A good Amazon PPC software tool will save you a lot of time and drive strong growth in your Amazon business. 

But not every tool is right for every seller, and choosing the wrong one can actually be a net negative for your business.

So, in this guide, I’ll break down the pros and cons of the most popular Amazon PPC software tools so you can quickly and easily see which ones are best for your business.

I’ll cover each tool’s standout features and pricing while also sharing my personal experiences gained from managing six figures in annual ad spend with a range of different tools.

Best Amazon PPC tools at a glance

In a hurry? Here’s our quick guide on the best of the best:

Want a deeper dive on each tool and the best offer for each? Coming right up.



Best for

Most sellers

Starting from



Save 10%

A high-quality Amazon PPC management software created by 8- and 9-figure sellers. Its performance insights, campaign creation, and automation rules can help users save a lot of time and money.

My current Amazon PPC tool of choice and one of the fastest-growing tools in the space for a reason. It gives sellers powerful optimization and automation features at a very attractive price point. There is a higher learning curve than with some other tools, but the payoff is worth it.

The team is also rolling out high-quality courses included in your membership to teach you how to get the most out of the software.

  • Algorithms: Rules are compiled into best-practice algorithms with a clear focus, like bidding and keyword harvesting.
  • Strategic Objectives: Made up of a number of interlinking algorithms that give a clear and cohesive account-wide strategy right out of the box.
  • Mass Campaigns: Quickly and easily create pre-optimized campaign structures with automation rules in place. You can also create single keyword campaigns in bulk, which saves time on that particular strategy.

  • Time-saving automation rules
  • Pre-optimized quick-start campaigns
  • Detailed reporting for granular insight
  • High-quality support and tutorials
  • 30-day free trial
  • Steep-ish initial learning curve

SKU-based pricing will be cost-efficient for many brands, particularly those with a low SKU count and high volume.

However, brands with high SKU counts can hand-pick SKUs for automation to keep costs down.

  • 30-day free trial (no credit card needed)
  • Plans start at $78/month for 5 automated ASINs

Special offerSave 10% with our exclusive discount



Best for

Automation on a budget

Starting from

2.9% of ad spend


Free Trial

Carbon 6’s leading PPC tool offers everything you need in a reliable software solution. Create, optimize, and automate campaigns from right within your dashboard to avoid trips to Campaign Manager altogether.

It helps you save time with bulk management across campaigns with its ‘Bulk Engine’. This gives you the flexibility you need to optimize and expand campaigns quickly and easily.

You’ll be able to scale Amazon ads faster with easy-to-use automation built for growing brands looking for peak Amazon advertising performance in as little time as possible. Detailed analytics then help you quickly identify issues and make necessary campaign adjustments.

  • Bulk management: The Bulk Engine tool enables you to manage campaigns en masse inside the tool and saves valuable time going in and out of Campaign Manager.
  • Advanced optimization automation: Automated keyword bidding rules are just the start with powerful rules and automations available to create highly optimized campaign flows.

  • Flexible pricing with no minimum charge
  • Clean, beginner-friendly user interface
  • Edit bids, budgets, and targeting within the tool
  • Developing new features regularly
  • Hands-on support from tool creators
  • High-spend accounts may find cheaper options

  • Pay as you grow: 2.9% of ad spend with no minimum charge



Best for

Helium 10 users

Starting from



Save 20%

Helium 10 — arguably the leading suite of Amazon seller tools — includes in your subscription Adtomic, a powerful Amazon PPC automation software.

It provides a very slick user interface and allows you to analyze PPC performance, create keyword bidding and harvesting rules, and apply rules either with automation or manually to give you a little more control and insight.

The main downside of Adtomic is the extra cost on top of your Helium 10 subscription which means it will most appeal to sellers looking to keep everything in one place and avoid multiple tool subscriptions.

  • Deep-Dive Analytics: Get detailed insights into PPC performance in the Analytics section of Adtomic. Break performance down by portfolio, campaign, ad group, product, keyword, and search term to get granular, actionable reporting.
  • Smart Templates: Adtomic provides three different templates and custom bid algorithms designed to cater for a wide range of business goals and levels of campaign management experience.

