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The Pay-To-Win Era

Selling on Amazon used to be… different.

You could find low-competition product opportunities, slap a logo on them, include relevant keywords in your listing, and rank in search results overnight.

However, things have changed.

  • More sellers means more competition.
  • More ad placements means fewer organic ranking opportunities.
  • More creative launch strategies being banned by Amazon means limited product launch options.

These market conditions have created an environment – for better or for worse – in which Amazon ads are no longer a luxury and are now a necessity.

And, having generated $37 billion of its 2022 revenue through sellers paying for PPC (a 21% rise on 2021), this trend will only continue as Amazon execs aim to delight shareholders with ever-increased margins.

So, by mastering Amazon advertising, you are not only creating opportunities to drive growth in the present but also future-proofing your business as the platform evolves.

But with so much to learn – and so much money on the line – where do you even begin?

Throw hundreds or thousands of dollars into test campaigns to see what might work?

Follow re-hashed YouTube content that sounds good in theory but hasn’t been tried in practice?

Outsource a vital growth lever in your business to an expensive agency?

Luckily, there is a better way…

Follow A Proven 7-Figure PPC Playbook

Access step-by-step Amazon PPC training compiled from 7 figures in revenue, 1000s of hours of practice, and continual testing to help you create long-term successful ad campaigns, grow your profits, and future-proof your Amazon business.

amazon ppc course contents

70+ In-Depth Lessons

A library of video lessons with screen shares, examples, and practical examples so you know exactly what to do at every turn.

7-Figure Testing

Built on a foundation of tested principles we’ve used running Amazon PPC campaigns for 6+ years generating 7 figures per year.

Linear Learning

In step-by-step order ready for you to methodically work through, implement, and grow your Amazon sales profitably.

Excellent. It is well laid out, easy to understand, clearly described in easy-to-follow videos, and provides you with all of the tools and knowledge you need to get started.

Samantha, via TrustPilot


Grow Your Knowledge, Grow Your Business

Here are 6 key areas of implementation you’ll be confident with once you complete this training:

  • Ensuring your Amazon listings are highly optimized and primed for the best possible conversion rates so your ad spend isn’t wasted.
  • Carrying out in-depth pre-launch research that ensures you only target the right competitors and keywords at the right time.
  • Creating customized campaign structures that continually improve profitability and find new keywords to target.
  • Using Amazon PPC to launch and rank new products on the first page in search results in a TOS-compliant way.
  • Conducting regular campaign optimization processes to ensure your marketing spend is as efficient as possible.
  • Troubleshooting struggling campaigns to quickly pinpoint the areas that need improving to maximize profitability.
  • …and lots, lots more!

Access Expert, ‘In-The-Trenches’ Guidance

Ben Donovan

Ben is the founder of Brand Builder University and operates eCommerce brands generating multiple 7-figures per year, much of which is driven by Amazon advertising. He is in the trenches with you, testing, tweaking, and optimizing campaigns week in and week out, and shares what he learns along the way.

This is a big recommend… If someone had just told me to join Brand Builder Uni earlier that could have saved me a lot of money and time!

Mathias, via TrustPilot


Follow A Step-By-Detailed-Step Roadmap

The PPC Masters is a comprehensive, step-by-step Amazon PPC course that will help make sense of the Amazon marketing services that are at your disposal.

Here’s what the module-by-module roadmap looks like:


An Introduction To Amazon PPC

  • Welcome To The Course
  • About Us And Our PPC Approach
  • Goals For The PPC Masters
  • The Importance Of PPC In The Current Market
  • Eligibility Criteria For Amazon Advertising
  • Paying For Amazon PPC – How And When?


