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A powerful operational dashboard for growing eCommerce businesses like yours

Lets face it — building an eCommerce business can be overwhelming at times. With so many moving parts and different platforms to master, it can be hard to know the next steps for growth.

That’s why we created brandOS. Inside, these next steps are laid out in excruciating detail so you can always put your best foot forward.

Upon activating your brandOS license, you’ll get immediate access to:

brandOS is a fully customizable dashboard, the perfect solution for:

  • Beginners who are looking for step-by-step checklists and processes to take each step with confidence
  • Growing sellers looking for best-in-class marketing examples and strategies to help grow their business and their team
  • Agencies and freelancers looking to build out scalable systems and processes to lay foundations for rapid growth


An action plan for every area of your business

Chronological action plans (with linked SOPs) for every area of your growing business.

Whether you’re new to eCommerce or a seasoned pro, you’ll have the next-step guidance for growth you need, and build the kind of systemized operation that makes acquirers of eCommerce businesses go weak at the knees.

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Your collection of checklists includes:

Amazon FBA

Launch your first product on Amazon with momentum.


amazon fba checklist

eCommerce Launch

Go direct-to-consumer with confidence.


ecommerce checklist

Amazon PPC

Launch and scale profitable advertising campaigns.


amazon ppc checklist

eCommerce SEO

Optimize for compound, organic traffic growth.


seo checklist

eCommerce CRO

Maximize every visit with improved conversion rates.


cro checklist

Email Marketing

Nurture your audience with effective emails.


email marketing checklist

Google Ads

Drive targeted traffic with optimized ad campaigns.


google ads checklist

Influencer Marketing

Build partnerships to amplify reach and authenticity.


influencer marketing checklist

Note: Once accessed, checklists can be used as a reference guide or duplicated to customize for your specific needs.


Step-by-step, best-practice workflows

Effortlessly execute new tasks with plug-and-play procedures then outsource to virtual assistants and team members for organized growth.

ecommerce sops

Your growing library of SOPs includes:

  • Establishing Your Why
  • Creating A Vision Board
  • Building Startup Capital
  • Deciding On A Legal Structure
  • Identifying A Clear Customer Avatar
  • Forming An LLC
  • Writing A Business Plan
  • Registering A Trademark

  • Verifying Demand On Amazon
  • Measuring Competition On Amazon
  • Differentiating Products
  • Estimating Potential Profit Margins For Amazon FBA
  • Estimating Potential ROI For Amazon FBA
  • Identifying Pain Points Of Specific Demographics
  • Verifying Demand For Potential eCommerce Products
  • Measuring Competition Of eCommerce Products
  • Estimating Profit Margins On Shopify

  • Checking Potential Products For Compliance
  • Deciding On A Manufacturing Location
  • Finding High-Quality Suppliers On Alibaba
  • Creating A Purchase Contract
  • Carrying Out Third-Party Inspections
  • Creating Product Packaging
  • Analyzing Third-Party Inspections

  • Choosing The Best Incoterms
  • Obtaining Shipping Quotes From Freight Forwarders
  • Calculating Total CBM Of Shipments
  • Create A Shipping Plan On Amazon
  • Confirming Shipping Marks With Manufacturers
  • Instructing BOL Release By Telex
  • Inventory Management & Forecasting

  • Creating A Seller Central Account
  • Enroll In Amazon Brand Registry
  • Create A Pre-Launch Amazon Listing
  • Create Coupons On Amazon
  • Set Max Order Quantities On Amazon
  • Check Amazon Inventory Levels
  • Expanding Globally On Amazon
  • Enrolling In Amazon Vine
  • Keyword Research For Amazon
  • Writing Optimized Amazon Listing Copy
  • Create Engaging Images For Products
  • Creating Engaging A+ Content
  • Using Manage Your Experiments
  • Check Products Are Indexed On Amazon
  • Access & Analyze Amazon’s Search Term Report
  • Calculating Target ACoS on Amazon
  • Calculating Optimal PPC Bids
  • Creating Amazon PPC Campaigns
  • Amazon PPC Naming Conventions
  • Amazon PPC Campaign Structure
  • Amazon PPC Optimization
  • Test Dayparting For Amazon PPC Campaigns

  • Creating A Basic Shopify Website
  • Creating Product Pages On Shopify
  • Criteria For Choosing A Website Theme
  • Setting Up Taxes & Shipping On Shopify
  • Adding Sales Channels To Shopify
  • Creating Discount Codes On Shopify
  • Creating A Test Order In Shopify
  • Fixing Shopify’s Product URL Structure
  • Adding Alt Text To Images On Shopify
  • Creating Your Website’s Home Page
  • Creating Your Website’s Legal Pages
  • Creating Your Website’s Product Pages
  • Creating Your Website’s Category Pages
  • Creating Your Website’s Checkout Page
  • Create A Helpful 404 Error Page
  • Creating An SEO-Friendly Website Structure
  • Setting WHOIS Details For A Website
  • Testing & Improving Website Speed
  • Optimizing Websites For Mobile
  • Setting Up Google Analytics
  • Creating Popups To Collect Emails
  • Ensure HTTPS Is In Use
  • Using A Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Enabling GZIP Compression
  • Redirecting Non-www To www

  • Choosing A Brand Name
  • Creating A Logo
  • Creating Product Inserts
  • Creating A Pre-Launch Marketing Plan
  • Creating Pre-Launch PR Opportunities
  • Generating High-Quality Reviews
  • Creating Converting Sale Offers
  • Taking High-Quality Photographs
  • Creating A Content Calendar
  • Creating Content To Grow An Email List
  • Creating Promo Videos For Products