  • Modern, easy-to-use interface
  • Suite of 30+ tools keeps everything in one place
  • Detailed analytics to track performance
  • Easy to create rule automations
  • Automation features come at extra cost
  • Lots of tools means less dedicated focus on PPC

  • Add-on: Add Adtomic to a Platinum ($99/mo) or Diamond ($279/mo) plan for $199/mo
  • Bundles: Adtomic is included in the Diamond/Adtomic and ‘Supercharge Your Brand’ bundles
  • Note: Any spend over $10k/month will incur an extra 2% fee.

Special offerSave 10% for life, or 20% for 6 months.



Best for

Managed services

Starting from



Save 40%

An excellent option for large brands looking to scale with automation thanks to its six patented algorithms. Used by some of the largest Amazon aggregators across many brands—a big seal of approval.

Set your goals, and Quartile will optimize campaigns down to the product and keyword level and allow you to blend cross-channel e-commerce marketing campaigns via one platform.

Plus: You get access to a dedicated client success manager and a team of over 300 certified professionals, making Quartile the perfect middle ground between agency and DIY at an affordable price point.

  • Algorithms: Quartile’s patented algorithms make real-time keyword adjustments around the clock to ensure your campaigns are always optimized far beyond the capabilities of a manual approach.
  • Versa: A recent addition to Quartile, Versa gives more flexibility and allows you to select your desired campaign structure rather than forcing you to use defined structures if your business requires something different.
  • Multi-Channel: Quartile has developed solutions for every major marketplace allowing you to manage advertising for search, marketplaces, and social all in one place.

  • Advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Real-time keyword optimization to increase profit
  • Hands-off, managed solution
  • Scalable across multiple channels
  • Price means it’s only suitable for $20k/mo+ revenue brands

  • Managed plans start at $895/month

Special offerSave 40% for 3 months



Best for

Existing Jungle Scout users

Starting from



Save 35%

A combination of a high-level analytics tool within the Jungle Scout platform and its partner software solution for larger brands make this a good option from one of the most trusted names in the space.

Having resisted the temptation to develop its own fully-fledged Amazon PPC tool for many years, the Jungle Scout suite now offers ‘Advertising Analytics’, a comprehensive tool that aggregates Seller Central and Campaign Manager data to help sellers evaluate PPC performance.

You can analyze advertising profitability with metrics and data visualizations at a company, ASIN, and campaign level. While it lacks Amazon ads automation features, it is a useful tool for existing Jungle Scout users. As your brand grows, you can always explore the partner options with Jungle Scout Cobalt for further functionality.

  • High-level insights: View advertising metrics with customizable widgets and a company-wide waterfall chart to understand the profitability of your ad strategy.
  • Organized ad metrics: Analyze multiple campaign metrics on a single page with a customizable interface. Switch between multiple views like top campaigns, products, and ad groups, and pinpoint relevant keywords and search terms to integrate into your ads.

  • Detailed reporting on key analytics
  • Clean, modern user interface
  • Accurate data
  • Regular updates
  • Advanced features require extra subscription

  • Suite: $49/month billed annually
  • Professional: $84/month billed annually

Special offerSave 35%



Best for

Growing multi-channel brands

Starting from



Free Trial

Teikametrics aims to help take the guesswork out of selling with fully connected, multi-channel data insights. 

Its Flywheel 2.0 functionality allows you to completely automate your key advertising tasks to maximize every dollar spent on Amazon, Walmart, and the recently added Target.

The AI-powered tech is designed to do the heavy lifting so you can get back to doing what you do best in your business.

Teikametrics is one of several PPC management software options that offer both the software tool to users and Amazon PPC management services, allowing business owners to take a hands-off approach to Amazon advertising.

