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At Brand Builder University we’re a proud partner with Helium 10 – one of the best Amazon seller tools in the industry.

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In this guide we’ll give you a quick snapshot of the best Helium 10 discount available right now, and how to access it.


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Best Helium 10 coupon codes right now

Want to dive straight in? Here are the best Helium 10 discount codes that are verified and working right now:

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How to activate Helium 10 discount codes

To use your Helium 10 discount code and apply your savings, follow these quick steps:

  1. Head to Helium 10
  2. Click either the 10% or 20% offer:

3. Create your account by completing your contact and payment details:

And voila! You’ve just secured the best Helium 10 discount available!

The Platinum plan is the default option, but if you want to upgrade to Diamond, just scroll to the plan selection area and toggle to ‘Diamond’:


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Helium 10 pricing plans

There are a number of different pricing plan options available to you depending on your Amazon business’ size and requirements.

Let’s take a quick look at each so you can make the best decision for your business.

Helium 10 pricing plans at a glance

Here’s a quick look at your monthly subscription options with and without a discount code:

PlanPriceDiscount (BBU10)
Free PlanFreeFree
Starter Plan$39/moNo discount
Platinum Plan$99/mo$90/mo
Diamond Plan$279/mo$252/mo

And here are your options when it comes to discounted annual plans:

PlanPriceDiscount (BBU10)
Free PlanFreeFree
Starter Plan$348/yr ($29/mo)$324/yr ($27/mo)
Platinum Plan$948/yr ($79/mo)$864/yr ($72/mo)
Diamond Plan$2,748/yr ($229/mo)$2,484/yr ($207/mo)


The 20% discount code will not work for the annual plans, but the 10% discount code will.

Want a closer look at each of the Helium 10 pricing plans? Coming right up!

The free plan

The free Helium 10 plan gives a small, limited number of uses for each tool in case you want to test things before diving into a paid plan.

The usage limits are relatively and you’ll quickly find yourself wanting to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

The Starter plan

The Helium 10 Starter plan costs $39/month before any discount and gives you base-level access to some tools and training and is enough for brand-new sellers.

Helium 10 Starter Plan

You’ll miss out on a few tools with this plan, with the main one being Follow-Up – a tool that allows you to automate review requests.

But it can be a good place to start if you are on a limited budget.

The Platinum plan

The Helium 10 Platinum plan is our most recommended plan and gives you the most ‘bang for buck’.

Helium 10 Platinum Plan

It costs $99/month before any discount and gives you access to pretty much everything you need to grow to 6 figures per month on Amazon.

It includes Follow-Up and gives a wider range of access to most tools.

The limitations are that you only get limited access to the PPC tool Adtomic, and it doesn’t include access to some of the more advanced features like Portals.

The Diamond plan

The Helium 10 Diamond plan costs $279/month before any discount and gives full access to all tools and also offers additional perks like up to 5 additional users and 5 connected Amazon accounts.

Helium 10 Diamond Plan

Helium 10 Add-ons

If you want to access the high-level functionality of Helium 10’s most advanced tools there are some additional Add-ons you can take advantage of.

  • Adtomic is an AI-powered PPC tool that can be added to your plan for $199/month before any Helium 10 coupon codes
  • Market Tracker 360 is a high-level competitor intelligence tool built for enterprise-level brands and can be added to your plan for $500/month before any discount coupon
  • Elite is a mastermind group for top-tier sellers and can be added to your plan for $399/month before any coupon codes

Dominate Amazon with industry-leading tools

Out-smart, out-rank and out-sell your competition on Amazon with Helium 10. Save 20% with code BBU20.

Key Helium 10 features

When using your Helium 10 discount code, you’ll get access to an ever-growing suite of best-in-class Amazon seller tools.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the best features:

Product research tools

The most important skill a successful Amazon seller needs to master is that of product research.

Thankfully Helium 10 has some great tools to help you do just that.

1. Black Box

Black Box is one of the original tools to come from the Helium 10 suite.

Using Black Box is simple: punch in the criteria of products you’re looking to research, and then Black Box will search the entire Amazon database for product ideas that match the filters.

Helium 10 Black Box

You can search by pretty much any metric you can imagine, but the core metrics include the monthly revenue a product is generating, the number of reviews a product has, and the overall star rating of the product.

If you’re looking to supercharge your product research with Helium 10, try the ‘Keywords’ tab.

This won’t just analyze isolated products that could be anomalies, but will instead assess all products within the search results for particular keywords giving you a quick scope of an entire market making it a powerful niche research tool.

2. Trendster

Helium 10’s Trendster tool allows you to check the historical selling price and BSR of a product (BSR = Best Seller’s Rank – a number that reflects how well the product is selling, the lower the number the better it is selling).

