If you’re an Amazon seller, then you’ll know just how important keyword research is for your success.

And to find the best keywords, you need to use the best tools. Enter Helium 10 Magnet.

Helium 10 Magnet is the ultimate Amazon keyword research tool, and it can help you find the best starter list of keywords for both your product listing and PPC campaigns.

In this article, we’ll cover what the tool is and how you can use it to level up your Amazon business.


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What is Helium 10 Magnet?

Helium 10 Magnet is an Amazon keyword research tool that uses a seed keyword to find a wide range of related keyword ideas to help Amazon sellers create product listings that can be found often in search results.

By including more relevant keywords with a high search volume than your top competitors you give your products the best chance possible of being found on Amazon.

How to use Magnet to find relevant keywords

The beauty of a tool like Helium 10 Magnet is the time it will save you.

When building a private label business one of the great incentives is to build a business that works around the clock, so you don’t have to.

Rather than spending days upon days finding keywords to create the perfect keyword list, you can use Helium 10 Magnet for a quick 15-30 minute session to find all the keywords you will need to outgun competing products.

But how? Let’s get into it.


Step 1: Open Magnet and enter your seed keyword

A seed keyword – sometimes called a root keyword – is the main keyword with which you would describe your product.

Some products will have multiple seed keywords. For instance, a yoga mat could also be said to have the seed keyword of exercise mat or pilates mat.

You should opt for the root keyword that is both general enough to produce a good amount of results and also specific enough that your Amazon keyword research will be accurate.

So, in this example, we’ll use yoga mat.


Step 2: Analyze the results

Magnet will provide a summary with the following information:

  • Search Volume: The estimated number of searches per month this specific keyword attracts on Amazon
  • Magnet IQ Score: A score based on the estimated search volume vs competing products. The higher the Magnet IQ Score score the better as it suggests a higher demand with fewer competing products.
  • CPR: The estimated number of units that need to be sold following a search of this keyword in order to rank on the top half of page one for this specific keyword.

The Magnet tool will also give some information on keyword distribution.

It will show the number of total keywords related to the root keyword along with how many of them are organic keywords, “Smart Complete” keywords from the auto-complete function in the Amazon search bar, and “Amazon recommended” keywords pulled from the keywords that Amazon recommends when starting PPC campaigns.

Finally, the summary will show a neat Word Frequency widget that shows the word count of each individual word in the results to see which words are being used most.


Step 3: Filter by metrics

Next you can filter the keyword research results by various metrics in order to fine-tune your list and narrow it down to the best keywords to use for your title, bullet points and description.

An advanced tip for those looking to further filter the search results and create a list of highly relevant and important keywords is to combine the use of Magnet with Helium 10’s other keyword tool, Cerebro.

We created a full guide on how to use Cerebro which you can access here.


Step 4: Export for optimization

Finally, now you have your list of search terms to use, you can export them into a spreadsheet or into Helium 10’s keyword processing tool Frankenstein to remove duplicates and continue the listing optimization process.

Whilst finding the most relevant keywords is critical when creating a listing, it’s also a very good practice to look at keyword opportunities when carrying out initial product research.

Serious sellers look for low competition search term opportunities alongside product ideas in order to reverse engineer the actual customer demand on the Amazon platform.

Being found in the Amazon search results is the key to a successful Amazon business and Magnet is a great solution to help with just that.

Is Helium 10 keyword search volume accurate?

Whilst the data that Helium 10 provides is estimated, we have found the search volume data to be relatively accurate when compared to the impressions data found inside our Amazon PPC reports.

Whilst it is impossible to get an exact comparison with this method, our studies have shown that Helium 10’s estimates can be confidently used as a guide.

How much does Helium 10 Magnet cost?

If you’re looking to test the waters with Helium 10, you can sign up for free and take a look around.

You’ll soon discover that it is a tool that will provide a significant return on investment.

The starter plan is just $39/month and includes access to Magnet, albeit for a limited number of searches each month.

If you’re looking to step things up a gear and utilize the full suite of tools to drive more sales and grow a more profitable business then you can take advantage of the platinum plan ($99/month) or diamond plan $249/month.

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Is Helium 10 Magnet the best Amazon keyword research tool?

Helium 10 Magnet will help you find the best keywords for your Amazon listing in as short a time as possible.

So not only will you likely find better keywords than without Magnet, but you’ll also save a huge amount of time.

Growing an Amazon business takes a good amount of time and energy up front, but by investing in tools like Helium 10 you can optimize a lot of the processes and lean on the power of software to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Magnet can do plenty of that heavy listing in the form of locating keywords that will allow you to rank higher on the first page and make more sales on the Amazon market, and as such comes highly recommended.

Like the sound of Magnet but want to learn more about the other tools in the Helium 10 suite? We’ve got you covered! Read our ultimate guide to Helium 10 here.

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Ben Donovan
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