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Learn how to sell on Amazon with success, build a brand you're proud of and create a life you love.

Access an ever-growing library of expert-taught courses, dedicated coaching from active practitioners, and a supportive community of brand builders.

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From feeling stuck to seeing what's possible. From almost giving up to life-changing businesses. These are the Brand Builder alumni and this is their story.


Meet Ben.

I've Been Exactly Where You Are.


Tired of exchanging time for money. Like time was running through my fingers... watching the weeks, months, and years slip away as my kids began to grow up - so freakin’ fast. Wanting to do more of what matters in life... More time making memories. More time giving back. More time ‘being’ instead of just ‘doing’.

With no idea where to start. With none of the skills required or experience gained in order to grow something I was proud of. Worried about the risk. About what my friends & family would say, and only a small budget to start with.

And no idea who to trust. In a sea of ‘professors’, it was so hard to find a practitioner. Someone actually doing what they were teaching. High-priced, low-value courses requiring a big upfront investment with no guarantee of ongoing support.

Something had to give. In 2015 I launched my first project. The social media post went up (see pic πŸ‘€), and a deep breath was taken. I quickly learnt how much I needed to learn. The real journey, I discovered, was the brand builder, not just the brand.

The first project wasn't scalable and got paused, but the journey had only just begun. Fast forward, having generated approaching 7-figures in online sales since that first tentative post, we’ve also helped hundreds of other normal everyday people launch profitable products, grow long-lasting brands, and create a better future.

So we built this for you. Brand Builder University has been painstakingly developed to give you the teaching, tools, and support I dreamt of in 2015. A strategic roadmap to join the online retail revolution and wrestle your time back from the grip of money.

Purposefully Designed, With Your Success In Mind.

Everything You Get Inside BBU:


Access An Ever-Growing Library Of Courses

You’re just seconds away from an entire range of on-demand courses carefully designed to help you take your next step. Structured in chronological roadmaps so you know what to do and when to do it. Courses are updated weekly and new courses continue to be added regularly - no increased payments, just increased value.

Our flagship course The BBU Accelerator will teach you the A-Z of joining the online retail revolution by selling on Amazon, whilst our other courses continue to guide you along the path of developing new skills so you can launch product after product and build a brand that lasts.

Click here to take a behind the scenes tour of everything included in your training library →

Access The Library

Forever growing, forever yours.

Lifetime access to our ever-growing library, including...

The Brand Builder Blueprint

The 8-Stage journey from private label beginner to future-proof brand owner. Learn the blueprint for building a brand your customers love and that creates freedom in your life.

PPC Masters

A comprehensive training program designed to equip you to increase profits, decrease overwhelm and future-proof your Amazon sales by mastering PPC.

Outsourcing Masters

A step-by-step process for hiring your first team members, growing your capacity and freeing you up to work 'on' the business, not just 'in' the business.

Amazon Masters: Global Expansion

Learn keys for expansion into the ever-growing number of Amazon marketplaces across the world and maximize the opportunities for global eCommerce.

Built To Sell

The best time to learn how to get out is when you get in. Set up your business the right way and build and asset that can generate true lifetime wealth.

Coming Soon...

Further in-depth courses to improve your skillsets in areas like cashflow, expanding on Shopify, social media marketing, and much more.

Learn From Leading Brand Builders & Industry Experts

Inside Brand Builder University you’ll learn from a diverse range of industry experts. Each of our expert faculty is the go-to authority in their field, renown for delivering proven and actionable strategies giving you the confidence you’re learning from the best practitioners in every area.

You’ll hear from Troy Johnston of Seller Tools about launching on Amazon, Daniel Little from LinkMyBooks on managing finances for growth, sourcing expert Jing Zhu on how to create successful products, and many, many more.

Learn From The Experts

Weekly Access All Areas Coaching Calls

Step behind the scenes of the brands we are actively building to learn from our real-time breakthroughs and challenges. Watch and learn as we build, so you can practically apply everything you’re learning in your own business. 

When building a brand that lasts, information alone is not enough. eCommerce is a fast-moving industry and inside BBU’s twice-weekly calls you’ll have space to ask questions directly to Ben & the team.

You’ll create personalised strategic plans for your growing business, ensuring you’re using strategies that work now, not 6 months ago.

Access Weekly Coaching

Join The Purposeful & Supportive Community

Real-time networking and support from hundreds of other brand builders on a shared pursuit of creating profitable brands, producing a generous income not constrained by the number of hours exchanged.  

You’ll receive advice and support from our team of alumni coaches - BBU graduates now each running their own successful businesses and dedicated to giving back to help you succeed.

You’ll also enjoy community initiatives such as our monthly book club where we study a book on the topic of entrepreneurship and brand building over the month, then come together to discuss our key takeaways.

