If you’re an Amazon seller, then you know that Pay-Per-Click advertising is a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

PPC helps you reach more customers and sell more products, but it can be difficult to manage all of the different campaigns and ads yourself.

That’s where Amazon PPC tools come in. These software tools automate many of the tasks involved in PPC, making it easier for you to achieve your marketing goals.

In this guide, we’ll review the best Amazon PPC software tools available and explain how they can help you grow your business.

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#1: Sellics Our TOP pick

Sellics is one of the longest-standing and most trusted tools in the Amazon space.

Whilst the Sellics platform features a variety of tools, its Amazon PPC management software has become a clear focus in recent times and the quality of the tool is evidence of that.

Key Features

The Sellics Benchmarker is a free reporting tool that analyzes your Amazon PPC campaigns and ‘benchmarks’ them against competitors in your category.

This is incredibly useful as average ACOS, click-through rate, conversion rate and cost per click can all vary from category to category.

If you take an industry-wide standard of 30% as you target ACOS for instance, but your top competitors are running at 35-40% ACOS then you may not be taking an aggressive enough approach to compete.

This free report will give you fascinating, actionable insight into your current Amazon PPC performance and is sent to you each month, allowing you to compare month-on-month trends and see clear opportunities for improvement.

Check out a full walkthrough I did on YouTube right here:

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Beyond the Benchmarker, Sellics have a range of plans to help optimize and automate your PPC. Included in these plans is the best-in-class Amazon advertising software platform.

Inside the platform, you can quickly see how each of your campaigns is performing for any active marketplace.

Sellics Smart Campaigns allow you to quickly and easily set up PPC campaigns with the recommended structure, and best practice automation rules.

The automation within Sellics is one of its best features and can save you a significant amount of time.

The software will continually check campaigns and keywords for opportunities to optimize within the parameters of the rules you set.

This means you can set a target ACOS and tell the system how aggressive you want it to be on managing keyword bids, and it will automatically adjust up or down in relation to your actual ACOS vs your target ACOS.

You can also automate the process of keyword harvesting – a crucial strategy for sellers looking to scale their Amazon PPC campaigns.

This functionality allows you to again set clear parameters and have the software automatically carry out functions such as moving high-converting keywords from auto and broad campaigns into exact match campaigns designed for higher budgets.

It can also automate the process of removing non-converting search terms to ensure your ad spend is as efficient as possible.

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The Benchmarker tool is free to use, and the full Amazon PPC software package also has a free trial. If you decide to upgrade to full use and automation, plans start at €259/month.


Sellics Benchmarker


A must-have free Amazon PPC analysis tool that benchmarks your performance against your direct competitors. Having analyzed over $3 billion in ad spend, this report helps you quickly identify opportunities for growth & optimization.

#2: Helium 10 Adtomic

Helium 10 excels in pretty much every area it enters, and PPC tools are no different.

What started out as the ‘ADS’ tool later evolved into Adtomic with a host of additional features and improved functionality.

Key Features

Adtomic comes as part of the full Helium 10 suite of tools and as such is a great value-add for existing subscribers.

But is it a solid option when assessing as a stand-alone tool? We think so.

Adtomic provides a very slick user interface and allows you to analyze PPC performance, create keyword bidding and harvesting rules, and apply rules either manually or with automation.

You can quickly and easily set up new PPC campaigns structured for growth and that set in place rules for ongoing optimization.

The rule automation functionality is very flexible giving you complete control over campaign management and PPC optimization.

The flexibility also carries through to the actions carried out based upon given rules. You can either set them to automatically make changes or if you prefer a little more visibility you can choose to manually check each suggestion.

This is perfect when launching new products in your Amazon business as you can keep a close eye on things and ensure the algorithm is 100% accurate.


Given Helium 10’s focus on a wide range of tools, there could be an argument that tools purely dedicated to PPC management will excel further, but you’ll be hard pushed to find better value for money whilst also having access to a very robust tool.

There are two main options for Helium 10 plans.

The Platinum Plan is $99/month and includes limited access to Adtomic. You can use the tool to analyze your campaigns, but you won’t be able to use the automation functionality.

The Diamond Plan is $249/month and includes full access to all Adtomic features up to $20k/month in ad spend – there will be an additional 2% charge on ad spend over $20k.

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#3: Teikametrics

Teikametrics is an AI-powered advertising platform designed to connect, optimize, and grow your business on Amazon, Walmart.com, and beyond.

Key Features

Teikametrics aims to help take the guesswork out of selling with fully connected, multi-channel data insights.

Its Flywheel 2.0 functionality allows you to completely automate your key advertising tasks to maximize every dollar spent on Amazon & Walmart.

The AI-powered tech is designed to do the heavy lifting so you can get back to doing what you do best in your Amazon business.

Teikametrics are one of a number of PPC management software options that offer both the software tool to users and also Amazon PPC management services allowing business owners to take a hands-off approach to Amazon advertising.


You can start with a free plan up to $10k/month and pay 3% of monthly ad spend beyond that point.

