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Fast-track your financial freedom journey by following our proven, beginner-friendly process for launching a cash-producing brand you own (and can one day even sell).

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It’s About Time.

If you want more freedom in your life, you need an income source you control.

An income source that isn’t restricted by job opportunities, economic fluctuations, or the number of hours in the day.

To travel the world, spend time with your kids, enjoy your hobbies, and do more of what matters most you need to separate how you earn your income from how you spend your time.

Instead of trading time for money and working a lifetime to (maybe) enjoy the sunset years of retirement…

You too can learn to leverage the global success of eCommerce platforms like Amazon to build a successful business you own, that works around the clock… so you don’t have to.

See, millions more people are spending billions more online in recent years:

And much of this volume is taking place on Amazon, with over 350,000 Amazon sellers generating 6-figures or more last year:

Whilst online spending continues to rise rapidly it continues to make more room for more motivated new sellers to meet that demand.

And with global living costs increasing and financial uncertainty looming, there’s never been a more important time to take back control of your financial future by capitalizing on this opportunity…

…the opportunity to build a brand that pays you both as cash flow in the present and as an asset you can cash out in the future.

BBC article covering the rise of 7-figure Amazon FBA exits

The roadmap to financial freedom by building a brand on Amazon FBA (and beyond) is made yet clearer by the billions flooding the so-called “aggregator” market – well-funded companies with the sole purpose of buying Amazon FBA brands just like those we’ll teach you how to build.

So all that’s left for you to do?

Launch, grow, and sell your brand for a retirement-worthy payday in a fraction of the time of a traditional career, and for a fraction of the budget of a traditional business.

  • It’s about time… you built a cash-flowing asset that secured your most important asset – time itself.
  • It’s about time… you banished financial uncertainty and took back control of your future.
  • It’s about time… you joined the growing army of normal, everyday people building life-changing businesses with Amazon FBA.

It’s about time.

Borrow Our Experience & Follow A Proven Blueprint

Leverage our 1000s of hours of study and practice inside the Brand Builder Blueprint to help you take action, launch your brand, and create your new future.

100+ In-Depth Lessons

A library of video lessons with screen shares, examples, and practical examples so you know exactly what to do at every turn.

Battle Tested Principles

Built on a foundation of tested principles we’ve used to generate multiple 7 figures on Amazon over the last 6+ years.

Linear Learning

In step-by-step order ready for you to methodically work through, implement, and grow your Amazon business profitably.

Excellent. It is well laid out, easy to understand, clearly described in easy-to-follow videos, and provides you with all of the tools and knowledge you need to get started.

Samantha, via TrustPilot


Future-Proof Your Finances With A Future-Proof Business

There’s no denying, the world around us is fast-changing and at times unpredictable in nature.

But in the midst of such change, the predictability of a physical product business makes it one of the most future-proof business opportunities available.

Done right, it can be:

  • Recession-Resistant: By selling high-demand, essential products that remain in demand despite economic downturns, an Amazon FBA business can continue to make dependable revenue month on month, year on year.
  • Inflation-Resistant: By owning a business and being on both sides of the buy/sell divide you can ensure your finances track inflation, instead of being weakened by it.
  • AI-Resistant: By selling physical products you’re providing value that fast-improving technology can’t compete with. Whilst AI may replace many jobs in the years to come, it can’t – and won’t – replace real, physical products.

All this means that by building a physical products business, you’ll be in good company.

A large portion of the smartest, most valuable companies in the world all rely on physical products for either the entirety or a large portion of their revenue:

And remember, the biggest opportunity is not just generating cash-flow, but creating the potential of a cash-out.

That’s why it’s important you don’t just sell other people’s products, but you build some assets of your own too.

These companies have built incredible value in the market by meeting the bigger-than-ever demand and selling quality products that solve problems.

The Ultimate Stay-At-Home Income Stream

The good news for us, though, is that we don’t need the infrastructure of a Fortune 500 company to build a 6 or 7-figure private label brand.

