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Fast-track your financial freedom journey by following our proven, beginner-friendly process for launching a cash-producing brand you own inside our 8-week Brand Builder Incubator.

It’s About Time.

If you want more freedom in your life, you need an income source you control.

An income source that isn’t restricted by job opportunities, economic fluctuations, or the amount of hours in the day.

To travel the world, spend time with your kids, enjoy your hobbies and do more of what matters most you need to separate how you earn your income from how you spend your time.

Instead of trading time for money and working a lifetime to (maybe) enjoy the sunset years of retirement…

You too can learn to leverage the global success of eCommerce platforms like Amazon to build a successful business you own, that works around the clock… so you don’t have to.

See, millions more people are spending billions more online in recent years:

And much of this volume is taking place on Amazon, with over 350,000 Amazon sellers generating 6-figures or more last year:

Whilst online spending continues to rise rapidly it continues to make more room for more motivated new sellers to meet that demand.

And with global living costs increasing and financial uncertainty looming, there’s never been a more important time to take back control of your financial future by capitalizing on this opportunity…

…the opportunity to build a brand that pays you both as cash flow in the present and as an asset you can cash out in the future.

BBC article covering the rise of 7-figure Amazon FBA exits

The roadmap to financial freedom by building a brand on Amazon (and beyond) is made yet clearer by the billions flooding the so-called “aggregator” market – well-funded companies with the sole purpose of buying brands just like those we’ll teach you how to build.

So all that’s left for you to do?

Launch, grow, and sell your brand for a retirement-worthy payday in a fraction of the time of a traditional career, and for a fraction of the budget of a traditional business.

  • It’s about time… you built a cash-flowing asset that secured your most important asset – time itself.
  • It’s about time… you banished financial uncertainty and took back control of your future.
  • It’s about time… you joined the growing army of normal, everyday people building life-changing businesses on Amazon.

It’s about time.

Fast-Track Your Freedom By Borrowing Our Experience

Leverage 1000s of hours of our study and practice inside the Brand Builder Incubator to help you take action, launch your brand, and create your new future.

8 weeks of real-time coaching followed by lifetime access to our premier eCommerce mastery program, BBU Pro.


Access a library of expert-taught courses that hold your hand at every turn from eCommerce beginner to business building pro.


Live weekly Q&A sessions hosted by 6&7-figure sellers to help you get every question answered at every stage of the journey.


Access a vibrant community of global brand builders all sharing experiences, latest strategies, and best practices to ensure you’re always ahead of the competition.

Excellent. It is well laid out, easy to understand, clearly described in easy-to-follow videos, and provides you with all of the tools and knowledge you need to get started.

Samantha, via TrustPilot


Future-Proof Your Finances With A Future-Proof Business

There’s no denying, the world around us is fast-changing and at times unpredictable in nature.

But in the midst of such change, the predictability of a physical product business makes it one of the most future-proof business opportunities available.

Done right, it can be:

  • Recession-Resistant: By selling high-demand, essential products that remain in demand despite economic downturns, an Amazon FBA business can continue to make dependable revenue month on month, year on year.
  • Inflation-Resistant: By owning a business and being on both sides of the buy/sell divide you can ensure your finances track inflation, instead of being weakened by it.
  • AI-Resistant: By selling physical products you’re providing value that fast-improving technology can’t compete with. Whilst AI may replace many jobs in the years to come, it can’t – and won’t – replace real, physical products.

All this means that by building a physical products business, you’ll be in good company.

A large portion of the smartest, most valuable companies in the world all rely on physical products for either the entirety or a large portion of their revenue:

And remember, the biggest opportunity is not just generating cash-flow, but creating the potential of a cash-out.

That’s why it’s important you don’t just sell other people’s products, but you build some assets of your own too.

These companies have built incredible value in the market by meeting the bigger-than-ever demand and selling quality products that solve problems.

The Ultimate Stay-At-Home Income Stream

The good news for us, though, is that we don’t need the infrastructure of a Fortune 500 company to build a 6 or 7-figure private label brand.

In fact, both Samara and I operate businesses generating multiple 7-figures per year, and do so from spare rooms in our homes 🏡

This is all thanks to the infrastructure Amazon provides allowing us to sell an unlimited number of products without having to pack or ship and single item ourselves.

The even better news? You can do this too.