Join The Community

Unlock A Treasure-Trove of Proven Resources & Vetted Services

The goal is more time, not more work. Why spend a lot of time just to save a little bit of money? Instead, invest in your future and equip yourself with a vast range of proven templates, checklists, roadmaps, spreadsheets, tools and more inside the Brand Builder Vault. 

Need to write some emails or ads? Plug and play our templates. Need a service-provider? Access our network of vetted contacts. Need to run some numbers? Fire up one of our custom made spreadsheets. The leg-work has been done for you, so you can focus on increasing revenue at every turn.

Unlock The Vault

Dedicated Team of Six-Figure Alumni Coaches

Learn from a growing number of coaches who have all joined BBU, then grown their brands to six-figures or more, and I have personally asked to help you on your journey.

Get direct input from an entire group of leading sellers to give you the very best real-time input and accelerate your growth.

Join The Community

Become A Member of The VIB Club

Want more motivation to succeed or some targets to shoot for? Welcome to the VIB Club. VIB stands for a Verified Impactful Brand. Inside BBU you’ll learn exactly how to build an impactful brand - one that is purposeful, profitable, and scalable

When you do, we want to celebrate with you. Reward thresholds start at your first 5 figures of revenue and include your own personalised plaque and gift box. Next stop, 6 and 7 figure awards featuring productivity improving resources all the way up to a home (or nomad!) office fit out.

Start Your VIB Journey

PLUS: Your Limited-Time BBU Bonus Bundle

BONUS #1: First Month Helium10 Platinum Plan FREE

Leverage industry-leading data to save 100s hours of manual labour and rise above your competition. Fast track product research using software to do your heavy lifting and select products (and more) with confidence.

BONUS #2: FIVE Dedicated 1-on-1 Coaching Calls FREE

A package of 5 1-on-1 coaching calls to practically force your first product out. Let us walk this journey with you as you validate and launch your first product, then grow your business take back control of your time.

BONUS #3: Quick Start Bank Builder Workshop FREE

Join this bonus workshop to explore multiple methods for building your startup bank and ensuring you start with momentum. Includes one-hour "Online Arbitrage" masterclass with Phillip Beagley, a six-figure seller.

BONUS #4: 60in60 Productivity Project FREE

Your personal roadmap for launching with 60 minutes in 60 days. Showing you how to get what matters done fast. Fast track your journey with elite focus and implement the strategies of successful people so you can get started even with the busiest of schedules.

BONUS #5: Extra BBU Membership For Partner

Get the extra accountability you need by working with a friend, spouse, or partner and both get full BBU access.

BONUS #6: Exclusive BBU Swag FREE

Get your BBU swag on with a free item included - t-shirts, hats, mugs... we got 'em! 

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Real People, Real Results.


In Summary: Everything You Need To Build A Real Brand That Lasts

Our goal is to equip you to build a business that doesn’t just facilitate a dopamine hit or two as your first sales come in. That isn’t just a six-month side hustle. That doesn’t leave you at the mercy of one website, policy, algorithm, or economic shift.

Instead, we’ll teach you all you need to grow a long-lasting, secure brand that launches on Amazon, but also builds up a range of other traffic sources - including a heavy focus on creating assets you control such as your own website. You’ll build something that has the potential to both pay you in the present as cashflow, but also in the future as an asset you can sell.

Start Building Today


Do Not Buy This.

Invest in it. The frameworks, strategies, and insight you will learn require you to show up and put in the work. It will take more than money to make this happen. 

We can’t guarantee overnight success (because let’s be real - there’s no such thing). What we can promise you is your investment in Brand Builder University will save you more time, money, mistakes, and frustrations in the long run

You can’t pay someone to run on a treadmill for you, but a good trainer will keep you from getting hurt. The material we share in each lesson, module, and course took us years of bumpy roads, falls, failures, and expensive mistakes to learn. This is exactly what we want you to avoid.

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BONUS #1: First Month Helium10 Platinum Plan FREE
BONUS #2: FIVE Dedicated 1-on-1 Coaching Calls FREE
BONUS #3: Quick Start Bank Builder Workshop FREE
BONUS #4: 60in60 Productivity Project FREE
BONUS #5: Extra BBU Membership For Partner FREE
BONUS #6: Exclusive BBU Swag FREE

All backed by our 12-Month Double-Up Guarantee.


Spots Strictly Limited

Due to the intensive, hands-on nature of the support we offer spaces in Brand Builder University are strictly limited.

Enrolment was recently closed for 3 months so we could focus on providing premium support for existing members and may be closed again at any time.

Everything we promise or your money back. 

We are so confident, with everything you're getting in BBU, that the odds are stacked in your favour. That's why we put our money where our mouth is with the 12-Month Double-Up Guarantee.

Access the training, our coaching, and supportive community for 12 months. If you don't double your BBU investment, we'll refund every penny.

Terms apply.   

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