A good Amazon PPC software tool will save you a lot of time whilst also driving strong growth in your Amazon business. 

But not every tool is right for every seller, and choosing the wrong one can actually be a net negative for your business.

So, in the remainder of this guide, I’ll break down the pros and cons of the most popular Amazon PPC software tools so you can quickly and easily see which ones are best for your circumstances.

I personally manage over $20,000 in monthly Amazon PPC ads spend across my brands, so you can be assured these reviews come from someone who has geeked out over this stuff… a lot!

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How to choose the best Amazon PPC software tool

Choosing the right Amazon PPC tool depends on the individual circumstances of your unique business.

The main decision factors come down to budget and functionality.

With so many options coming to the market, you can whittle down to what the best options for your business are by asking these two questions:

1. How much am I willing to spend?

Thankfully, our #1 recommended tool is free and helps sellers at every budget level.

However, if you want to go beyond reporting into the realms of automation and advanced analytics you will need to invest.

How much you should spend of course will depend on your current revenue and your revenue goals. 

Ideally, you don’t want to be spending much more than 5% of your ad spend on a self-service tool – especially at scale.

Then, for more of a managed service, try and keep it to around 10% of your ad spend at maximum.

Obviously, if you’re targeting growth you may want to factor these numbers into more of a goal percentage over say a three-month period.

Once you’ve settled on a budget, it’s all about features.

2. What features am I looking for? 

Essentially there are three main features Amazon sellers use PPC tools for.

To analyze, optimize, and automate.

A good tool will certainly help you analyze campaign performance by summarizing the often hard-to-interpret data found in Seller Central. 

Then it should help you optimize those campaigns with in-tool bid changes, keyword movements, and campaign management.

Finally, some tools will allow you to automate the above optimizations with the goal of letting you ‘set and forget’ your PPC campaigns.

By understanding both the budget you’re willing to invest and the feature set you’re looking for, you should be able to get a clear sense from the remainder of this guide as to what might be the best options for you.

So, as you read through why not make a shortlist of your favorites and then investigate them more thoroughly.

Ok, let’s get into the tools! 

#1: Perpetua Benchmarker

SBB Placeholder Logo 1 (Dark)

Quick Verdict

The Benchmarker should be the first PPC tool every Amazon seller uses, no matter your budget or spend. Free monthly reports giving insightful and actionable data points – a true no-brainer.

4.9 out of 5
Best ForAll Sellers
PromotionIt’s Free!

Who is this for?

The Benchmarker report is for any Amazon seller running PPC campaigns, no matter their budget. It’s free and sends a monthly performance report so literally every Amazon seller should get it.

Why we like it

The Perpetua Benchmarker is a free reporting tool that analyzes your Amazon PPC campaigns and ‘benchmarks’ them against competitors in your category.

The Perpetua Benchmarker Performance Funnel

This is incredibly useful as average ACOS, click-through rate, conversion rate and cost per click can all vary from category to category.

If you take an industry-wide standard of 30% as you target ACOS for instance, but your top competitors are running at 35-40% ACOS then you may not be taking an aggressive enough approach to compete.

Essentially, without your own unique Benchmarker Report, you’re flying blind against your competition.

Best yet, this free report is sent to you each month, allowing you to compare month-on-month trends and see clear opportunities for improvement.

Check out a full walkthrough I did on YouTube right here:

And you’ll find a full written review of the Benchmarker here.


This tool won’t give you granular information like individual keyword data, or allow you to adjust bids and budgets. To do those things you’ll need to invest in a paid option like the next tools in our list.


FREE! (Not sure if I mentioned that yet…)

#2: Scale Insights

Quick Verdict

Scale Insights is one of the fastest-growing Amazon PPC tools for a reason. It gives sellers powerful optimization and automation features at a very attractive price point. There is a higher learning curve than some other tools, but the payoff is worth it.