How do I know? Because we’ve already helped hundreds of others do exactly this!

  • Like Emre, who went from driving Uber to make ends meet to hitting $500,000 months on Amazon, and is currently in the process of selling his brand for a 7-figure payday.
  • Like Kevan, who at 55 was desperate to not have to wait until 65 (or higher!) to retire, grew his eCommerce brand to $40,000 per month, has since retired, and even been featured on TV’s ‘Dragon’s Den’.
  • Or like Samantha, who went from operating a trampoline park to growing her own health supplement brand that is now on shelves of major national health retailers.

These stories keep coming, and we want the next ones to include you.

Meet Your Million Dollar Mentors

Throughout your incubator journey, you’ll be coached by Ben & Samara who each operate 7-figure businesses.

Ben Donovan

Ben is the founder of Brand Builder University and operates eCommerce brands generating multiple 7-figures per year. He is passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs get free from the grip that money can place over our greatest asset – time.

Samara Michael

Samara is a long-time successful Amazon seller, and in recent years has helped hundreds of others start and scale their own Amazon business too. She is an excellent coach who will help you take decisive steps forward into your preferred future.

Plus, learn from our diverse faculty of eCommerce experts teaching lessons from the trenches.

This is a big recommend… If someone had just told me to join Brand Builder Uni earlier that could have saved me a lot of money and time!

Mathias, via TrustPilot

Your Incubator Roadmap

When joining the Incubator, we’ll hold your hand through the formative stages of building your new business.

Each week you’ll be able to study included course materials following our proven blueprint for building a successful Amazon business.

Then, join a live implementation and Q&A call to ask any questions and get real-time feedback on your ideas.

Here’s what the schedule looks like:

Week 1: Start

  • May 18th
  • 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Get settled in with the foundational knowledge you need to build a strong and successful business, and ask any orientation questions you need.

Week 2: Select

  • May 25th
  • 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Use our ‘Product Potency Formula’ to research and validate your first profitable product idea, eliminate the guesswork and can get started with confidence.

Week 3: Source

  • June 1st
  • 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Learn the art of working with high-quality manufacturers you can trust to make a product you’re proud of and that adds value to the market.

Week 4: Setup

  • June 8th
  • 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Create the background structure of a real business. From creating your company to deciding on a logo and everything in between, the complete beginner-friendly process.

Week 5: Ship

  • June 15th
  • 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Get the step-by-step support you need to ship your goods safely to an Amazon warehouse in good condition ready to be shipped to happy customers!

Week 6: Shape

  • June 22nd
  • 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Follow our four-step process to shape your Amazon listing ready for a big launch that paves the way for a successful brand.

Week 7: Sell

  • June 29th
  • 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Deploy the latest strategies our 6 & 7-figure sellers are using to launch and sell 100s of products per day.

Week 8: Scale

  • July 6th
  • 7pm BST / 2pm EST

Learn the exact pathway you can use to turn a one-product launch into a brand you can one day sell for a retirement-worthy payday.


Can’t make some of the live sessions? Don’t worry – every session is recorded, questions can be submitted prior to the calls, and following the incubator you’ll have lifetime access to BBU Pro.

A roadmap that leaves no question unanswered and removes the guesswork!

Lee, via TrustPilot

The newfound confidence that they have given me has left me no room for procrastination.

Aleesha A., via TrustPilot

8-Week Intensive, Lifetime Support

After the 8-week Incubator wraps up, we’re not done there.

You’ll graduate into a full, lifetime membership to BBU Pro, our flagship coaching community. Inside you’ll find the courses, coaching, and community you need to support you in building your freedom business.


Step-By-Step; Beginner To Successful Seller

Get 24/7 on-demand access to continually updated step-by-step courses taught by 10+ industry experts and used by our 6 & 7-figure BBU members. Courses include:

  • Complete A-Z Amazon FBA Course
  • 11-Module Amazon Advertising Course
  • Teambuilding & Outsourcing Course
  • Exit Engine” – Build a Brand You Can Sell

Plus: more new courses coming to help you launch and scale successful brands.

brand builder university courses testimonial
amazon fba coaching testimonial

Your Weekly Support System

Join us live for weekly Q&A and strategy sessions to get insight on the latest and greatest strategies to grow your business and get every question answered. Sessions are saved to the BBU Hub to reference at any time, and discussion topics include:

  • Product Launches
  • Expanding Internationally
  • Building to Exit
  • Trademarking Made Simple
  • & heaps more!