#4: Sellerboard

Sellerboard is a suite of analytical and data-driven tools designed to help Amazon sellers make better decisions to grow their business.

Whilst its main tool is a very accurate profits dashboard, Sellerboard also offers support with Amazon PPC management.

Key Features

The Sellerboard PPC tool offers four main features.

Firstly, a clear and accurate PPC profit and loss dashboard so you can assess the effectiveness of your ad spend quickly and easily.

Next, it also has automated bid optimization functionality allowing you to set a target ACOS and have the system automatically adjust bids to meet your ACOS goals.

In addition, it also features keyword harvesting functionality meaning your campaigns will continually be using PPC data to find and prioritize the best keywords.

Finally, with any of these features, you have the option of manual approval or placing it on autopilot mode.


Sellerboard usually offers a 1 month’s trial but has been generous enough to provide our readers with two months free.

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If you decide to carry on with your plan, pricing starts at just $15/month.

#5: Downstream by Jungle Scout

Downstream is Amazon PPC management software that aims to help scale your efforts with campaign automation, customizable reporting, and robust team management.

Key Features

Downstream’s AI-powered automation works 24/7 to help you hit your Amazon PPC targets, making your ad budget more intelligent and competitive.

You can track your total Amazon business performance with customizable dashboards, including total sales, out-of-stock, average price, and more.

You can also control how your team members access campaign data with enterprise-grade governance and user controls and get hand-held support from the Downstream team.


Not provided. Demo required to enquire about pricing.

#6: Perpetua

Perpetua is one of the market-leading Amazon PPC management tools with a focus on the more premium end of the market.

It works with large brands and vendors and helps drive growth in many areas of Amazon advertising.

Key Features

Perpetua aims to bring together everything needed to drive profitable market share growth for eCommerce brands.

This includes Marketplace Advertising Optimization, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, and Market Intelligence Reporting.

Perpetua’s ethos is driving results through goals, not campaigns.

It aims to help you save time and money with automated campaign creation, execution and optimization.

You can input your strategic objectives (growth, profitability, brand defence, awareness), and rely on Perpetua’s ad engine to execute tactically.


Starts at $250/month and increases at approx 5% of monthly ad spend.

#7: Seller.tools

Seller.tools is another suite of Amazon seller tools that aims to provide data-driven solutions to help Amazon sellers out-manoeuvre their competition.

Whilst its PPC tool is not its only tool or clear focus, it still provides a robust option for those looking to get full value from the Seller.tools platform.

Key Features

The Amazon PPC tool in the Seller.tools suite mostly focuses on automation aspects – an area the suite, in general, excels in.

Users can set sponsored ads to run with automated bid adjustments and automatically remove any search term that is not converting well.


Plans start at $37/month.

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#8: Quartile

Quartile claims to be “the world’s largest e-commerce cross-channel ad platform.”

It offers a team of over 300 certified professionals along with cutting edge AI technology to help Amazon sellers convert shoppers on every marketing channel.

Key Features

Quartile’s Amazon PPC software consists of six proprietary, machine learning technologies to optimize your e-commerce business across online marketing channels in 48 hours

Set your goals and the system does the rest, optimizing campaigns down to the product and keyword level.

The PPC software tool allows users to blend cross-channel e-commerce marketing campaigns via one platform and gives a dedicated client success manager.


Not provided, demo required to access pricing. Although the website mentions a flat-rate fee structure based on total ad spend with no commissions, add-ons, or extra fees.

#9: PPC Scope

PPC Scope is a lean Amazon PPC software that doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some newer A.I driven tools but is a very cost-effective solution for managing campaigns and running weekly PPC optimization.

Key Features

This Amazon PPC software tool is perfect for anyone without previous PPC knowledge as it will walk you through each of the best-practice optimization steps in turn.

Whilst it won’t automate processes for you, it will quickly aggregate your PPC sales data allowing you to make bid and keyword adjustments in bulk.

It doesn’t give bid management automation or other more advanced features but is also competitively priced for anyone just getting started.


21-day free trial, then plans start from $19.99/month

#10: Profit Whales

Profit Whales combine Amazon advertising expertise and marketing practices to scale Amazon PPC advertising.

They could be classified more as a management service, but do have a proprietary PPC analytics and management tool.

Key Features

Profit Whales use their Amazon PPC experience to work with you to optimize and scale your Amazon advertising campaigns.

They work on a wide range of advertising streams such as Amazon PPC, Amazon DSP, Google ads and Facebook ads.


Not available. Consultation needed for quotes.

#11: Prestozon

Prestozon has been a long-standing name in the PPC software industry but was recently acquired by Helium 10.

Whilst Prestozon users could previously access the tool via Prestozon, this has now ended and anyone looking for this tool will instead need to sign up with Helium 10.

#12: Ad Badger

Ad Badger is a powerful toolset that helps manage, automate, and monitor your Amazon campaigns around the clock.

