Forming an LLC can be one of the best ways to protect your growing eCommerce business. But, as you’ve probably already realized, the process isn’t exactly straightforward.

A good business formation service can help eliminate stress, doubt, and confusion when launching your business.

In this guide, we’ll look at the best LLC services available for eCommerce entrepreneurs.


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Best LLC formation services for eCommerce



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$0 + state fees

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ZenBusiness stands out as the best overall LLC formation service for new eCommerce businesses.

Its comprehensive range of services, affordable pricing, and exceptional customer support make it ideal for entrepreneurs seeking to establish their online business with ease and confidence

ZenBusiness offers a seamless, user-friendly platform that simplifies the complex process of business formation. Tailored packages that cater to varying needs ensure your business gets off to the right start, providing essential features such as compliance management, operating agreements, and EIN acquisition.

The company’s mission to support small businesses with accessible and reliable services positions it as our top choice for most eCommerce startups.

  • Worry-Free Compliance: Keeps your business in good standing with state requirements, handling annual reports and compliance.
  • Business Document Templates: Provides over 25 essential document templates for contracts, service agreements, and more.
  • Fastest Filing Speed: Offers expedited filing options to get your business up and running quickly.

ZenBusiness has a stellar reputation, evidenced by its 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on Trustpilot from over 15,000 reviews. Customer reviews often praise the platform for its ease of use, range of services, and responsive customer support. Many users highlight the peace of mind provided by the worry-free compliance feature and the efficiency of the filing process.

  • Affordable and transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Well trusted name in the space.
  • Comprehensive service packages tailored for various business needs.
  • Excellent customer support and user-friendly platform.
  • Additional services can add up in cost.
  • Limited international business support.

  • Starter: $0 plus state fees. Includes basic LLC formation and one year of worry-free compliance.
  • Pro: $199/year plus state fees. Adds expedited filing, EIN number, and an operating agreement.
  • Premium: $349/year plus state fees. Includes everything in Pro plus a business website, domain name, and email address.



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$0 + state fees

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Bizee is the go-to choice for budget-conscious entrepreneurs. They offer free LLC formation—you just cover the state fee. This makes them an incredibly affordable option, especially for those just starting out.

Plus, if you want to upgrade to a more hands-on package, the pricing is still some of the best in the industry.

Despite the low cost, they don’t skimp on service quality. Bizee offers a user-friendly platform, making the entire process quick and straightforward, so you can focus on launching your eCommerce business without getting bogged down by administrative tasks.

  • Free LLC Formation: Pay only the state fee, making it one of the most affordable options.
  • Free Registered Agent Service: Includes the first year, which helps keep costs down initially.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Manage everything from filing to compliance in one place.

Bizee enjoys a solid reputation with a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot from over 18,000 reviews. Customers often mention the ease of use, transparent pricing, and helpful customer support in their reviews. Many appreciate the value for money, especially with the free LLC formation offer and the efficient, no-nonsense service provided.

  • Extremely affordable with free LLC formation.
  • Easy-to-use platform ideal for first-time business owners.
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Limited advanced features in the basic package.
  • Additional services can add up in cost.

  • Basic: $0 + state fee, includes basics for forming an LLC.
  • Standard: $199 + state fee, includes EIN and operating agreement.
  • Premium: $299 + state fee, adds expedited filing and business contract templates.



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UK sellers

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If you’re a UK resident looking to start your eCommerce business, 1st Formations is a fantastic choice. They specialize in helping you get your company registered quickly and efficiently with packages that cover everything from digital documents to full compliance support.

Their platform is designed to make the entire process as straightforward as possible, even if you’re a new business owner. They also offer a wealth of resources and guides to help you every step of the way, ensuring you’re not just set up but set up for success.

  • Comprehensive Packages: From digital-only to all-inclusive options, catering to different business needs.
  • Fast Company Registration: Most companies are registered within 24 hours.
  • Support for Non-Residents: Special packages for non-UK residents, including a London business address.

1st Formations enjoys excellent customer feedback with a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot from over 21,000 reviews and a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Google. Customers seem to appreciate their efficient service, helpful resources, and responsive support team.

  • Wide range of packages tailored to different needs.
  • Quick and efficient registration process.
  • Excellent customer support and extensive resources.
  • Additional costs for services outside the basic packages.

  • Digital: £52.99, including digital company documents and confirmation statement service.
  • Privacy: £67.99, adds a London registered office and service address.
  • Professional: £79.99, includes printed documents and more comprehensive address services.
  • Prestige: £99.99 (discounted from £149.99), offers full address services, VAT and PAYE registration.
  • All-Inclusive: £149.99 (discounted from £219.99), includes a full company secretary service and all other features.