This helps you understand if it is a seasonal product, or is just selling a high volume due to a steep discount.

Within Trendster you can also enter keywords to see Google Trends data which helps you understand if this potential product could be a fad. Ideally, you’re looking for a nice even line or a gradually increasing line over time.

Chrome extension features

Another asset in your product research journey is the Helium 10 Chrome extension.

The extension can be easily installed in your Chrome browser and is ready to be fired up any time you are browsing Amazon listings while doing product research.

These are the three features you’ll use most often:

1. The X-Ray Tool

Use the Helium 10 X-Ray tool on any search results page to quickly analyze the demand and competition of an entire market.


You’ll see revenue data, average price data, review levels, and other high-level data to help you assess product ideas.

2. The Profitability Calculator

Another huge time-saver, the profitability checker gives you a quick view of the key numbers for a product to calculate its potential profit margins.

profitability calculator

Selling price, size, and weight data are all pulled from the Amazon listing to give you a full assessment of the different costs including Amazon fees.

3. The Review Insights Tool

You can use this tool as a review downloader to analyze the reviews of your soon-to-be competitors – especially the negative reviews.


By understanding the frustrations customers have had with existing products, you’ll be able to quickly create a long list of ways to differentiate your product and stand out from the crowd – an essential aspect of success on Amazon.

Keyword research tools

To succeed on Amazon you’ve got to do everything in your power to appear high in search results for relevant keywords.

That all starts with effective keyword research, and Helium 10 gives us two primary tools for this:

1. Magnet

Helium 10’s Magnet tool is the fastest and easiest way to carry out keyword research for your product.

Simply enter the main relevant keyword you would use to describe the product, select the right marketplace, and start the process.

You can sort the output list by search volume to sort by the most used (and therefore most important) keyword ideas.

This gives you a quick list of ideas to start using. For a more detailed output, combine this process with keyword research tool number 2.

2. Cerebro

Helium 10’s Cerebro tool is what is known as a reverse ASIN lookup tool, sometimes called a reverse product lookup.

It’s an incredibly powerful tool when used right.

The best way of using it is to first search the main seed keyword that best describes the product you’re doing research for, then load up the Chrome Extension and run X-Ray.

Next, select up to 10 of the most relevant and best-selling competitors and click ‘Run keyword search’ which will open up a 10 ASIN search in Cerebro.

Finally, open up the advanced filters and find one called Ranking Competitors, then set the minimum to 7, 8, or 9 (the higher the number the fewer the keywords, but also the more relevant).

This gives you a complete list of the most highly relevant keywords to include in your listing optimization.

Listing optimization tools

Your Amazon listing is prime digital real estate you can use to showcase your product and turn browsers into buyers.

Helium 10 once again comes in strong with a range of listing optimization tools:

1. Frankenstein

Frankenstein is your keyword processor.

It’s where you can take all the keywords you’ve found in your research to organize and de-duplicate ready to be used in your listing.

The great thing about Frankenstein is that you can easily import keywords straight from Magnet or Cerebro, and then export the organized results into Listing Builder.

2. Listing Builder

Once you have a finalized master keyword list, importing them into Listing Builder helps you write an Amazon listing that has as much keyword coverage as possible.

helium 10 listing builder

This helps drive more organic ranking on Amazon which of course leads to more sales.

Using this tool alone can give you a massive return on your Helium 10 investment!

3. Index Checker

When your product is indexed on Amazon for certain keywords, it means that it can be found in search results when people search for it.

Sometimes there can be errors with your listing that stop this from happening.

This is very rare, but running the Index Checker is a good final step to check you’re appearing for important keywords before running a launch campaign.

4. Listing Analyzer

Once you’ve finished your listing then the Listing Analyzer is the perfect next tool.

Enter your ASIN and it will assess your product detail page against best practice principles like title length, image size, and review count.

Listing Analyzer

This will show you what are the key aspects you need to be working on inside your Amazon FBA business to grow your traffic and grow your sales.

5. Audience

With Helium 10’s Audience tool, you can use the intuitive Poll Builder to set up a real-life split test in minutes and get direct input from Amazon shoppers to help you make data-driven decisions with your listing optimization.


Dominate Amazon with industry-leading tools

Out-smart, out-rank and out-sell your competition on Amazon with Helium 10. Save 20% with code BBU20.

Marketing tools

Once you’ve created your listing, it’s time to get some traffic to it!

Helium 10 has two great tools for this:

1. Adtomic

Adtomic is Helium 10’s PPC automation tool that helps you create, organize, and optimize Amazon PPC campaigns.