4.9 out of 5
Best ForHands-On Sellers
PriceFrom $78/month
Promotion30-Day Free, 10% Discount

Scale Insights is an affordable solution for Amazon PPC management software that is quickly growing its market share for good reason.

Created by 8 & 9-figure sellers, the performance insights, campaign creation, and automation rules can help save a lot of time and money.

Who is this for?

Sellers looking to explore Amazon PPC automation for the first time at a very affordable price, but willing to invest time in learning the tool.

The SKU-based pricing means it will be most cost-efficient for low SKU count, and high volume brands. However, brands with high SKU counts can hand-pick SKUs for automation to keep costs down.

Why we like it

I’ve been using Scale Insights as my chosen PPC management tool for several months now and so far after running nearly 6-figures in ad spend through the software, I’m very impressed.

The user interface is not as clean and modern as some tools which can make it seem a little daunting at first.

As someone who has been using Amazon PPC software for 5+ years, I still found it a bit overwhelming to begin with.

But, once you get to grips with the software you realize just how powerful it is.

The tool is divided into a number of sections:

scale insights menu

I haven’t spent too much time in the Sales, Products, and Restock Forecasting sections beyond the initial product costs set up to help calculate profitability, but they will certainly be useful if you aren’t using other tools for these functions.

I am in the Ads Insights section every day, however, and find the granular breakdown of performance very helpful. Here’s a snapshot of some of my recent performance using the tool:

scale insights performance

The Automation section gives access to a vast range of bidding and keyword harvesting rules to help reduce your advertising cost and grow margins. 

There are a lot of these, and it will take a bit of time to understand how they all work together. But, once set up, I’ve found them to be very reliable and effective at reducing my ACOS.

Then the Mass Campaigns section is very useful for creating bulk auto campaigns (a unique strategy introduced to me by the Scale Insights team) and single keyword campaigns (saving so much time on this strategy particularly).

Scale Insights also has a lot of features on its roadmap and an active Facebook group with regular high-level PPC discussions.

Further Reading


The only limitation I’ve found is in the initial learning phase. There is a steeper learning curve than with most PPC tools, and the user interface feels less intuitive than some.

If you want to just subscribe to a tool/service and not give it much more thought, this isn’t the tool for you. But if you can invest the time in learning it, it’s well worth it.


Free 30-day trial (no credit card needed).

Plans start at just $78/month for 5 fully automated ASINs, and you can save 10% with our exclusive discount here.

#3: Helium 10 Adtomic

Quick Verdict

Helium 10 is the leading suite of Amazon seller tools for a reason. Included in your subscription is a powerful Amazon PPC automation software making the suite of tools both very useful and good value for money.

4.9 out of 5
Best ForValue For Money
PriceFrom $99/month
Promotion20% Discount

Who is this for?

Sellers of all sizes. The plans are reasonably priced and the suite has essential tools for new sellers but has plenty of advanced features that you can grow into over time.

Why we like it

Helium 10 excels in pretty much every area it enters, and PPC tools are no different.

What started out as the ‘ADS’ tool later evolved into Adtomic with a host of additional features and improved functionality.

Adtomic comes as part of the full Helium 10 suite of tools and as such is a great value-add for existing subscribers.

But is it a solid option when assessing as a stand-alone tool? We think so.

Adtomic provides a very slick user interface and allows you to analyze PPC performance, create keyword bidding and harvesting rules, and apply rules either manually or with automation.

the helium 10 adtomic dashboard
Helium 10 Adtomic Dashboard

You can quickly and easily set up new Amazon PPC campaigns structured for growth and set in place rules for ongoing optimization.

The rule automation functionality is very flexible giving you complete control over campaign management and PPC optimization.

The flexibility also carries through to the actions carried out based upon given rules. You can either set them to automatically make changes or if you prefer a little more visibility you can choose to manually check each suggestion.

This is perfect when launching new products in your Amazon business as you can keep a close eye on things and ensure the suggestion algorithm is 100% accurate.


