership, you’ll also get these exclusive bonuses:

First Product Validation

Before committing to your first product, we’ll personally validate the research and provide feedback for you so can source confidently and launch successfully.

Extra Partner License

Struggle with procrastination? Wish you could do this journey with a friend or partner? Enrol today and get an additional BBU license so you can do the journey in tandem.

Pay-In-Full Bonus: Helium 10

Get your first month free for the best tool suite for Amazon sellers. Product research, listing optimization, profit tracking, and much, much more, all included!

The newfound confidence that they have given me has left me no room for procrastination.

Aleesha A., via TrustPilot

I fully recommend Brand Builder University!

Marlena A., via TrustPilot

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  • Supportive, Global Community
  • BBU Bonus Vault
  • First Product Checked & Validated
  • Additional Partner License
  • Free Helium 10 Subscription


Everything you need to grow a valuable eCommerce asset, plus free software.

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  • Library of Expert-Taught Courses
  • Weekly Live Coaching & Feedback
  • Supportive, Global Community
  • BBU Bonus Vault
  • First Product Checked & Validated
  • Additional Partner License
  • Free Helium 10 Subscription

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800+ Happy Members

Don’t just take our word for it. Across our courses and coaching, we’ve worked with over 800 ecommerce entrepreneurs since 2018. Here’s what some of them have to say…

Real People; Real Results

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Click on each question to expand and show the answer.

A BBU Pro membership is perfect for motivated, driven individuals who are willing to put hard work in to build a life-changing business by selling their own brand of products on Amazon & beyond.

The courses, coaching, and community are ideal for anyone looking for more accountability and support than a self-study course might provide.

It’s certainly not for people looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, or who think that someone else will do all the work for them. So if you’re ready to pull your sleeves up and get to work building your freedom business, this is for you!

Yes, many of our 600+ happy customers have been in the exact same position as you, just starting out.

The courses are broken down into small, bite-sized, and interactive lessons that cover each step of successful execution in a linear process.

Plus, you also have access to our supportive community and live coaching sessions to get any and all questions answered.

For sure – we have members from all over the world inside the community. The beauty of eCommerce is you can sell on any marketplace from any country in the world, storing your goods with Amazon or a third-party warehouse meaning you don’t ever have to touch a single unit of stock.

If you’re a new seller, you can expect to invest between $1,000 to $3,000 for inventory. We encourage new sellers to start small, learn the process, and build up from there, but of course, if you have more available to you that can give you more options.

This investment in inventory won’t all be needed upfront as you can pay a small deposit and the balance once products have been manufactured. This gives you time to grow your starting pot.

Read More: Amazon FBA Startup Costs: How Much Do I Really Need?

We also teach and discuss creative funding strategies to increase your options with a startup budget inside the training. You’ll discover that success in this online business is a lot more about resourcefulness than it is about resources.

Unfortunately, success can never be 100% guaranteed. Any business will carry some level of risk and an eCommerce business is not an exception to this reality.

However, we firmly believe that with the contents of the training and the support from our coaches and community, you have everything at your disposal to start selling online, flourish in your brand-building journey and build a profitable eCommerce asset.

Suggesting there are too many sellers on Amazon (or eCommerce in general) and that the opportunity is saturated is like suggesting that the world’s oceans could be emptied if enough people turned up on the shoreline with teaspoons.

Amazon’s revenue grows by billions (yes, billions with a B) every single year. This means there are billions of dollars of new sales waiting for new sellers to join and capitalize on to build a successful eCommerce business.

The key is to approach this like any other business opportunity – dedicating yourself to learning best practices, putting the work in upfront, creating good quality products that meet customer demand, and being patient as your eCommerce business grows.

We’d certainly like to think so. Our community is made of sellers from all stages of the journey from complete beginners to 7-figure sellers. So we’re confident you’ll find value in a BBU Pro membership.

The best courses are the ones that give you the maximum return on investment. And, based on the results achieved within our community and the cost-effective price of a membership, we’re confident you’ll find that here.

Sure, there are a lot of great free resources available. We ourselves have a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel that contain 500+ helpful guides, interviews, and resources between them.

However, most people find the linear structure of courses to be very beneficial in ensuring all steps are taken and easy mistakes are avoided.

Remember, you’re investing your hard-earned money into this business, and you can learn from the mistakes, learnings, bumps, and bruises we’ve picked up along the way (that have cost us thousands!) so you don’t make them too.

Plus, even just one lesser-known strategy that may not be covered elsewhere can help earn a meaningful return on your enrolment investment.

Immediately after enrolling.

You’ll be sent an invite to join the BBU Hub which is hosted on a platform called Circle. You can access the FBA training videos and written materials on your desktop or mobile device so you can keep up with lessons on the go.

Calls are currently held weekly on Mondays at 7pm UK time, 2pm EST, 11am PST.

They are drop-in sessions with no set agenda meaning you can attend when you need (or want!) to. Each session is also recorded and saved in the community area with timestamps added so you can quickly navigate to points of interest.

No. Your BBU Pro membership gives you lifetime access to all current and future courses, live coaching calls, community features, and bonuses. We have nothing else for sale!

When enrolling in BBU Pro, your first month on the Helium 10 Platinum Plan will be paid for. Instructions to redeem this bonus will be sent to you on enrollment.

There is a dedicated ‘Bonuses’ section within the BBU Hub which gives access and instructions for all bonuses. You will be emailed access instructions for the BBU Hub immediately upon enrolling.

You will have access to Brand Builder University, including all future updates, for as long as you need.

Of course, ‘lifetime’ is a little ambiguous, so our guarantee is that if in the unlikely event we were to retire the program at some point in the future, we would give at least 12 months’ notice and continue to update the training within this time period.

However, this is a proven, well-established community that has been active for many years already and there are no plans to retire it.

With a BBU Pro membership, you get our full support. This includes dedicated email support, live coaching calls, product validation, and topic-based community areas where you can seek the feedback of hundreds of other brand builders.

Absolutely. You’ll get one sent to you on enrolling, but if you need anything different from what you received, just contact us and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Don’t forget, the cost of eCommerce training – like other business training – can be offset as a business expense.

Still got questions?

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch below and we’ll get right back to you!

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