Many of our members operate businesses generating multiple 6 & 7-figures per year, and do so from spare rooms in our homes 🏡

This is all thanks to the infrastructure Amazon FBA provides allowing us to sell an unlimited number of products without having to pack or ship and single item ourselves.

The even better news? You can do this too.

How do I know? Because we’ve already helped hundreds of others do exactly this!

  • Like BBU member Emre, who went from driving Uber to make ends meet to hitting $500,000 months on Amazon, and is currently in the process of selling his brand for a 7-figure payday.
  • Like BBU member Kevan, who at 55 was desperate to not have to wait until 65 (or higher!) to retire, grew his eCommerce brand to $40,000 per month, has since retired, and even been featured on TV’s ‘Dragon’s Den’.
  • Or like BBU member Samantha, who went from operating a trampoline park to growing her own health supplement brand that is now on the shelves of major national health retailers.

These stories keep coming, and we want the next ones to include you.


Access Expert, ‘In-The-Trenches’ Guidance

Ben Donovan

Ben is the founder of Brand Builder University and operates eCommerce brands generating multiple 7-figures per year, much of which is driven by Amazon FBA. He is in the trenches with you, testing strategies and optimizing his business week in and week out, and shares what he learns along the way.

Plus exclusive lessons from these category experts:

  • Product research and Helium 10 expert Carrie Miller on finding profitable product opportunities on and off Amazon.
  • Sourcing expert Jing Zhu on how to create differentiated products that stand out from the crowd.
  • Finance expert Daniel Little on structuring your finances for long-term success.
  • Trademark expert Anita Mar on getting your brand protected effectively.
  • Amazon copywriter Claire Howarth on the art of writing a well-optimized Amazon listing.
  • Logistics guru Stu Conroy on taking private label business model beyond just Amazon FBA and into a multi-channel brand.
  • Systems expert Marcin Chaszczewski on creating effective processes and structures in your business to maximize growth.
  • Founder of YLT Translations Jana Krekic on successfully expanding to global Amazon marketplaces.
  • John Cant on expanding into the potentially lucrative and largely untapped Amazon Japan marketplace.

This is a big recommend… If someone had just told me to join Brand Builder Uni earlier that could have saved me a lot of money and time!

Mathias, via TrustPilot


Follow A Step-By-Literal-Step Roadmap

We created this course with a linear, chronological blueprint so you know exactly what to do at each stage of the journey.

Whether you’re just starting out and want to sell on Amazon FBA, or you’re interested in growing a multi-channel eCommerce brand, this course will lay the foundations to help you grow your own business.

Here’s what the module-by-module blueprint looks like:



eCommerce Brand Building Foundations

  • The Brand Builder Blueprint Journey
  • Establishing Your Why
  • The Road To Gold – VIB Club
  • Mandatory Mindset 1: Abundance
  • Mandatory Mindset 2: Solutions
  • Mandatory Mindset 3: Investment
  • Mandatory Mindset 4: Activation
  • Finance Prep: CashFLOW is King
  • Finance Prep: Raising Startup Capital



Finding Your First Amazon FBA Product

  • The Product Potency Formula
  • Understanding Demand vs Your Budget
  • Assessing Demand
  • Leveraging Amazon Data To Pinpoint Demand
  • Leveraging Amazon Features To Locate Demand
  • Discovering Demand Off-Amazon
  • Product Research Masterclass with Helium 10’s Carrie Miller
  • Measuring Competition
  • Differentiating From The Crowd
  • Verifying Profitability
  • Assessing Scalability & Building A Product Pipeline
  • Checking Restrictions – Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright
  • Bringing The Formula Together (1-hour Research Screenshare)
  • Products To Avoid Selling Online



Working With Trustworthy Manufacturers To Make Your Ideas A Reality

  • Keys For Finding Local Suppliers
  • Finding High-Quality Overseas Suppliers
  • Initiating Contact With Suppliers
  • Working With A Sourcing Agent
  • Negotiating With Suppliers
  • Preparing A Purchase Contract
  • Making Improvements a Reality with Sourcing Expert Jing Zhu
  • How To Pay Suppliers Safely
  • Ensuring The Best Quality With Inspections
  • Barcodes Explained
  • Packaging Decisions And Designs
  • Optimizing Packaging For Profitability