Essential Pre-Launch Learning

  • The Mentality Required For Amazon PPC Success
  • Complete PPC Key Terms Glossary
  • Understanding Match Types
  • Understanding The Ad Display Auction Process
  • Understanding The Crucial Metrics
  • Understanding Ranking And How PPC Plays A Role
  • Complete Campaign Manager Overview


Essential Pre-Launch Optimization

  • The Problem That PPC Can’t Fix
  • The Importance of Listing Optimization
  • Crucial Data That Reveals Your Level Of Optimisation
  • Optimization Priorities For Fast Results
  • How To Ensure You Are Indexed


Essential Pre-Launch Research

  • Leaving The Old Slow Way Behind
  • Which Keywords Should I Target
  • Finding Keywords Using Free Tools
  • Finding Keywords & ASINs With Software
  • Building a Keyword Funnel
  • How Many Keywords Should I Use
  • Dealing With Plurals


Designing Campaign Structure

  • The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Auto Campaigns
  • Close Match, Loose Match, Substitutes, and Compliments
  • The Necessity Of Manual Campaigns
  • The Power Of Product Targeting
  • The Basics Of Campaign Structure
  • Negative Keywords & Search Term Isolation
  • A Beginners’ Budget-Based Approach


Creating Sponsored Product Campaigns

  • Assembling Your Targets
  • Creating The Discover Auto Campaign – Full Walkthrough
  • Creating The Expand Broad Campaign – Full Walkthrough
  • Creating The Scale Exact Campaign – Full Walkthrough
  • Creating The Category ASIN Campaign – Full Walkthrough
  • Creating The ASIN Scale Campaign – Full Walkthrough


Success With Sponsored Brands

  • Coming Soon – Full Updates In Progress


Launching & Ranking With Amazon PPC

  • An Introduction To Launching With Amazon PPC
  • Taking Advantage Of The Honeymoon Period
  • How To Ensure Your Budget Isn’t Wasted
  • Budget Considerations Before Launching
  • Launch Method 1 – The Blast Launch
  • Launch Method 2 – The Shotgun Launch
  • Launch Method 3 – The Sniper Launch
  • Using PPC To Drive Continued Ranking
  • Measuring The Impact Of PPC On Your Business


Essential Analysis & Ongoing Optimization

  • Key Analysis Optimization Metrics
  • Downloading & Organising Your Search Term Report With Macros
  • Understanding & Analysing Your Search Term Report
  • Negative Keywords vs Reducing Bids
  • Weekly Optimization Actions
  • Using Software To Automate The Process
  • Dayparting – What Is It And Should I Use It?
  • Assessing Placement Data And How To Respond


Amazon PPC Troubleshooting

  • Overhauling Struggling Campaigns
  • When Your CPC Is Too High
  • When Your Ad Isn’t Showing
  • When Your CTR Is High But Your CVR Is Low
  • When Your CVR Is High But Your CTR Is Low
  • PPC Myths To Avoid
  • When All Else Fails


Advanced Features & Bonus Methods

  • A Little-Known Single-Figure ACOS Strategy
  • Using Portfolios To Manage PPC
  • Seasonally Targeted Campaigns
  • Managing PPC Campaigns In Foreign Marketplaces
  • The Placement Bid Hack
  • Fly Business Class With PPC
  • Using PPC Reports For Product Research

Copy & Paste A Library Of Proven Resources

Enrol in the PPC Masters today and unlock access to our BBU Bonus Vault. Inside you’ll find a growing range of time-saving and profit-boosting resources we’ve developed so you don’t have to.

Contents include:

Time-Saving Templates

Plug and play our growing database of tried and true templates for supplier negotiations, marketing materials, emails, and more so you can spend less time on admin and more time on growth.

Detailed Spreadsheets & Calculators

Use the spreadsheets we continually use and improve to track key metrics and calculate all-important numbers to ensure your business is staying on track at all times.

Confidence-Boosting Checklists

Having helped 100s of students build their businesses we know the key steps for getting off to a flying start. Our checklists are laid out step-by-step ready for you to check off as you go so you don’t miss a beat.

Vetted Contact Rolodex

We’ve been in eCommerce for years and built up a trusted database of contacts that now also become yours. Need help with design? Marketing? Accounting? We’ll make all the necessary connections for you.

Discounted Tools & Services

Access an exclusive range of discounts and offers on market-leading tools and services that will help you launch and scale your brand and run a lean, mean, operating machine.

Copy & Paste ManyChat Flows

Build an engaged audience of previous purchasers with our one-click plug-and-play messaging flows responsible for generating 1000s of leads on autopilot.

Excellent community, information and resources.

Sunil C., via TrustPilot

It’s been one of the best decisions I have made.

Ben J., via TrustPilot

Master Amazon PPC Here

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A self-study Amazon PPC course teaching you the step-by-step playbook for successful Amazon advertising.