Given Helium 10’s focus on a wide range of tools, there could be an argument that tools purely dedicated to PPC management will excel further, but you’ll be hard-pushed to find better value for money whilst also having access to a very robust tool.


Plans with Adtomic access start at $99/month.

The Diamond Plan at $249/month gives the most functionality with access to all Adtomic features up to $20k/month in ad spend – there will be an additional 2% charge on ad spend over $20k.

The good news is that you can get a 10% discount for life or 20% off your first six months.

#4: Zon.Tools

Quick Verdict

Zon.Tools is a great solution for new sellers or those on a budget. With its flexible pricing model combined with a valuable feature set, if you’re looking for a dedicated PPC tool at a reasonable price, this is perfect for you.

4.8 out of 5
Best ForBudget Friendly
PriceFrom $9/month
Promotion30-Day $1 Trial

Who is this for?

Sellers looking to dip their toes into the world of Amazon PPC automation without wanting to pay high subscriptions, or without the need of other tools you’d get in an all-in-one suite.

Why we like it

Zon.Tools has arguably the best mix of high-powered functionality with relatively low pricing of any dedicated Amazon PPC tool in the space.

It’s an Amazon PPC software that integrates with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Brand ads.

It allows users to manage Amazon PPC inside Seller Central and also uniquely Merch by Amazon!


Zon.Tools is dedicated to Amazon PPC and as your spend grows so will the cost. So as you grow you may find it more cost-effective to use more of an all-in-one solution.


The pay-as-you-grow model starts at just $9/month for ad spend of up to $500 per month and grows gradually from there.

If you were spending $5,000 per month for example (which should generate $25,000-$50,000 in advertising revenue) your subscription would be just $25 for the basic plan or $89 for the upgraded plan with keyword automation functionality.

#5: Quartile

Quick Verdict

Quartile is an excellent option for large brands looking to scale with automation thanks to its patented algorithms. It’s also used by one of the largest Amazon aggregators Thrasio which is a big seal of approval.

4.8 out of 5
Best ForLarge Businesses
PriceFrom $895/month
Promotion55% Discount

Who is this for?

Large brands spending at least $3,000 per month on Amazon PPC and looking for a more hands-off approach to scaling advertising campaigns without having to hire an expensive agency.

Why we like it

Quartile’s Amazon PPC automation tool consists of six proprietary, machine-learning technologies that allow you to set your goals and leave the system to do the rest.

It optimizes campaigns down to the product and keyword level and allows users to blend cross-channel e-commerce marketing campaigns via one platform.

You get access to a dedicated client success manager and a team of over 300 certified professionals.

The combination of cutting-edge AI technology and high-level support teams is what keeps large aggregators like Thrasio coming back to Quartile and is a big incentive for large brands looking to scale.


The price points mean this is only really a viable solution for larger brands generating $15,000+ per month.


Starts at $895/month and includes a dedicated support team.

You can access an exclusive 55% discount for your first two months.

#6: Perpetua

Quick Verdict

Perpetua is one of the leading Amazon PPC tools and is trusted by a number of large PPC agencies for good reason. Its robust tool set is perfect for medium-large brands looking to scale with advanced automation.

4.7 out of 5
Best ForGrowing Brands
PriceFrom $250/month
PromotionEnquire Within

Who is this for?

Perpetua has a lot of the advanced automation functionality found in more expensive tools, but with some more intermediate-friendly pricing. 

It’s not the cheapest tool so wouldn’t be the best choice for complete beginners, but is accessible to sellers generating around $5,000 per month and up.

Why we like it

The Perpetua platform is used by large brands, vendors, and Amazon advertising agencies. It’s a well-respected tool in the Amazon space. 

Perpetua aims to bring together everything needed to drive profitable market share growth for eCommerce brands, aiming to help you save time and money with automated campaign creation, execution, and optimization.

One aspect that is unique and refreshing about Perpetua is its ethos of driving results through goals, not campaigns.