Creating The Structure For A Global Amazon FBA Business

  • Understanding Business Structure
  • Writing A Successful Business Plan
  • A Brief History Of Branding
  • Naming Your Brand
  • A Beginner’s Guide To Trademark Registration with Anita Mar
  • Registering A Domain Name
  • Establishing Brand Identity
  • The Logo Challenge
  • Creating An Amazon Account
  • Amazon Account Maintenance Tips
  • Creating An Amazon Listing
  • An Introduction To Banking & Account Structure
  • Structuring Accounts For Optimal Results with Daniel Little



Transporting Your Products The Stress-Free Way

  • Shipping Methods Compared
  • Actual vs Volumetric Weight
  • Entire Process: Factory Floor To Customer’s Door
  • Incoterms Explained (EXW, FOB, DDP, etc)
  • The Key Role of A Freight Forwarder
  • Calculating Clear Shipping Costs
  • Preparing Products For Smooth Processing
  • Preparing Products For Protection In Transit
  • Amazon Shipping Plan Walkthrough



Creating A High-Converting Amazon Listing

  • The Roadmap: Investigate, Create, Populate, Iterate
  • Investigate – Enticing Customer Benefits
  • Investigate – Unique Selling Points
  • Investigate – In-Depth Keyword Research
  • Create – Compelling Copy with Claire Howarth
  • Create – Engaging Images
  • Create – Conversion-Boosting A+ Content
  • Create – Optimal Pricing Strategies
  • Create – Affordable Yet High-Quality Video
  • Populate – Reviews and Q&A
  • Iterate – The Continual Optimization Process



Launching Your Product With Immediate Momentum

  • Pre-Launch Preparation
  • The Goal of Ranking & Visibility
  • Your First Sale 🎉 (And How To Get It)
  • An Amazon Advertising Crash Course
  • Targeted Launch Strategies for Amazon Ads
  • Recommended Advertising Roadmap
  • A Warm Audience Launch
  • A Cold Audience Launch
  • Rinsing & Repeating To Grow Market Share



Your Roadmap To A 7-Figure Amazon Business

  • Leveraging The Law of Least Effort
  • Becoming a Multi-Channel Brand with Stuart Conroy
  • A 12-Month Financial Roadmap
  • Effective Systems for Brand Builders with Marcin Chaszczewski
  • Taking Your First Step Towards Outsourcing
  • The 7 Deadly CEO Sins
  • Closing Thoughts & Next Steps


Global Expansion

  • A Guide To Marketplace Expansion with Jana Krekic
  • Which Marketplaces Should I Expand To?
  • Pan-EU vs EFN – Which Is Better?
  • Creating International Listings The Right Way
  • Customer Service Tips
  • Keyword Research Tips
  • Managing Advertising in Europe
  • Unique Characteristics of Different Marketplaces
  • When To Expand Into Europe
  • Expanding Into Japan with John Cant

Copy & Paste A Library Of Proven Resources

Enrol in the Brand Builder Blueprint today and unlock access to our BBU Bonus Vault. Inside you’ll find a growing range of time-saving and profit-boosting resources we’ve developed so you don’t have to.

Contents include:

Time-Saving Templates

Plug and play our growing database of tried and true templates for supplier negotiations, marketing materials, emails, and more so you can spend less time on admin and more time on growth.

Detailed Spreadsheets & Calculators

Use the spreadsheets we continually use and improve to track key metrics and calculate all-important numbers to ensure your business is staying on track at all times.

Confidence-Boosting Checklists

Having helped 100s of students build their businesses we know the key steps for getting off to a flying start. Our checklists are laid out step-by-step ready for you to check off as you go so you don’t miss a beat.

Vetted Contact Rolodex

We’ve been in eCommerce for years and built up a trusted database of contacts that now also become yours. Need help with design? Marketing? Accounting? We’ll make all the necessary connections for you.

