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How to Optimise Your Amazon PPC Campaigns with Sellics Benchmark Tool

One of the most high-value skill sets you can learn when selling on Amazon is how to effectively run Amazon PPC campaigns. In order to be moderately successful, you really do need to get a good handle on Amazon PPC. 

Unfortunately, unlike some might suggest, selling on Amazon is not a passive endeavour. Ultimately, Amazon sellers are getting smarter and smarter, and the tools are getting better and better. 

If you want to stay on top of the game, getting a good Amazon PPC strategy is something you really need to invest in.

The challenge with optimizing your PPC campaigns is firstly knowing the metrics to understand and to look at, and secondly understanding what to benchmark them against.

The tool I’m going to talk you through today has been helping me massively with my PPC because it helps you actually compare your data against industry data. It helps compare your data against your competitors in your category. 

A game-changing Amazon PPC tool

The tool I’m referring to is the Benchmarker tool by Sellics. It’s been out for a while but I wanted to bring it to you guys because honestly, it is super, super powerful. This Benchmarker report helps you to do exactly that: benchmark your Amazon PPC campaign management data against the average for your specific category. Now, a few things about this. 

Number one, you can grab it here absolutely free. Honestly, I think they should be charging for this. Don’t tell them because it all is crazy, right? It’s for free right now and it gives you so much data. 

The second thing is that the numbers you will get in your report are not estimates. They are aggregated from two and a half billion dollars of actual ad spend. These aren’t estimates, this is actual data. 

The third thing that I think is really powerful for this is it breaks it down on a category basis, not just on your top level category. It breaks it down three levels deep, which is incredibly powerful.

How to use the Benchmarker tool by Sellics

Note: this tool draws down real data from your account, so if you are a new seller, bear in mind that whilst it will still be a useful tool for you, you will get more out of it as time goes on.

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands

Within the sponsored products and sponsored brands sections, you’ll find four sections: 

  1. Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS)
    This is your Amazon pay per click ad spend divided by your ad sales and multiplied by 100. It tells you how much you are spending on your Amazon ad campaign in order to get your sales. Generally, you want to aim for about 20-30% ACoS.
  2.  Cost Per Click (CPC)
    This is how much you are paying for each listing click that you get.
  3.  Click-Through Rate (CTR)
    The ratio of Amazon shoppers who click through to view your listing to the number of times it is shown.
  4. Conversion Rate (CR)
    How many of those who view your listing actually purchase your product.

What is so special about the Benchmark tool is that it will actually show you the benchmark for your specific category, which is really helpful.

That means you can compare your data to that of the benchmark for the category you are selling in, rather than generally across the whole of Amazon. 

For example, the average conversion rate across Amazon is around 12.5%. However, you might be selling in a category where the average CR is 5%. That would mean a CR of 10% is something to celebrate rather than worry about!

Product Analysis

Next up is the product analysis section.

This section gives you really important data for Amazon PPC optimisation because it shows you the KPIs for your products compared to the benchmark for the very specific subcategories they belong to. You can hover over to see how your product is performing compared to others within your category. 

This is really useful because you can see where you need to improve and even which products to focus on.

Remember – this tool is completely free!

Taking action based on your benchmark report

So you’ve got your benchmark data – what next? 

Now you can decide on actionable steps for your Amazon PPC optimisation strategy, and prioritise them based on the data.

For example, if you need to work on your conversion rate, then you’ll want to consider some or all of the following:

  • Offering vouchers or discounts
  • Improving the quality of your images
  • Improving the copy
  • Adding or improving A+ content
  • Adding video content
  • Differentiation (being really clear within the listing about what differentiates your product from other similar ones)

If you’d like some help with improving (or getting started with) PPC, check out my full 90 minute PPC guide here. It will show you how to optimise your Amazon PPC in straightforward, actionable steps.

For a detailed guide to lowering your ACoS in five steps, watch this video.

You can get your own Sellics Benchmark report for free here.

Ben Donovan

Ben Donovan

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