So as a seller, you can create specific goals you’re aiming to achieve and then let the software do its magic. 

You can input your strategic objectives (growth, profitability, brand defense, awareness), and rely on Perpetua’s ad engine to execute tactically.


In 2022 Perpetua acquired fellow leading Amazon PPC software company Sellics to form one of the strongest partnerships in the industry.


Price points will mean it is only suitable for established sellers and not suitable for brand-new sellers. 


Starts at $250/month and increases at approx 5% of monthly ad spend.

#7: Kinetic by Viral Launch

Quick Verdict

Viral Launch’s Kinetic is a good quality software that has all the automation features you would expect from a mid-range priced tool. Viral Launch is one of the longest-standing software developers in the space and always creates quality tools.

4.6 out of 5
Best ForGrowing Brands
PromotionFree Trial

Who is this for?

Growing sellers looking to add more automation functionality to their Amazon PPC management.

Why we like it

Kinetic is a solid tool that has all the functionality you’d expect at the price point.

It has easy-to-create rules that allow you to pick which recurring actions you want the tool to perform to keep your ads profitable.

You can tweak existing templates or create your own rules, so you know exactly what’s happening and aren’t tied to cookie-cutter setups.

You have the option to let the rules run automatically or manually approve each action; so you’re in control the whole time.

The flat rate pricing model also means there are no surprise charges and the more revenue you generate the more cost-effective the tool becomes.


The tool itself is very strong, but new sellers may find the pricing plan a little out of reach.


$199/month, free trial available. To access Kinetic you will need the ‘Pro Plus Ads’ plan. This is a flat rate regardless of ad spend so gets more efficient as you scale.

#8: Teikametrics

Quick Verdict

Teikametrics is an AI-powered advertising platform designed to connect, optimize, and grow your business on Amazon, Walmart.com, and beyond. 

4.5 out of 5
Best ForGrowing Multi-Channel Brands
Price3% of Ad Spend
Promotion30-Day Free Trial

Who is this for?

Teikametrics is ideal for sellers looking to grow across multiple channels with its strong offering for Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Why we like it

Teikametrics aims to help take the guesswork out of selling with fully connected, multi-channel data insights. 

Its Flywheel 2.0 functionality allows you to completely automate your key advertising tasks to maximize every dollar spent on Amazon, Walmart, and the recently added Target.

The AI-powered tech is designed to do the heavy lifting so you can get back to doing what you do best in your business.

Teikametrics are one of a number of PPC management software options that offer both the software tool to users and also Amazon PPC management services allowing business owners to take a hands-off approach to Amazon advertising.


The free starter plan is an enticing offer, but the functionality of the free plan will be a bit limiting for some sellers.


3% of ad spend. You can start with a free plan up to $10k/month and pay 3% of monthly ad spend beyond that point. 30-day free trial.

#9: Sellerboard

Quick Verdict

Sellerboard is a growing suite of analytical tools at an affordable price. Its main offering is a powerful profits dashboard but also features Amazon PPC software with some automation features. If you’re looking for a cost-effective suite of tools, Sellerboard is a strong option. 

4.5 out of 5
Best ForNew Sellers
PriceFrom $19/month
Promotion2 Month Free Trial

Who is this for?

Analytical sellers who like to study the numbers, see in-depth breakdowns and want a budget-friendly PPC optimization tool.

Why we like it

Sellerboard’s clear and accurate profit and loss dashboard really helps you assess the effectiveness of your ad spend quickly and easily.

It also has automated bid optimization functionality allowing you to set a target ACOS and have rules applied to keyword bids to help meet your ACOS goals.

Plus it features keyword harvesting functionality meaning your campaigns will continually be using PPC data to find and prioritize the best keywords.


Sellerboard’s PPC tool has the standard optimization features you’d expect to help optimize your Amazon PPC but doesn’t have some of the high-powered automation features you’d be looking for in a more expensive option.