  • Flywheel 2.0: Flywheel AI fully optimizes your advertising funnel on Amazon & Walmart. With AI-powered and product-first campaign creation, automated targeting, and hourly bidding, every ad dollar is deployed to maximize sales and growth.
  • Single source of truth: See an aggregated view of your combined marketplace sales, advertising, inventory, and profitability performance. Track performance over time and make smarter decisions with product-level profitability data.

  • Multi-channel functionality includes Walmart
  • Free plan gives taster of the tool
  • Automated campaign creation & bidding workflows
  • Results-driven ad management available
  • Price point may restrict some sellers

  • $199/month: up to $5k/mo advertising spend
  • $499/month: up to $10k/mo advertising spend
  • $499/month + 3% of ad spend: above $10k/month advertising spend



Best for

Viral Launch users

Starting from



Free Trial

Kinetic is a solid tool with all the functionality you’d expect at its price point. Its easy-to-create rules allow you to pick which recurring actions you want the tool to perform to keep your ads profitable.

You can tweak existing templates or create your own rules, so you know exactly what’s happening and aren’t tied to cookie-cutter setups. You have the option to let the rules run automatically or manually approve each action; so you’re in control the whole time.

The flat rate pricing model also means there are no surprise charges and the more revenue you generate the more cost-effective the tool becomes.

  • Integrated research tools: Add the best keywords to your campaigns with integrated search and tracking data
  • Safety checks: Let rules run automatically or manually approve each action; you’re in control
  • Free 1-1 setup call: Get to know Kinetic and set up your first 5 automations with a trained specialist

  • Detailed reporting on key analytics
  • Clean, modern user interface
  • Accurate data
  • Regular updates
  • Advanced features require extra subscription

  • $199/month. To access Kinetic you will need the ‘Pro Plus Ads’ plan. This is a flat rate regardless of ad spend so it gets more efficient as you scale.



Best for

Low budgets

Starting from



Free Trial

Sellerboard’s main offering is a powerful profits dashboard, but it also features Amazon PPC software with some automation features allowing you to set a target ACOS and have rules applied to keyword bids to help meet your ACOS goals.

Plus it features keyword harvesting functionality meaning your campaigns will continually be using PPC data to find and prioritize the best keywords.

The PPC features are less comprehensive than other tools, but the team are quickly adding new features and it is getting better all the time — and at a great price point.

  • Analytics: Get a closer view of your Pay Per Click KPIs for every campaign, ad group, and keyword.
  • Automation: Automate your bid optimization based on target profitability or ACOS. Harvest profitable keywords and exclude poorly performing ones from your campaigns.

  • Very affordable software solution
  • Suite of tools for various functions
  • Accurate and detailed analytics
  • Long-standing, reliable tool
  • PPC features aren’t as advanced as other options

  • Standard: $15/month billed annually (up to 3,000 orders/month)
  • Professional: $23/month billed annually (up to 6,000 orders/month)
  • Business: $31/month billed annually (up to 15,000 orders/month)