All sessions feature Q&A time and are hosted by active 6 & 7-figure sellers so you can be sure what’s taught is working right now.


Your New Network Of Successful Sellers

Get exclusive access to our BBU Members-Only Hub server for real-time community in 15+ topic-based spaces, including:

  • Product Research
  • Sourcing & Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Website Tips
  • & heaps more!

Easily search the archives for rapid answers to urgent questions, and shoot the breeze with growing 6 & 7-figure sellers all over the world.

amazon fba community

Plus, Access These Exclusive Extras

1: Our Tried & Tested Contact Database

We’ve been in eCommerce for years and built up a trusted database of contacts that now also become yours. Need a designer? A marketing agency? Support with expanded internationally? We’ll make all the necessary connections for you.

2: Time-Saving Cut & Paste Templates

Don’t reinvent the wheel when we’ve already optimized it for you. Plug and play our growing database of tried and true templates for supplier negotiations, marketing materials, emails, and more so you can spend less time on admin and more time on growth.

3: Confidence-Boosting Step-by-Step Checklists

Having helped 100s of students build their businesses we know what steps are essential for getting off to a flying start. BBU checklists are laid out step-by-step ready for you to check off as you go so you don’t miss a beat.

4: The BBU Tool Chest

Access a treasure trove of spreadsheets, budgets, and calculators to help you make informed decisions and run a lean, mean operating machine. Save $100s on software tools whilst calculating and tracking the key metrics in your growing business.

5: Follow Along SOPs

Copy & paste the step-by-step task documentation our team uses on a daily basis to run an efficient business. Use yourself, then one day hand it off easily to a team member!

6: Accountability Partner Access

Struggle with procrastination? Wish you could do this journey with a friend or partner? Enrol today and get an additional lifetime BBU license so you can do the journey in tandem.

7: VIB Club Rewards Package

Rank up with our Bronze ($10k), Silver ($100k), and Gold ($1m) members to get perks and rewards in celebration of your milestones.

Pay-In-Full Bonus: Helium 10

Choose the 1-pay option and get your first month free for the best tool suite for Amazon sellers. Product research, profit tracking, and much much more, all included.

Excellent community, information and resources.

Sunil C., via TrustPilot

It’s been one of the best decisions I have made.

Ben J., via TrustPilot

Start your freedom business here.

Access the step-by-step courses, dedicated coaching, and supportive community you need to build your freedom business online.

Don’t delay – doors close Monday, May 15th, at midnight EST.

3x $397 $797 LIFETIME ACCESS
  • 8-Week Brand Builder Incubator
  • BBU Pro: Expert-Taught Courses
  • BBU Pro: Weekly Live Coaching
  • BBU Pro: Supportive Community
  • Bonus Package: 7 Exclusive Bonuses
  • Pay-in-full Bonus: Helium 10 Plan

14-day Money-Back Guarantee

1x $997 $1997 LIFETIME ACCESS
  • 8-Week Brand Builder Incubator
  • BBU Pro: Expert-Taught Courses
  • BBU Pro: Weekly Live Coaching
  • BBU Pro: Supportive Community
  • Bonus Package: 7 Exclusive Bonuses
  • Pay-in-full Bonus: Helium 10 Plan
  • SAVE $194

14-day Money-Back Guarantee

Proudly rated ‘excellent’ on TrustPilot

Everything we promise or your money back.

We’re so confident you’ll love the Incubator experience that you can access the training and support for a full 14 days, and if you don’t feel it lives up to everything we promise, we will refund your enrolment cost.

Real People; Real Results

Hear From Current Members

Got more questions? We’ve got answers.

Click on each question to expand and show the answer.

The Brand Builder Incubator is perfect for motivated, driven individuals who are willing to put hard work in to build a life-changing business. It’s certainly not for people looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, or who think that someone else will do all the work for them. If you’re ready to pull your sleeves up and get to work in building your freedom business, this is for you!

When you enroll in the Brand Builder Incubator you’ll get access to our upcoming live 8-week coaching experience plus get a lifetime membership to BBU Pro – our premier training program. This includes a library of expert-taught courses covering everything you need to know about setting up an eCommerce brand, plus access to the BBU community forums, and weekly live coaching calls. You’ll also unlock a package of exclusive bonuses.