Featuring a range of tools and the option of various levels of support, Ad Badger is one of the more proven and trusted names in the Amazon PPC software space.

Key Features

There are multiple tools within Ad Badger. The ad manager tool allows users to quickly add new campaigns or keywords directly from inside Ad Badger, just like you would inside Seller Central, but twice as fast.

The keyword bid management tool will adjust keyword bidding every day based on trending data to help you hit your target ACOS.

The negative keyword finder automates the process of finding negative keywords allowing you to remove them from campaigns and ensure your ad spend is as efficient as possible.

The positive keyword finder will then also work on automatic keyword suggestions in the background, allowing you to continually hone in on the highest performing keywords in your sponsored ads campaigns.


Not available. Demo needed for pricing info.

#13: Sellozo

Sellozo is a fully-automated software for Amazon sellers, brands and agencies.

Key Features

Sellozo has an automated Amazon PPC tool that manages Amazon advertising in a way that enables you to grow your sales and profitability by lowering your ACOS.

It also offers managed services for those sellers looking to outsource the Amazon PPC process.


Not available. Demo needed for pricing info.

#14: PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage aims to “help sellers build profitable brands on Amazon by maximizing ad revenue, slashing ACoS and improving profit margins.”

Key Features

PPC Entourage allows you to choose your ad journey. You can use the PPC Entourage tool that helps locate untapped search terms and improve your overall Amazon ads game.

Or if you need a little extra help, you can get coaching from one of PPC Entourage’s Amazon advertisers to help improve ad spend efficiency.

Finally, if you want the hands-off approach, PPC Entourage also offers a hands-off option with their campaign management service.


2.9% of monthly ad spend.

#15: PPC Ninja

PPC Ninja is an Amazon Ads partner that offers Amazon PPC software along with managed services.

Key Features

The PPC Ninja tool provides daily bid recommendations in your PPC dashboard, helps discover new keywords and also helps find bleeding keywords for negative keyword optimization. 

The software automatically downloads your Search Term Reports and allows 50+ bulk operations without any .csv, meanwhile having an Excel-like user interface to sort data in many ways.

It supports Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand Ads, Sponsored Brands Video and Sponsored Display Ads.

Finally, it works in all available Amazon markets – Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, and the Netherlands.


Starts at $99/month.

#16: Revenue Wize

Revenue Wize is a tool that aims to simplify Amazon campaign management to eliminate wasted ad spend and uncover hidden potential.

Key Features

Revenue Wize’s reporting tool gives you everything you need to make smart decisions whilst allowing you to stop relying on spreadsheets or Seller Central.

Unlike other tools that utilize AI functions such as negative keyword automation, Revenue Wize aims to give you full control to achieve optimal results.


Starts at $119/mo.

#17: Seller App

SellerApp is a wide randing Amazon PPC tool that also offers marketing, analytics, and managed services.

Key Features

One of the few tools to lead with the concept of dayparting – smart ad scheduling – SellerApp is an advanced tool at affordable pricing.

It offers keyword discovery tools, and functionality to help you manage ad campaigns with insights into how each PPC campaign is performing at any given time.

With this suite of tools, Amazon sellers also get access to a range of additional tools such as listing optimization features, keyword research tools, and more great features to help with your PPC ads.


Free plan, with more features opening up from $39/month.

#18: Zon.Tools

Powered by proprietary A.I. technology, ZonTools automatically and continuously optimizes your PPC campaigns, allowing you to grow your sales profitably while freeing up countless hours of your time.

Key Features

ZonTools is an all-in-one Amazon PPC software that integrates with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brands.

It allows users to manage Amazon PPC inside Seller Central and also uniquely Merch by Amazon!


Starts at $9/month.

#19: BidX

BidX is another Amazon PPC software tool that gives Amazon sellers, vendors and agency full automation of their Amazon ads.

Key Features

BidX is a certified partner of Amazon as a member of its Solution Provider Network and provides a high-quality platform with a good UX design.

From keyword research to campaign creation and performance optimization, BidX aims to provide everything an Amazon seller needs to improve Amazon PPC advertising performance.


Starts at €149/month.

#20: Ignite by SellerLabs

SellerLabs is one of the longest standing Amazon PPC software tools in the space and is a robust option for any Amazon seller looking to optimize ad campaigns.

Key Features

Ignite helps you build your advertising strategy and optimize your PPC ads with A.I.-powered PPC analytics.

The goal, like many of the PPC tools mentioned, is to help you set, meet, and exceed your advertising goals with automated suggestions by machine learning algorithms.


Starts at $49/month.

#21: Trendle

The Trendle team have 11+ years experience selling and advertising on Amazon marketplaces worldwide, and work with you to review your account and help you grow Amazon advertising PPC revenues and profits.


Starts at a $300 one time fee.

So there you have it, the best Amazon PPC tools available on the market right now.

Take a look at those that are a good fit, and if you have any feedback on any of the tools, please do get in touch!

And if you’re looking to level up your Amazon PPC game, check out our free PPC training here.