  • Sellozo: Sellozo has an automated Amazon product ads management tool that manages Amazon advertising in a way that enables you to grow your sales and profitability by lowering your ACOS. It also offers managed services for those sellers looking to outsource the Amazon PPC process.
  • Perpetua: A robust toolset that helps sellers automate Amazon advertising across many campaign types and formats. Trusted by a number of large PPC agencies.
  • Zon.Tools: A good solution for new sellers or those on a budget. A flexible pricing model combined with a variety of features makes this a cost-effective option for a dedicated Amazon PPC tool.
  • Ad Badger: A powerful Amazon PPC management solution that helps analyze, automate, and optimize your Amazon campaigns around the clock and is one of the more proven and trusted names in the Amazon PPC software space.
  • BidX: BidX is an Amazon-certified partner and member of its Solution Provider Network. It provides a high-quality platform with a good UX design. From keyword research to campaign creation and performance optimization, BidX covers all the bases an Amazon seller would look for in a tool to improve Amazon PPC advertising performance.
  • SellerApp: Another suite of tools that has a PPC tool included and, as such, presents good value for money. The PPC tool has all the features you’d expect from an analysis and optimization standpoint and has some automation features too. It covers a wide range of Amazon global marketplaces, too.
  • Ignite by SellerLabs: Ignite helps you build your advertising strategy and optimize your PPC ads with AI-powered PPC analytics. The goal, like many of the Amazon advertising software tools mentioned, is to help you set, meet, and exceed your advertising goals with automated suggestions by machine learning algorithms.
  • Trellis: Used by leading brands like Adidas and Unilever, and currently has over 2 million products managed under its advertising platform. It has solutions for growing and established brands, but the pricing tiers mean this is best suited to brands spending at least $5,000 per month on Amazon Ads.
  • Seller.Tools: The Amazon PPC tool in the Seller.Tools suite mostly focuses on automation aspects—an area the suite excels in. Users can set Amazon PPC campaigns to run with bid management automation and automatically remove any search terms that aren’t converting well.
  • Pacvue: Pacvue bills itself as a complete software solution for eCommerce businesses, allowing them to manage advertising across a range of platforms. This makes it an Amazon advertising tool more suited to large brands scaling on multiple channels, but not ideal for small to medium-sized Amazon sellers.
  • Profit Whales: Profit Whales combines Amazon advertising expertise and marketing practices to scale Amazon PPC advertising. They are more of an Amazon paid ads management service than a tool, but they do have a proprietary PPC management tool.
  • AdRazor: The flat fee plan gives you the ability to manage an unlimited number of PPC campaigns, search terms, and ASINs with daily data updates from the Amazon API. It offers helpful color coding of ACOS data and a visual 12-month performance history for all search terms allowing you to quickly and easily optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns.
  • PPC Ninja: PPC Ninja is an Amazon Ads partner that offers Amazon PPC software along with managed services. The Excel-like user interface makes it easy to get started, especially for those who have been managing PPC with search term reports.

How to choose an Amazon PPC tool

With so many Amazon advertising tools on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for your business.

When making your choice, you should keep on four key aspects:

1. Features

First and foremost, it all comes down to what the tool can do.

Features to keep an eye out for are:

  • Detailed Reporting: In-depth analytics are crucial for optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns, and the best tools will clearly display this information within their dashboard to avoid having to go into Seller Central.
  • Campaign Creation: A good Amazon PPC strategy involves creating a range of different campaign types and tools that can automate the creation of these campaigns can save a lot of time.
  • Bid Optimization: Having the ability to set up rules and automations is a huge part of how Amazon PPC software can help optimize and scale your advertising efforts. Aim to find tools that allow you to set parameters for metrics like ACOS and adjust bids accordingly.
  • Keyword Harvesting: Being able to automate the negating and promoting of keywords amongst campaigns can really help with keyword and campaign management while saving a ton of time.

2. Ease of use

Next, you also want to look for tools that aren’t overly difficult to use.

Amazon PPC can be complex, so the tools you use won’t always be the simplest. However the best tools will overcome some of that complexity with a good user interface and well laid out functionality.

3. Value for money

Any marketing spend in your Amazon business needs to have a return on investment, and tools should be considered just that—an investment, rather than simply an expense.

However, you need to ensure you’re getting maximum value for your money, so you should weigh up the costs against the benefits.

Different tools price in different ways, most commonly:

  • A percentage of ad spend
  • A fixed fee
  • A combination of the above

For example, tools like PPC Entourage and Teikametrics price on a percentage of ad spend. PPC Entourage is particularly good value for money for lower ad spend (under $5k/month) as there is no minimum monthly fee.

Tools like Quartile, Sellerboard, and Kinetic have a fixed fee pricing model. Some (like Sellerboard and Kinetic) remain fixed regardless of ad spend, whereas others like Quartile will move up in tiers based on your monthly ad spend.

Finally, tools like Adtomic by Helium 10 have a fixed base-level price and a fee based on a percentage of ad spend (this only applies to over $10k/monthly ad spend with Helium 10).

