What is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is a free tracking solution provided by Amazon that enables sellers to measure the performance of their external marketing campaigns by tracking performance metrics including clicks, add-to-carts, and sales.

What are the benefits of Amazon Attribution?

The Amazon Ads team promotes three clear benefits of the Attribution program:

  1. Measure: Use Amazon Attribution to understand the impact of your cross-channel digital marketing activities.
  2. Optimize: Make on-the-go adjustments to digital marketing campaigns to help maximize impact and return on investment.
  3. Plan: Develop better marketing strategies as a result of the greater level of data-driven insight.

Are there any Amazon Attribution alternatives?

In short, no.

There are external traffic solutions like Ampd or PixelMe that help create campaigns, interpret data, and optimize ad campaigns.

But there is no way to track off-Amazon marketing performance without using an Amazon Attribution tag.

Who can use Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is a free tool available to anyone with an Amazon Professional Seller account who has a brand enrolled in Brand Registry.

Vendors (1p sellers selling directly to Amazon), KDP authors, and agencies with clients who sell products on Amazon can also use Attribution tags.

How to set up Amazon Attribution

Setting up Amazon Attribution campaigns is relatively straightforward. Once you’ve done it once you’ll find it a breeze.

Here are the simple steps to follow.

1. Navigate to Amazon Attribution

If you already have it activated, here’s how to get to Amazon Attribution on Seller Central:

Navigate to Campaign Manager > Measurement & Reporting > Amazon Attribution.

If it’s your first time using the program you can activate Amazon Attribution here (Seller Central login required).

2. Create an Amazon Attribution campaign

Inside your Amazon Attribution dashboard, click on the ‘Create’ button to get started.

Create Amazon Attribution Campaign

Next, you’ll be given the option of creating an individual campaign manually or creating campaigns in bulk by uploading a file.

Amazon Attribution: Manual or Bulk

To keep things simple, we’ll create a campaign manually for now.

Decide on a simple naming structure for your Attribution tags, such as “Product – Keywords – Source”.

Naming Amazon Attribution Campaign

Next, add the products that you will be sending traffic to.

Finally, confirm your Ad Group details including name, source of traffic – e.g. Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords, which Amazon is still showing it as), and destination link.

amazon attribution ad group details

The destination link is where you will be sending anyone who clicks on your link so this could be either a product detail page or a storefront page.

When you’re done, click ‘Create’ and that’s your first campaign set up!

3. Locate your Amazon Attribution tags

To start using your new Amazon Attribution tag, navigate to the campaign you’ve just created and locate the Attribution tags option in the sidebar.

amazon attribution tag menu

Then in the Attribution tags column, this entire URL is the unique Amazon Attribution tag for the campaign you’ve set up.

amazon attribution tag url

These tags can now be used in your external marketing campaigns.

How to use Amazon Attribution for external marketing campaigns

There are a number of ways to drive external traffic to Amazon listings. It’s a strategy that comes with a lot of benefits, such as:

Driving external traffic is one thing, but how can you use Amazon Attribution tags in to measure and optimize performance?

Using Amazon Attribution for Google Ads

When setting up Google Ads for Amazon listings, use an Attribution tag as the target link for each ad.

Set up URL or Amazon attribution link

Best practice is to use a unique Attribution tag for each campaign so you can properly measure performance.

Want to take things a step further and be able to measure performance of different keywords in your campaigns?

Then explore the best external traffic tools for Amazon sellers.

Using Amazon Attribution for Facebook Ads

Similar to Google Ads, when running Facebook ads ensure you use a unique Attribution tag for each campaign.

Set up your campaign as you normally would, then in the ad settings under Website Link, add your unique Amazon Attribution link.

Amazon Attribution For Facebook

Using Amazon Attribution for influencer marketing

If influencer marketing is a channel you utilize as part of your Amazon advertising strategy then you can also use Amazon Attribution to measure and optimize its performance.

When setting up a campaign with an influencer, be sure to give them an Amazon Attribution link so that you can measure key analytics such as traffic, add to carts and sales.

Then over time you can use this information to decide on which influencers to work with more often and what kind of campaigns drive the most results.


Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon Attribution is a free tool. All you need is to have a brand registered with Brand Registry and an active Amazon Attribution account to get started.

Amazon Attribution is able to track traffic from a wide range of external sources including Google Ads, Facebook ads, email, website traffic and influencer marketing.

Amazon Attribution is highly accurate and provides a range of key analytics to help you measure your performance. You can also integrate it with Ampd, allowing you to track granular data such as keyword performance in ads.

Amazon Attribution can be used to track and optimize performance of external traffic campaigns such as Google Ads, Facebook ads, email, website traffic and influencer marketing. It provides key analytics to help you make informed decisions on how to improve your ROI.

Yes, Amazon Attribution is available in the UK. You can set up an account and start tracking external traffic in these marketplaces:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Egypt

Using Amazon Attribution to grow your FBA business

Amazon Attribution is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you drive external traffic to your Amazon listings with far greater visibility into performance than ever before.

You can measure the performance of campaigns from a range of different sources and with its ability to track valuable data points such as clicks, add-to-carts, and sales, this free tool enables marketers to make informed decisions on optimizing their Amazon business.

Whether you’re looking for organic rank improvement or want to reach new audiences with influencer marketing, Amazon Attribution has something for every Amazon seller.

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