  • 11-Module Amazon PPC Course
  • Time-Saving Templates
  • Detailed Spreadsheets & Calculators
  • Confidence-Boosting Checklists
  • Vetted Contact Rolodex
  • Discounted Tools & Resources
  • Copy & Paste ManyChat Flows
  • One Payment, All Future Updates


All the courses, coaching, and community support you need to grow a valuable eCommerce asset.



  • Everything in ‘Self Study’, Plus:
  • Four Expert-Taught Courses
  • Weekly Live Coaching & Feedback
  • Supportive, Global Community
  • First Product Checked & Validated
  • Free Helium 10 Subscription
  • Additional Partner License
  • One-Time Payment, Lifetime Access

Everything we promise or your money back.

800+ Happy Members

Don’t just take our word for it. Across our courses and coaching, we’ve worked with over 800 ecommerce entrepreneurs since 2018. Here’s what some of them have to say…

Real People; Real Results

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Click on each question to expand and show the answer.

This Amazon advertising course is for Amazon sellers looking for step-by-step, in-depth instructions to grow their sales with the effective use of PPC campaigns.

It teaches the early foundations for brand-new sellers all the way through to advanced tactics and optimization strategies we currently use for campaigns that generate 6 figures per month in multiple marketplaces.

The course covers everything Amazon sellers need to get started and master Amazon ads focusing mainly on Sponsored Products ads but also teaching the foundations of Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display (coming soon).

The course takes you through pre-launch learning and optimization then walks through campaign setup, optimization, and scaling. For a full list of lessons, see the contents section.

In short, yes. Amazon PPC is one of the best ways an Amazon seller can launch and rank products and maintain organic visibility over the long term.

The strategy behind Amazon PPC has certainly changed over the years and it should not be seen as a way to print money with non-stop profitable sales.

Instead, it should be seen as a customer acquisition and organic ranking tool. But it is very much worth it.

Yes, many of our 600+ happy customers have been in the exact same position as you, just starting out.

The Amazon advertising course is broken down into small, bite-sized lessons that cover each step of successful execution in a linear process.

That’s one goal, yes.

But lowering ACOS isn’t the only objective with Amazon ad campaigns. We’ll also teach you how to launch new products, establish organic ranking, increase sales, and acquire new long-term customers with a deep understanding of Amazon ads.

We’d like to think so.

Whilst you’ll likely be familiar with the first few modules, the campaign structure, optimizations, and advanced strategies will help you maximize the efficiency of your Amazon marketing.

The lessons and step-by-step guides are taught by sellers managing campaigns generating 7 figures per year, so the strategies certainly scale.

Immediately after enrolling.

You’ll be sent an invite to join the BBU Hub which is hosted on a platform called Circle. You can access the training materials on your desktop or mobile device so you can keep up with lessons on the go.

There’s no set time you’ll need to commit, and the training can be completed according to your schedule.

The sooner you go through the training, the sooner you can implement it, but you have lifetime access and there are no deadlines.

The only upsell is BBU Pro, but the details for that are shared right here on the course sales page.

You can either enroll in this individual self-study course, or you can upgrade to BBU Pro to access our full library of courses, weekly calls, active community, and extra bonuses.

After that, there’s nothing else to pay us, you’ve got access to everything we offer. You’ll need to cover your own business costs of course, like inventory, Amazon PPC software, and so on. But no other training costs.

There is a dedicated ‘Bonuses’ section within the BBU Hub which gives access and instructions for all bonuses. You will be emailed access instructions for the BBU Hub immediately upon enrolling.

You will have access to the course, including all future updates, for as long as you need.

Of course, ‘lifetime’ is a little ambiguous, so our guarantee is that if in the unlikely event we were to retire the course at some point in the future, we would give at least 12 months’ notice and continue to update the training within this time period.

However, the course has been live for many years already and there are no plans to retire it.

For any admin questions, you can email us [email protected]. You can also ask topic-specific questions within the course lessons themselves and we will respond as quickly as possible. For more in-depth coaching and support, BBU Pro is the option you need.

Absolutely. You’ll get one sent to you on enrolling, but if you need anything different from what you received, just contact us and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Don’t forget, the cost of enrolling can be offset as a business expense.

Still got questions?

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