Its rule automations can save you countless hours per month and is a solid investment for sellers generating good revenue from their stores.

2. Portals

Portals is a landing page builder by Helium 10.

This is useful for driving external traffic through Facebook or Google ads.

You can send traffic to a Portals page and collect a buyer’s email address in exchange for a discount coupon which helps you grow an off-Amazon audience.

Analytics tools

Helium 10 also has all the features you’d expect from strong analytics tools.

These include:

1. Keyword Tracker

Keyword Tracker is a tool from Helium 10 that pretty much does what it says on the tin: tracks keywords.

You can supply Keyword Tracker with a list of keywords you want to track and it will continually update you with where your products rank in relation to them.

2. Market Tracker

This is a tool that will continually track products within a chosen market.

Over time your product tracker list will build significantly giving you insightful data into the monthly volume of the overall market, and your share within it.

You can use this information to study competitors with large market share and replicate their strategies to grow your own sales.

3. Profits

Finally, Profits is Helium 10’s stats dashboard that gives you real-time data on revenue, expenses, and overall profit margins.

Amazon’s business reports are notoriously complex, so having all your numbers in one place is super helpful.

Operations features

The Helium 10 suite also has a range of operations features, including:

  • Follow-Up: A review request automation tool.
  • Alerts: A tool that alerts you if there are any changes to your listing that you need to be aware of.
  • Inventory Management: A tool that helps forecast when you need to reorder stock.
  • Inventory Protector: A tool that protects your inventory from bulk-buy scams.
  • Refund Genie: An Amazon reimbursement tool to help you claim back money owed due to damaged goods in an Amazon warehouse.

Learning features

Finally, Helium 10 also offers some great training courses:

  • Freedom Ticket: A course that covers everything needed to get started with Amazon FBA.
  • Amazon PPC Academy: A course that teaches the foundations of Amazon advertising.
  • Exit Ticket: A course that teaches how to build a sellable Amazon business.

Helium 10 coupon code FAQs

Yes, you can test Helium 10 for free. However, rather than a full-access limited-time trial, the Helium 10 free trial has usage caps. This means you can use each tool a certain amount of times before needing to upgrade.

There is no time limit to Helium 10’s free plan and instead is limited by usage. The free trial is ideal for a quick test to make sure you like the tool, but after that you’ll get the most benefit out of a paid plan.

On a monthly plan, you can save either 10% for life or 20% for 6 months. So if you plan to sell on Amazon for longer than 6 months, the 10% Helium10 coupon code – BBU10 – will likely give you better value. With this coupon code, you could save up to $27 per month or $324 per year on the Diamond plan.

On an annual plan, you can save even more. 12 months on a Diamond plan without any discount would end up costing $3,348 for the year, whereas when you opt for an annual plan and use the BBU10 Helium10 discount code, you will only pay $2,484 – a massive saving of $864 for the year.

Yes, depending on your plan, you can add additional users. On the Starter & Platinum plans, you can add 1 additional user. On the Diamond plan you can include up to 5 additional users. There is also a ‘Supercharge Your Brand’ plan for large sellers where you can include up to 25 additional users. Additional users can also be purchased as an add-on to any subscription.

When using the coupon code BBU10, you can access Helium 10 plans for the following prices:

  • Starter Plan — $324/yr (save $144 vs. monthly plan without coupon codes)
  • Platinum Plan — $864/yr (save $324 vs. monthly plan without coupon codes)
  • Diamond Plan — $2,484/yr (save $864 vs. monthly plan without coupon codes)

Remember: for the annual plan, only the BBU10 coupon code will work. The BBU20 Helium 10 coupon code is not valid for annual plans.

The 50% off Helium 10 coupon code was removed in 2022 and as far as we understand there are no plans to bring it back. The 50% off discount codes only gave a discount for one month, so there is actually more value in the offer that replaced it – the BBU20 20% off promo codes that last for 6 months.

Absolutely – you aren’t locked into any long-term contracts and can cancel your Helium 10 plan at any time.

Making the most of your Helium 10 discount

As you can see, the Helium 10 platform has all the tools you need to launch and scale your Amazon business.

From the foundation product research tools through to learning features like the Freedom Ticket course, there is a lot of value to be found.

Most sellers find that the Platinum plan is the best place to start providing the most value for money.

Then, as your business grows you can explore the Diamond plan to help get even more value from all the features available.

Don’t forget, you can get started with your Helium 10 promo code in just a few clicks today.

When subscribing to Helium 10 you can use:

  • Code BBU10 to save 10% for life, or…
  • BBU20 to save 20% for 6 months.

👉 Head to Helium 10 now and get started!

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