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Canadian sellers

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$49 CAD

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If you’re looking to start your eCommerce business from Canada, Ownr is your best bet.

This all-in-one platform is designed to help you register, incorporate, and manage your business seamlessly. Whether you’re setting up a sole proprietorship or incorporating, Ownr makes the process incredibly simple and fast.

Plus, they offer a ton of perks and resources to support Canadian businesses as they grow. With Ownr, you can get everything done in less than 15 minutes, freeing you up to focus on what you do best: running your business.

  • Quick Setup: Register or incorporate your business in less than 15 minutes.
  • All-In-One Platform: Manage legal documents, compliance, and employee tasks all in one place.
  • Ownr Perks: Access over $16,000 in savings from leading brands to help you grow.

Ownr has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Google and claims to have served over 165,000 clients, meaning they are well-established and experienced.

  • Fast and straightforward registration and incorporation.
  • Comprehensive support and resources.
  • Excellent value with additional perks and discounts.
  • Limited to Canadian businesses.
  • Higher initial cost for incorporation compared to some competitors.

  • Sole Proprietorship: $49 CAD one-time fee.
  • Incorporation: $499 CAD one-time fee.



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International sellers

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If you’re overseas but looking to start a US-based eCommerce business, Doola is your perfect partner.

They specialize in helping non-US residents easily form and manage their US companies. Doola offers a streamlined process that takes care of everything from company formation to compliance, banking, and taxes.

Their user-friendly platform and excellent customer support make it easy to navigate the complexities of starting a business in the US, even if you’re halfway across the world.

  • Global Access: Form a US company from anywhere in the world with ease.
  • Comprehensive Services: Includes EIN acquisition, registered agent services, and banking setup.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Manage all aspects of your business from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Doola is well-loved by international entrepreneurs for its efficiency and comprehensive support. With a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on TrustPilot, customers often praise the simplicity of the process and the helpfulness of the customer service team. Many users appreciate how Doola handles all the nitty-gritty details, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

  • Simplifies US company formation for international founders.
  • Offers a complete suite of services including banking and tax assistance.
  • Excellent customer support and resources.
  • Higher cost compared to some local competitors.
  • Some services may have longer processing times due to international aspects.

  • Starter: $297/year, includes formation, EIN filing, registered agent service, and compliance reminders.
  • Total Compliance: $300/month or $1,999/year, adds expedited processing, state and IRS filings, a dedicated account manager, and a CPA consultation.



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Registered agent services

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If you need a solid registered agent service, Northwest Registered Agent is the way to go. They have made a name for themselves with top-notch customer service and a commitment to privacy.

They make sure your business stays compliant by handling all your legal documents and keeping you updated. Their straightforward approach and dedication to client satisfaction make them an excellent choice for any eCommerce entrepreneur who wants to ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

  • Privacy by Default: They never sell your data and use their own information to keep yours private.
  • Premium Customer Support: Access to Corporate Guides who are dedicated to helping you at every step.
  • Local Scanning: All documents are scanned at the local office, ensuring you get your mail faster.

Northwest Registered Agent has mixed reviews on TrustPilot, hovering around a 3-3.5 star rating. However, they are rated 4.7/5 on Google and have many positive customer reviews on their website.

  • Strong privacy protection policies.
  • Comprehensive registered agent services.
  • Higher pricing compared to some competitors.
  • Lower TrustPilot rating than other services

  • Registered Agent Service: $125 per year
  • Start An LLC: $39 + State Fees



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Legal services

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$0 + state fees

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If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for legal services while forming your LLC, LegalZoom is the way to go. They’ve been around for over two decades, providing reliable and comprehensive legal assistance to small businesses.

LegalZoom handles everything from LLC formation to trademark registration and ongoing legal advice, making it perfect for entrepreneurs who want to ensure every legal aspect of their business is covered.

Their platform is designed to simplify complex legal processes so you can focus on growing your eCommerce business with peace of mind.

  • Legal Advice: Access to a network of experienced attorneys for ongoing legal guidance.
  • Comprehensive Services: Includes LLC formation, compliance, trademarks, and more.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Easy-to-navigate interface that simplifies complex legal tasks.

LegalZoom has built a solid reputation with a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot from over 3,000 reviews. Customers praise the platform’s ease of use, the range of services offered, and the professional legal support. Many users appreciate the peace of mind that comes from having legal experts handle their business needs.

  • Extensive range of legal services beyond LLC formation.
  • Access to professional legal advice and support.
  • Reliable and established brand with a long history.
  • Higher cost compared to some basic LLC formation services.
  • Customer support can sometimes be slower due to high demand.