  • Setting Up Google Search Console
  • Setting Up Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Establishing E-E-A-T
  • Creating A Google Business Profile
  • Fix Missing & Duplicate Meta Content
  • Create & Submit robots.txt File
  • Check & Fix Broken Links
  • Consolidate Duplicate URLs With Canonical Tag
  • Noindex Irrelevant/Thin Pages To Prevent Index Bloat
  • Check For Manual Penalties In Google Search Console
  • Check & Fix Redirect Loops
  • Create A Topical Map
  • Updating Blog Content
  • Identify & Remove Content Cannibalization
  • Writing SEO-Optimized Blog Content
  • Writing TOFU Blog Content
  • Writing BOFU Blog Content
  • Creating Branded Search Pages
  • Outsourcing Content Writing
  • Adding Internal & External Links
  • Optimizing For The Featured Snippet
  • Building Backlinks
  • Maintaining Shallow Crawl Depth

  • Create New Subscriber Email Flow
  • Create Product Launch Email Flow
  • Create Post-Purchase Email Flow
  • Create Abandoned Cart Email Flow
  • Create Win-Back Email Flow
  • Create Referral Email Flow
  • Create Replenishment Email Flow
  • Writing Regular Newsletters
  • Segmenting Email Lists
  • Writing Engaging Email Subject Lines
  • Writing Converting Email Copy
  • A/B Testing Email Campaigns
  • Enabling Single Opt-In For New Email Subscribers
  • Creating Lead Magnets To Increase Opt-In Rate
  • Email Lead Generation Ads
  • Split Testing Pop-Ups To Improve Opt-In Rate
  • Using Repeat Controls To Avoid Popup Spam
  • Maintaining Email List Health
  • Maintaining High Email Deliverability
  • Optimizing Email Newsletter Open Rates
  • Optimizing Email Newsletter Click-Through Rates

  • Setting Up Google Ads Conversion Tracking
  • Creating Landing Pages For Google Ads
  • Keyword Research For Google Ads
  • Google Ads Campaign Setup
  • Google Ads Optimization

  • Creating An Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Negotiating Creator/Influencer Contracts
  • Optimizing Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Create An eCommerce Expense Tracker
  • Optimizing Long-Term Profitability


A done-for-you archive of instant marketing inspiration

Looking to create a new high-conversion rate Amazon listing? Struggling with post-purchase email campaigns?

Look no further than your own categorized eCommerce marketing swipe file for inspiration and creative ideas. Use our notes or customize with your own!

website swipes
product image swipes
amazon fba swipes
swipe file
ad swipes
packaging swipes
email swipes


Tried & tested prompts to save time and money with AI

Access hundreds of the best ChatGPT prompts to help with research, marketing, and technical support. Free up more time and run a lean, mean eCommerce machine.

Includes ChatGPT intro training for beginners.

chatgpt prompt example for copy
chatgpt prompt examples for research
chatgpt prompt examples for seo
chat gpt prompts for ecommerce


Behind the scenes of brandOS

Discover how easy it is to navigate the 4 main areas, access all your information, customize your dashboard, and manage your entire business.

Light & dark mode

Use brandOS in both light and dark mode according to your preferences.

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Use brandOS on the go with compatibility across all device types.


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Scale with the support of in-depth training, regular coaching, and a driven community.


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What others are saying about Brand Builder University

brandOS is brand new. As reviews start to come in, we’ll add them here. For now, here’s what people are saying about all the training and resources we offer.


Your questions, answered

Expand each question to reveal the answer.

brandOS is a Notion workspace built to help you organize and manage your eCommerce business in one place. It’s highly customizable, allowing you to build on top of it easily to suit your specific business needs. But it can always be used as a reference-only guide without having to use Notion.

For sure. The checklists are perfect for beginners as they walk you through the process of launching your business in chronological order. Each step can be checked off as you go to keep track of your progress, and there are links to SOPs for each task. brandOS is the perfect solution for someone who wants expert guidance but perhaps doesn’t have the budget for high-level coaching.

Definitely. While you may not need to follow every foundational step in the checklists, they still offer a huge range of expansion opportunities. They can also be customized to your business’s unique requirements and used to organize and grow your team as you scale. The same is true for the prompt and SOP library. Rather than having to spend hundreds of hours building them out, they’re all done for you, ready to scale.

Notion is a free organizational tool that helps you think, write, and plan. You can capture thoughts, manage projects, or even run an entire company—and do it exactly how you want.

After your purchase, you’ll get instructions on how to access and duplicate the template directly into your Notion workspace. It’s as easy as a couple of clicks!

No, if you’d rather use brandOS as a reference guide without making any changes you can access it without a Notion account. However, if you want to use brandOS to its full potential you can easily create a free Notion account.

Notion is free to use and you can use all the features of brandOS simply by registering with a free Notion account.

There is a detailed user guide within brandOS that shows you in detail how to get the most out of the system.

No, the majority of the prompts only require a free ChatGPT subscription. A small number of prompts (mainly prompts that involve the processing of data for reporting analysis) utilize features from the paid plan, but these aren’t essential for getting maximum value from brandOS.

Nope! We’re constantly adding new content and features to brandOS, and you never have to pay again. Your license gives you lifetime access.

Of course. Templates are meant to be customized to your own needs, so after duplicating you can and should edit it as much as you like.

If you had to spend the time ideating and building a system like this for yourself, you’d need to spend a lot of hours (we know, because it took us 100s of hours… 🥵). Only you can put a price on that time, but we think it’s incredible value!

Brand Builder University is an education platform that aims to be the leading learning resource for eCommerce entrepreneurs. We’ve got 7+ years of eCommerce experience and have helped hundreds of people start and scale their businesses online.

Yes, all payments are encrypted and secure.

No. This product has a single license. If you wish to share it with someone outside of your company or business, please direct them to this page in order to obtain their own license.

Sure thing! You can sign up as an affiliate here.

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