Straight away! As soon as you enroll you’ll be invited to create an account in Circle – the platform we use for the BBU Hub – ie. where all courses are delivered, coaching takes place, and community is hosted. Inside the BBU Hub, you’ll get immediate access to all BBU courses so you can get started as soon as you like.

Incubator coaching sessions will begin on Thursday May 18th and run weekly for 8 weeks, finishing on July 6th. The sessions start at 7pm UK / 2pm EST / 11am PST and run for approximately one hour. Once the 8-week program ends, you’ll be invited to join our regular BBU live weekly sessions which take place at the same time on Mondays.

Yes, each session is recorded and saved in the members’ area with timestamps of questions added so that you can skip to the sections that are most relevant to you.

Absolutely. The courses are designed to teach you step-by-step from the very foundations of building your own business. There are no assumptions about your previous business experience and everyone is given the help they need to get started from scratch.

You have lifetime access, so there is no rush per se. But ideally, you’d have 2-3 hours per week to invest in this journey. Of course, like anything, the more time you can invest the quicker you can get set up and selling.

No. This membership gives you full, lifetime access to our complete support – no other payments necessary, ever.

If you take advantage of the pay-in-full bonus you’ll be sent instructions on how to redeem this after enrolment.

You will have access to all current and future courses inside BBU, including all future updates. You’ll also have access to the community and coaching for as long as you need without any further fees to pay. Our first member joined in 2019 and is still active in the community!

For sure – we have members from all over the world inside the community. The beauty of Amazon FBA is you can sell on any marketplace from any country in the world.

Most new sellers invest between $1,000 to $3,000 for inventory. We encourage new sellers to start small, learn the process and build up from there, but of course, if you have more available to you that can give you more options.

This investment in inventory won’t all be needed upfront as you can pay a small deposit and the balance once products have been manufactured. This gives you time to grow your starting pot.

We also teach and discuss creative funding strategies to increase your options with a startup budget inside the training. You’ll discover that success in this business is a lot more about resourcefulness than it is about resources.

Supportive! There is a wide range of members from locations all over the world and at different stages of their eCommerce journey. From brand-new beginners to 7-figure sellers, you’ll find plenty of encouragement and support in the BBU community.

Absolutely. You have a number of ways of getting support inside BBU. Either through our weekly live calls, posting in the community forums, or emailing us directly at any time. You also have the opportunity to submit your product and marketing strategies to get real-time feedback on your ideas to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

We’d like to think so! There are hundreds of lessons delivered by a whole faculty of experienced eCommerce operators. The training spans from the very first beginner steps to advanced strategies to scale to six and seven figures.

Most new members find they can make their first sale within 3-6 months of starting the training. The goal with this business model however isn’t to start paying yourself within 3 months, but to build a life-changing asset within 2-3 years. So, patience is recommended.

As above, the goal is not necessarily quitting your job but creating financial freedom. Rely on your business income too quickly and you can stifle its growth. Going full-time on your business is a personal decision that should take into account many factors such as diversity of revenue, personal expenses, and so on. But, the good news is we have many full-time sellers in the community who can offer their experience on what has worked for them.

Suggesting there are too many sellers on Amazon is like suggesting that the world’s oceans could be emptied if enough people turned up on the shoreline with teaspoons. Amazon’s revenue grows by billions (yes, billions with a B) every single year. This means there’s billions of dollars of new sales waiting for new sellers to join and capitalize on.

Of course. You’ll get one sent to you on enrolling, but if you need anything different from what you received, just contact us and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Once enrolled you’ll be sent instructions on how to redeem all of the bonuses, including a BBU license for a partner.

Your own! Whilst selling other brands’ products is a great way to get started and build up a pot of cash, the model we teach is private labeling – or building your own brand. This is because it can provide cash flow in the present, but also give you an opportunity to cash out by selling the business for a good multiple later on. We even have a course, Exit Engine, that teaches you exactly how to do that!

Got other questions?

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch below and we’ll get right back to you!

Grow your business here.

Whether you’re just starting our or looking to build towards a substantial exit, this program will offer you the dedicated support and step-by-step instruction you need to achieve your goals. We can’t wait to work with you!