From $15/month. Exclusive enhanced 2-month free trial available (usually 1 month).

#10: Trellis

Trellis is an advanced Amazon advertising solution that takes the guesswork out of eCommerce advertising so that you can target the right customers at every stage of the shopper’s journey and grow profitably.

Who is this for?

Trellis has solutions for growing and established brands, but the pricing tiers mean this is best suited to brands spending at least $5,000 per month on Amazon Ads. It’s also a great solution for agencies and aggregators.

Why we like it

Used by leading brands like Adidas and Unilever, Trellis currently has over 2 million products managed under its advertising platform.

They also boast a vastly experienced team and the coveted Amazon Advertising Partner seal of approval, making Trellis a platform you can trust at scale and depend on in this key area of your business.


Trellis is more of an advanced platform designed to accelerate established brands with existing revenue, and may be out of reach for smaller sellers.


Plans start at $299/month up to $2m in annual revenue.

Other Amazon PPC tools to try

#11: Seller.Tools

Whilst Seller.Tools includes a PPC tool in its higher-level plans, the focus of this suite is more on advanced data-driven analytics and optimization. So it’s a great add-on for existing Seller.Tools users, but not a tool you’d subscribe for on its own.

Who is this for?

This is the ideal solution for advanced sellers who are looking to harness the unique power of the Seller.Tools suite, but who would like a PPC tool included in that subscription to save on costs. 

Why we like it

The Amazon PPC tool in the Seller.Tools suite mostly focuses on automation aspects – an area the suite, in general, excels.

Users can set Amazon PPC campaigns to run with bid management automation and automatically remove any search terms that aren’t converting well.


Much of the development around Seller.Tools in recent years has been around its analytics and optimization tools so the Amazon PPC software hasn’t been a development priority.


PPC plans start at $117/month.

#12: Pacvue

Pacvue bills itself as a complete software solution for eCommerce businesses allowing them to manage advertising across a range of platforms. This makes it more suited to large brands scaling on multiple channels, but not ideal for small to medium-sized Amazon sellers.

Who is this for?

Large brands looking to optimize advertising across multiple platforms.

Why we like it

Pacvue is part of the same parent company as Helium 10 and as such is operated by a great team who are building a great product.

The multi-channel features will be an asset for large brands looking to take an existing eCommerce operation into new marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart.

It also features support for platforms like Instacart, Criteo, and CitrusAd which few other tools are doing.


A higher barrier to entry with the price point and complexity of managing multiple channels.


Not disclosed.

#13: Seller App

SellerApp helps users analyze, optimize, and automate Amazon PPC campaigns in a number of global Amazon marketplaces in addition to other useful tools that Amazon sellers will get a lot of value from.

Who is this for?

Sellers of all sizes looking for a cost-effective Amazon PPC software for running ad campaigns in multiple global marketplaces.

Why we like it

SellerApp is another suite of tools that has a PPC tool included and as such presents good value for money.

The PPC tool has all the features you’d expect from an analysis and optimization standpoint and has some automation features too.

It covers a wide range of Amazon global marketplaces so is perfect for international sellers, and includes other important tools for things like keyword research and listing optimization.  


Whilst being a suite of tools it doesn’t quite have the range of a more established tool like Helium 10.


Starts at $49/month.

#14: Downstream by Jungle Scout

Downstream is Amazon PPC management software that aims to help scale your efforts with campaign automation, customizable reporting, and robust team management.

Who is this for?

Jungle Scout users or sellers looking for enterprise-level solutions.

Why we like it

Downstream’s AI-powered automation works 24/7 to help you hit your Amazon PPC targets, making your ad budget more intelligent and competitive.

You can track your total Amazon business performance with customizable dashboards, including total sales, out-of-stock, average price, and more.

You can also control how your team members access campaign data with enterprise-grade governance and user controls and get hand-held support from the Downstream team.


Ideally, this would be included in the Jungle Scout suite, but instead requires a separate subscription.


