How Many Keywords Per Ad Group? (Amazon PPC)

In what phase of your ad campaign creation process do you start thinking about keywords? When you get to that phase of ad creation, how do you decide how many keywords to use? While it’s easy to add as many keywords that you think will help your product listing rank, not limiting your keywords can often […]

21 Best Amazon PPC Software Tools [2022 Reviews & Pricing]

If you’re an Amazon seller, then you know that Pay-Per-Click advertising is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. PPC helps you reach more customers and sell more products, but it can be difficult to manage all of the different campaigns and ads yourself. That’s where Amazon PPC tools come in. These software tools automate […]

What Does ACOS Mean? Calculating & Improving Amazon ACOS

Do you want to run profitable Amazon PPC campaigns that grow your Amazon sales? If so, you need to understand the key metrics for PPC success. Perhaps the most important metric in the entire Amazon advertising world is ACOS… but what does ACOS mean? In this in-depth guide, we’ll walk you through what Amazon ACOS […]

Create Amazon PPC Sponsored Brand Video Ads That Convert (For FREE)

Sponsored brand video ads are one of the great opportunities on Amazon PPC right now because of the exposure it gives your listing, and because of the relatively cheap pricing they’re available for.  It’s no secret to anybody in the eCommerce space that video advertising has become more and more popular as people are spending […]

New Amazon PPC Optimisation Strategy [GAME CHANGER]

How to Optimise Your Amazon PPC Campaigns with Sellics Benchmark Tool One of the most high-value skill sets you can learn when selling on Amazon is how to effectively run Amazon PPC campaigns. In order to be moderately successful, you really do need to get a good handle on Amazon PPC.  Unfortunately, unlike some might suggest, […]