However, our top pick, Scale Insights, has a unique pricing model in that it charges by ASINs automated.

You can automate up to 5 ASINs for just $78/month (or $70/month with the 10% discount they kindly offer our readers), regardless of ad spend.

This is especially good value for sellers with high volume products…

…but really provides what we feel is the best bang for the buck in the industry, regardless of the size of your business.

4. Support

Finally, the support a tool offers can be a make-or-break factor.

Each of the top tools we’ve tested and recommended offers email support and detailed tutorials to make sure you get the hang of things quickly.

Once again though, Scale Insights does stand out from its competitors with its very active Facebook group.

What makes the group unique is how active the creators of the tool are. Given they are 8 and 9-figure Amazon sellers themselves, it’s invaluable support.

scale insights facebook group

Amazon PPC Software FAQs

Amazon PPC management software tools are programs developed to save users time by automating otherwise cumbersome tasks like pulling spreadsheets, applying keyword bid adjustments, and creating new Amazon advertising PPC campaigns.

We compiled this list using:

  • Personal experience: All of our reviews and roundups of the best Amazon seller tools are written by humans who’ve spent much of their eCommerce journey using and testing various software tools. We spend hours every week using and testing tools for our own businesses and this helps us form opinions on what works well.
  • Community feedback: We also source opinions from our large community of Amazon sellers and eCommerce operators to make sure there is a full range of opinions.
  • Expert insight: We regularly interview industry experts on our podcast and for our articles, and often asked what tools they are using and recommend.

Some links within our content may be affiliate links, whereby if you make a purchase after clicking we might earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This does not affect our reviews as we only ever recommend products we know and approve of.

Most Amazon PPC software and tools will require a paid subscription to let you start managing advertising campaigns. However many offer free trials. The most generous free trial is offered by Scale Insights which includes full, unlimited access for 30 days with no credit card required. Find out more here.

Amazon advertising PPC AI is a subject that gets a lot of debate. Some will say it’s worthwhile, some will say you’re better off manually carrying out Amazon advertising bulk operations. The reality is, the AI being used by Amazon Sponsored Ads management tools is relatively simplistic using ‘if this then that’ rule-sets. For example, if ACOS hits 40%, then reduce bids by 10%. The key is the time-saving you can gain by letting AI run this to automate Amazon advertising rather than it taking up a lot of human time.

Yes, you can manage Amazon PPC campaigns without a tool. You can access search term reports in Seller Central to analyze your data and then make the necessary bid and keyword adjustments manually in Campaign Manager. However, most growing Amazon sellers find an Amazon product ads management tool speeds up their workflow helping them save time and grow PPC sales.

Of course, Amazon Ads software can help with growing sales, but succeeding with Amazon PPC is also about learning the fundamentals and staying consistent in applying them week in and week out. There are no secret hacks, just consistent good practices like listing optimization, keyword research and campaign management. If you’d like more guidance, check out our step-by-step PPC course.

What is the best Amazon advertising software?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to Amazon PPC tools, and choosing the best Amazon PPC management software option for your business very much depends on two factors:

  • Budget: Ideally, you don’t want to be spending more than 5-10% of your ad spend on a PPC optimization tool or service.
  • Goals: Are you looking for simple reporting? Advanced automations? Full account management?

Depending on the above, our best recommendations are:

  • Scale Insights (top pick) for most sellers looking for advanced rule-based automation and optimized campaign creation
  • PPC Entourage for budget-conscious sellers looking for advanced features with flexible pricing
  • Adtomic for existing Helium 10 users looking for maximum value from their subscription
  • Quartile for large brands and agencies looking for high-level automation and scalability

We hope you’ve found this review of the best Amazon PPC tools helpful in finding the best Amazon PPC software for your business.

Ben Donovan


Ben Donovan
Ben is the founder of Brand Builder University and has a passion for helping normal everyday people create financial freedom by building successful eCommerce businesses. He lives in Manchester, UK with his wife and 2 children and loves to play sport and watch continual re-runs of The Office (US version, obviously).


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