  • Basic: $0 plus state fees. Includes basic LLC formation and standard processing.
  • Pro: $249 plus state fees. Adds personalized operating agreement and other perks.
  • Premium: $299 plus state fees. Offers expedited processing and a deluxe organizer kit.

How to choose the best LLC services

Choosing the right LLC formation service is crucial for your business’s success. Here’s how to evaluate your options:

1. Identify your needs

  • Basic Formation vs. Comprehensive Services: Determine if you only need basic LLC formation or additional services like registered agent, compliance, and legal advice.
  • Budget: Assess how much you’re willing to spend. Services range from free basic formation (you pay only state fees) to comprehensive packages with added features.

2. Evaluate the services offered

  • Registered Agent Services: Some services, like Northwest Registered Agent, specialize in this area. Consider if you need a registered agent to handle legal documents and ensure compliance.
  • Compliance Support: Look for services like ZenBusiness that offer worry-free compliance to keep your business in good standing.
  • Legal Assistance: If you need ongoing legal advice, services like LegalZoom provide access to a network of attorneys.

3. Consider user experience

  • Ease of Use: The platform should be user-friendly. Check customer reviews to see if users find it easy to navigate and use.
  • Customer Support: Responsive and helpful customer support is essential. Services with dedicated support teams can save you time and stress.
  • Reputation: Read reviews on Trustpilot or other review sites to gauge customer satisfaction. High ratings and positive feedback are good indicators of reliability.

4. Look for added value

  • Extra Resources: Services like Ownr and ZenBusiness offer additional resources such as business document templates and compliance tools.
  • Perks and Discounts: Some services provide valuable perks. Ownr, for example, offers savings from leading brands which can be beneficial for your business.

5. Compare costs

  • Upfront Costs vs. Long-term Value: While some services offer low or no upfront costs such as free registered agent services, consider the long-term value and additional fees for extra services.
  • Transparent Pricing: Make sure there are no hidden fees. Look for services that clearly outline their pricing structure.

By taking the time to think these aspects through, you can choose the best LLC formation company for your business needs and budget, ensuring a smooth start to your entrepreneurial journey.

The benefits of using an LLC service

LLC formation services simplify the process of starting your business by handling:

  • Registration: They file the necessary paperwork with your state.
  • Compliance: Ensure your business meets state regulations.
  • Document Preparation: Draft essential documents like operating agreements.
  • Tax ID (EIN): Obtain your Employer Identification Number from the IRS.
  • Legal Advice: Some services offer access to attorneys for legal guidance.

Taking care of these aspects for you has a number of benefits:

1. Time-saving

Using an LLC service to form your company saves you significant time.

These services handle all the paperwork and filings, which means you can focus on launching and growing your eCommerce business rather than getting bogged down with administrative tasks.

They streamline the process, often completing it faster than you could on your own.

2. Accuracy

Accuracy is crucial when forming an LLC, as mistakes can lead to delays or even legal issues.

LLC filing services have experience and expertise, ensuring that all your documents are filled out correctly and submitted on time. This reduces the risk of errors that could cause problems down the line.

3. Compliance

Staying compliant with state regulations is essential for any business.

Business formation services keep track of ongoing compliance requirements such as annual reports and state filings. They send reminders and can even handle these filings for you, ensuring your business remains in good standing with the state.

4. Peace of mind

Knowing that experts are handling your LLC formation provides significant peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about missing a crucial step or making a costly mistake.

With professionals managing the process, you can rest easy knowing your business is set up correctly and legally, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Frequently asked questions

An LLC, or Limited Liability Company, is a business structure that provides personal liability protection for its owners, known as members, while offering flexible tax and management options.

The time frame varies by state and service provider, but it typically takes anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Expedited LLC services can speed up the process.

Yes, you can form an LLC in any state, but you may need to register as a foreign LLC in your home state and comply with additional requirements.

LLCs must file annual reports, pay state fees, and maintain a registered agent. Specific requirements vary by state.

A registered agent is a person or service designated to receive legal documents on behalf of your LLC. Most states require an LLC to have a registered agent.

Costs include state filing fees, which vary by state, and service provider fees if you use an LLC formation service. These can range from $50 to several hundred dollars.

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a federal tax ID number required for tax purposes, opening a business bank account, and hiring employees. Most LLCs need an EIN.

Yes, many sole proprietorships and partnerships can convert to an LLC. The process involves filing the necessary paperwork with your state and updating registrations and licenses.

Some services offer satisfaction guarantees, ensuring your LLC formation is completed correctly. Check individual service policies for specifics.

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