Not provided. Demo required to enquire about pricing.

#15: Profit Whales

Profit Whales combine Amazon advertising expertise and marketing practices to scale Amazon PPC advertising. More a management service than a tool, but they do have a proprietary PPC management tool.

Who is this for?

Medium to large sellers looking for a managed service.

Why we like it

Profit Whales use their Amazon PPC experience to work with you to optimize and scale your Amazon advertising campaigns.

The team is very knowledgeable and in our experience is great to work with.

They work on a wide range of advertising streams such as Amazon PPC, Amazon DSP, Google ads, and Facebook ads.


Only suitable for sellers looking for a more hands-off managed PPC advertising service.


Not available. Consultation needed for quotes.

#16: AdRazor

AdRazor is a new tool to the Amazon PPC space that offers diverse functionality at an affordable fixed fee rate with a 30-day free trial.

Who is this for?

Sellers looking to test new emerging technologies.

Why we like it

AdRazor’s flat fee plan gives you the ability to manage an unlimited number of PPC campaigns, search terms, and ASINs with daily data updates from the Amazon API.

It offers helpful color coding of ACOS data and a visual 12-month performance history for all search terms allowing you to quickly and easily optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns.


This is a relatively new Amazon advertising tool so it is still early days for judging overall performance.


$120/month or $1200/year flat fee.

#17: Ad Badger

Ad Badger is a powerful Amazon PPC management solution that helps analyze, automate, and optimize your Amazon campaigns around the clock and is one of the more proven and trusted names in the Amazon PPC software space.

Who is this for?

Sellers who want to use a tool with a long history in the space and solid support.

Why we like it

The Amazon ads manager tool allows users to quickly add new campaigns or keywords directly from inside Ad Badger, just like you would inside Seller Central, but twice as fast.

The keyword bid management tool will adjust keyword bids every day based on trending data to help you hit your target ACOS.

The negative keyword finder automates the process of finding negative keywords allowing to remove them from campaigns and ensure your ad spend is as efficient as possible.

The positive keyword finder will then also work on automatic keyword suggestions in the background, allowing you to continually hone in on the highest-performing keywords in your sponsored ads campaigns.


Pricing may be restrictive for smaller businesses.


Not available. Demo needed for pricing info.

#18: Sellozo

Sellozo is a fully-automated Amazon PPC software for sellers, brands, and agencies covering Amazon and soon Walmart.

Who is this for?

Sellers looking to expand their advertising efforts beyond Amazon onto Walmart in the future.

Why we like it

Sellozo has an automated Amazon PPC tool that manages Amazon advertising in a way that enables you to grow your sales and profitability by lowering your ACOS.

It also offers managed services for those sellers looking to outsource the Amazon PPC process.

Sellozo’s unique Campaign Studio brings your PPC strategy to life, using a drag-and-drop interface, to allow you to visualize and adapt your approach in minutes.


No Walmart access just yet, but may be worth the wait.


Not available. Demo needed for pricing info.

#19: PPC Ninja

PPC Ninja is an Amazon Ads partner that offers Amazon PPC software along with managed services. The excel-like user interface makes it easy to get started, especially for those who have been managing PPC with search term reports.

Who is this for?

Sellers familiar with Excel who want to upgrade their Amazon PPC management functionality.

Why we like it

The PPC Ninja tool provides daily bid recommendations in your PPC dashboard, helps discover new keywords, and also helps find bleeding keywords for negative keyword optimization. 

The software automatically downloads your Search Term Reports and allows 50+ bulk operations.

It supports Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand Ads, Sponsored Brands Video, and Sponsored Display Ads.

Finally, it works in all available Amazon markets – Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, and the Netherlands.


User interface is not as advanced as some other options.


Starts at $99/month.

#20: PPC Entourage

Recently acquired by Carbon6, PPC Entourage is a well-renowned PPC tool that offers a robust feature set at affordable entry-level pricing with a generous 1 year ‘No Brainer’ guarantee.