Discounted Tools & Services

Access an exclusive range of discounts and offers on market-leading tools and services that will help you launch and scale your brand and run a lean, mean, operating machine.

Copy & Paste ManyChat Flows

Build an engaged audience of previous purchasers with our one-click plug-and-play messaging flows responsible for generating 1000s of leads on autopilot.

A roadmap that leaves no question unanswered and removes the guesswork!

Lee, via TrustPilot

Has covered every minute detail which should get you up and running quite quickly.

Abby I., via TrustPilot

Start Your Business Here

Choose your enrolment option to access the training you need to take your business to the next level.


A self-study course teaching you the step-by-step playbook for building sellable brands.



  • 8-Module Amazon FBA Course
  • Time-Saving Templates
  • Detailed Spreadsheets & Calculators
  • Confidence-Boosting Checklists
  • Vetted Contact Rolodex
  • Discounted Tools & Resources
  • Copy & Paste ManyChat Flows
  • One Payment, All Future Updates


All the courses, coaching, and community support you need to grow a valuable eCommerce asset.



  • Everything in ‘Self Study’, Plus:
  • Four Expert-Taught Courses
  • Weekly Live Coaching & Feedback
  • Supportive, Global Community
  • First Product Checked & Validated
  • Free Helium 10 Subscription
  • Additional Partner License
  • One-Time Payment, Lifetime Access

Everything we promise or your money back.

800+ Happy Members

Don’t just take our word for it. Across our courses and coaching, we’ve worked with over 800 ecommerce entrepreneurs since 2018. Here’s what some of them have to say…

Real People; Real Results

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Click on each question to expand and show the answer.

The Brand Builder Blueprint is perfect for motivated, driven individuals who are willing to put hard work in to build a life-changing business by selling their own brand of products on Amazon & beyond.

It’s certainly not for people looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, or who think that someone else will do all the work for them. If you’re ready to pull your sleeves up and get to work building your freedom business, this is for you!

This Amazon FBA course covers everything you need to do in order to start and grow your own eCommerce business.

From setting up an Amazon seller account to identifying profitable product opportunities, negotiating with manufacturers, launching on Amazon, building an engaged list of customers, and much, much more.

For a full list of lessons, see the contents section.

If you’re approaching it as a get-rich-quick opportunity with little effort needed on your behalf, no, it’s not worth it.

But, if you’re someone who is willing to work hard, create products that stand out from the competition, and be patient as your business grows then it is not only worth it, but also a very real opportunity to grow a 6 or 7-figure business you can sell in the next few years.

No. The model we teach is private label which is another way of saying you’ll be creating your own brand of physical products.

It’s not like retail arbitrage or a wholesale formula that involves you selling other brand’s products, you’ll develop your own line of products and in doing so build an asset you can later sell.

Yes, many of our 600+ happy customers have been in the exact same position as you, just starting out.

This Amazon FBA course is broken down into small, bite-sized and interactive lessons that cover each step of successful execution in a linear process.

Our Amazon seller training includes every detail a complete beginner needs in order to start their business with confidence.

For sure – we have members from all over the world inside the community. The beauty of Amazon FBA is you can sell on any marketplace from any country in the world.

Most new sellers invest between $1,000 to $3,000 for inventory. We encourage new sellers to start small, learn the process, and build up from there, but of course, if you have more available to you that can give you more options.

This investment in inventory won’t all be needed upfront as you can pay a small deposit and the balance once products have been manufactured. This gives you time to grow your starting pot.

Read More: Amazon FBA Startup Costs: How Much Do I Really Need?

We also teach and discuss creative funding strategies to increase your options with a startup budget inside the training. You’ll discover that success in this online business is a lot more about resourcefulness than it is about resources.

Most new members find they can make their first sale within 3-6 months of starting the training. The goal with the Amazon business model however isn’t to start paying yourself within 3 months, but to build a life-changing asset within 2-3 years. So, patience is recommended.

