Asset Sale vs Stock Sale: The BEST Business Selling Option

When it comes time to sell your business, you have two main options: an asset sale or a stock sale (often called share sale in the UK). In general terms, an asset sale involves the transfer of ownership of specific assets within a business, whereas a stock sale transfers the stocks (or shares) of a company to […]

What Is An Amazon Aggregator? [Top Companies Compared For 2022]

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the size of Jeff Bezos’ bank balance in recent times, you’ll have seen talk about Amazon aggregators. But what exactly is the business model behind these so-called aggregators? Who are the top Amazon aggregators? Is there longevity in this FBA roll-up play? All this and more in this […]

A Basic Guide to Valuations: How Much is Your FBA Business Worth?

This post is a guest piece from our friends at Empire Flippers. You’ve invested your time and money into building an Amazon FBA business, and now you’ve got a solid-earning asset on your hands that provides you with regular income.  But what comes next?  There are many FBA entrepreneurs who haven’t given any thought to […]