Who is this for?

PPC Entourage is a good option for first-time PPC tool users with its flexible entry-level pricing and easy-to-use features.

Why we like it

PPC Entourage aims to “help sellers build profitable brands on Amazon by maximizing ad revenue, slashing ACoS, and improving profit margins.”

The “No Brainer” Guarantee offered promises that if the tool doesn’t pays for itself then your money back! This applies for a full year which is up there with the best guarantees we’ve seen.

The tool has the standard analysis and optimization functionality you’d expect for a paid tool and also has some automation features like negative search term automation.

It also has a helpful ‘Margins Profit Maximizer’ feature which uncovers the hidden costs that eat into your Amazon profits and gives you actionable steps to reclaim your cash.


Whilst the percentage fee is helpful early on it means your costs will always scale with your PPC revenue. A lot of tools do this, so it’s not a big negative, just something to be aware of. 


2.9% of monthly ad spend with no minimum fee. 14-day free trial available.

#21: BidX

BidX is another Amazon PPC software tool that gives Amazon sellers, vendors, and agencies full automation of their Amazon ads.

Who is this for?

Sellers looking for Amazon PPC software to help expand into new markets with a particular focus on Europe.

Why we like it

BidX is a certified partner of Amazon as a member of its Solution Provider Network and provides a high-quality platform with a good UX design.

From keyword research to campaign creation and performance optimization, BidX covers all the main bases an Amazon seller would look for in a tool to improve Amazon PPC advertising performance.


The price point will eliminate smaller sellers.


Starts at €149/month.

#22: Ignite by SellerLabs

SellerLabs is one of the longest-standing Amazon PPC management tools in the space and is a robust option for any Amazon seller looking to optimize ad campaigns.

Who is this for?

Amazon sellers looking for a tried and tested Amazon PPC software.

Why we like it

Ignite helps you build your advertising strategy and optimize your PPC ads with A.I.-powered PPC analytics.

The goal, like many of the PPC tools mentioned, is to help you set, meet, and exceed your advertising goals with automated suggestions by machine learning algorithms.

Its long-standing position in the industry means it has stood the test of time.


Doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles of more modern tools.


Starts at $49/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon PPC management software tools are programs developed to save users time by automating otherwise cumbersome tasks like pulling spreadsheets, applying keyword bid adjustments, and creating new Amazon advertising PPC campaigns.

Most Amazon PPC software and tools will require a paid subscription to let you start managing campaigns. The one free tool that is available and highly worth trying is the Benchmarker by Perpetua.

Yes, you can manage Amazon PPC campaigns without a tool. You can access search term reports in Seller Central to analyze your data and then make the necessary bid and keyword adjustments manually in Campaign Manager. However, most growing Amazon sellers find a tool speeds up their workflow helping them save time and grow PPC sales. 

Succeeding with Amazon PPC is about learning the fundamentals and staying consistent in applying them week in and week out. There are no secret hacks, just consistent good practices like listing optimization, keyword research and campaign management.

What is the best Amazon PPC software tool?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to Amazon PPC tools, and it very much depends on your circumstances and goals.

The insights to be gained inside the free Perpetua Benchmarker report make it a no-brainer for every seller at every stage of their PPC journey.

Scale Insights is the best tool I have used for advanced rule-based automation and optimized campaign creation and is very reasonably priced.

Then, if you’re looking for a complete one-stop-shop tool suite Adtomic by Helium 10 is the overall best option due to both the quality of the PPC tool and the range of other industry-leading tools you get included.

If you’re a newer seller looking for something more budget-friendly, Zon.Tools is the best of the bunch. 

Finally, if you’re managing a lot of Amazon PPC spend and looking for advanced automation and account management so you can be a bit more hands off our number one recommendation is Quartile.

We hope you’ve found this review of the best Amazon PPC tools helpful in finding the best Amazon PPC software for your business.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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