As above, the goal is not necessarily quitting your job but creating financial freedom. Rely on your business income too quickly and you can stifle its growth.

Going full-time on your business is a personal decision that should take into account many factors such as diversity of revenue, personal expenses, and so on. But, the good news is we have many full-time sellers in the community who can offer their experience on what has worked for them.

Unfortunately, success can never be 100% guaranteed. Any business will carry some level of risk and selling products on Amazon is not an exception to this reality.

However, we firmly believe that with the contents of the training and the support from our coaches and community, you have everything at your disposal to start selling online, flourish in your Amazon FBA journey and build a profitable eCommerce asset.

Suggesting there are too many sellers on Amazon and that the opportunity is saturated is like suggesting that the world’s oceans could be emptied if enough people turned up on the shoreline with teaspoons.

Amazon’s revenue grows by billions (yes, billions with a B) every single year. This means there are billions of dollars of new sales waiting for new sellers to join and capitalize on to build a successful Amazon FBA business.

The key is to approach this like any other business opportunity – dedicating yourself to learning best practices, putting the work in upfront, creating good quality products that meet customer demand, and being patient as your eCommerce business grows.

We’d certainly like to think so. Our community is made of sellers from all stages of the journey from complete beginners to 7-figure sellers. So we’re confident you’ll find value in it, particularly with a BBU Pro membership.

The best Amazon FBA course is the one that gives you the maximum return on investment. And, based on the results achieved within our community and the cost-effective price of the course, we’re confident you’ll find that here.

Sure, there are a lot of great free resources available. We ourselves have a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel that contain 500+ helpful guides, interviews, and resources between them.

However, most people find the linear structure of a good Amazon FBA training course to be very beneficial in ensuring all steps are taken and easy mistakes are avoided.

Remember, you’re investing your hard-earned money into this business, and you can learn from the mistakes, learnings, bumps, and bruises we’ve picked up along the way (that have cost us thousands!) so you don’t make them too.

Plus, even just one lesser-known strategy that may not be covered elsewhere can help earn a meaningful return on your enrolment investment.

Immediately after enrolling.

You’ll be sent an invite to join the BBU Hub which is hosted on a platform called Circle. You can access the FBA training videos and written materials on your desktop or mobile device so you can keep up with lessons on the go.

There’s no set time you’ll need to commit, and the training can be completed according to your schedule.

The sooner you go through the training, the sooner you can implement it, but you have lifetime access and there are no deadlines.

However, we find new starters that spend at least 2-3 hours per week on their new business make good progress within the first few months.

The only upsell is BBU Pro, but the details for that are shared right here on the course sales page.

You can either enroll in this individual self-study course, or you can upgrade to BBU Pro to access our full library of the best Amazon FBA courses, weekly calls, active community, and extra bonuses.

After that, there’s nothing else to pay, you’ve got access to everything we offer.

There is a dedicated ‘Bonuses’ section within the BBU Hub which gives access and instructions for all bonuses. You will be emailed access instructions for the BBU Hub immediately upon enrolling.

You will have access to the course, including all future updates, for as long as you need.

Of course, ‘lifetime’ is a little ambiguous, so our guarantee is that if in the unlikely event we were to retire the course at some point in the future, we would give at least 12 months’ notice and continue to update the training within this time period.

However, this is a proven Amazon course has been live for many years already and there are no plans to retire it.

For any admin questions, you can email us [email protected]. You can also ask topic-specific questions within the course lessons themselves and we will respond as quickly as possible. For more in-depth coaching and support, BBU Pro is the option you need.

Absolutely. You’ll get one sent to you on enrolling, but if you need anything different from what you received, just contact us and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Don’t forget, the cost of Amazon FBA courses – like other business training – can be offset as a business expense.

Still got questions?

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch below and we’ll get right back to you!

Your Brand Building Journey Starts Here.

Whether you’re just getting started with selling on Amazon or looking to scale up and build a multi-channel, global eCommerce brand, this Amazon FBA course will offer you the proven, step-by-step instruction you need to achieve your goals. We can’t wait to work with you!