Are you an Amazon seller looking to take your business to the next level? If so, you need to be listening to the best Amazon seller podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way for private label sellers to learn what is working right now in order to stay on the cutting edge of online selling and build a successful Amazon business.

In this article, I’ll list the best Amazon FBA & eCommerce podcasts that you should be listening to in order to take your business to the next level.

Whilst there are literally hundreds of podcasts out there I could’ve included, I chose to limit to what I think are the best options at each stage of your journey.

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Ok, let’s dive into the list of the best Amazon & eCommerce podcasts that will help level up your business!


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Best Amazon FBA Podcasts For Beginners

When starting out with your Amazon business there is so much information to take in. Podcasts are a great way of gleaning extra information whilst on the go.

It’s important you’re learning from the right sources though, and listening to regularly updated and current advice.

Here are my recommendations for the best beginner-friendly podcasts.

1. Serious Sellers Podcast by Helium 10

Hosted by Bradley Sutton from Helium 10, the Serious Sellers Podcast is one of the most popular shows available and is such a valuable resource.

It features deep dives into actionable strategies that are tested and proven in current market conditions and also hosts interviews with successful sellers and service providers.

It’s also been voted the best Amazon seller podcast by the Amazon sellers community and is well worth a listen.

2. The AM/PM Podcast by Kevin King

One of the great early Amazon seller podcasts started by Manny Coats all the way back in 2015, the AM/PM Podcast has seen a recent revival first with host Tim Jordan (now of Carbon6), and more lately with Kevin King.

Kevin is one of the biggest names in the Amazon selling community, and the most popular episode on our own podcast which you can listen to here or watch below.

Kevin is an experienced and well-respected seller in the Amazon community and shares practical insight to help you grow on Amazon.

3. Selling on Amazon With Andy Isom by Andy Isom

Andy is an active Amazon FBA seller who built his private label brand to over $1 million in sales in under 2 years.

On his podcast, he shares that journey in topical, bite-sized episodes.

Each episode has its own specific theme and mostly features Andy delivering the show solo, although he does occasionally host interviews with other sellers.

4. The Tom Wang Show by Tom Wang

Tom has been a long-time sharer of his journey on YouTube and has seen great success with one of his first private label brands Sdara, eventually selling it to Thrasio for multiple millions.

In the self-titled podcast, he interviews mostly lesser-known sellers who are crushing it in the private label space, and is a valuable Amazon seller podcast to subscribe to.

5. Branded by Amazing by Matt Clark

Matt is the founder of Amazing – an Amazon training business – along with a range of successful eCommerce projects. His coffee brand Lifeboost has grown to over $1m/month in sales alone.

In this Amazon sellers podcast, he shares practical steps for how you too can become a smart online seller and grow a successful business on Amazon and beyond.

6. Lunch With Norm by Norm Farrar

Norm is a legend of the Amazon seller community and regularly hosts great conversations about selling on Amazon. Norm attracts top-tier guests every episode and for that reason, this podcast is well worth a listen.

Each episode contains growth and marketing tips to help private label sellers elevate their Amazon game, so get subscribed today.

Best Amazon FBA Podcasts For Experienced Sellers

Becoming a successful Amazon seller is one heck of a journey.

There are lots of challenges to navigate and questions that come up. As you grow on your journey, one of the best things you can do is lean into more advanced content.

The best Amazon seller podcasts in this next category all cater to more advanced topics and discussions to help you turn your Amazon FBA business into a highly successful brand.

7. Seller Sessions by Danny McMillan

Seller Sessions has become one of the standout Amazon seller podcasts in recent years due to its no-fluff approach to bringing high-level actionable content to Amazon FBA sellers.

Danny regularly interviews Amazon selling pros, including those who have recently sold their business in his ‘Life After Exit’ series.

Some of the topics can get quite advanced, so beginners should keep that in mind.

Another great feature of this Amazon FBA podcast is the expert guests Danny brings in to co-host. These have included popular figures in the Amazon FBA space such as Adam Heist, Izabela Hamilton, and Sharon Even.

8. The Podcast by Ryan Daniel Moran

Ryan is a unique voice in the Amazon seller space in that his success on Amazon launched his profile, but he now helps people think far bigger than Amazon alone often approaching things from a totally different vantage point.

The Capitalism podcast will help you round out as an entrepreneur and think about solving real-world problems to build a successful, sustainable business on Amazon and beyond.

9. Follow The Data by Viral Launch

Originally hosted by founder Casey Gauss, the podcast now features the wider Viral Launch team. The company has always been very data-driven, and this really comes across in the content.

This makes it a unique private-label podcast and helps Amazon sellers think beyond the more foundational tactics and into a higher-level strategic approach.

10. The Empire Flippers Podcast by Empire Flippers

As one of the fastest-growing online marketplaces for buyers and sellers of Amazon FBA businesses, Empire Flippers are uniquely placed to bring original content.

This podcast features inspirational success stories and actionable strategies that make it an amazing seller podcast.

Best eCommerce Podcasts For Off-Amazon Growth

There’s no doubt building an Amazon business is the best place to start for new eCommerce entrepreneurs.

But as your brand grows, you will want to grow your off-Amazon sales too. The following is a list of the best podcasts I listen to on a regular basis to help me stay sharp on all things eCommerce.

11. eCommerce Marketing School by Privy

ecommerce marketing school podcast

Originally hosted by Ben Jabbawy, founder of the marketing & list-growth app Privy (an app we use in our Shopify stores to help drive email list growth and extra sales), this podcast is a personal favorite.

Having now sold Privy to Attentive, Ben has moved on but the podcast remains, now being hosted by Tony DiBernardo.

It features short, sharp episodes (often 5 minutes or less) with one quick strategy that you can implement right away to help grow your eCommerce business.

It helps brand owners think beyond basic strategies and form a marketing plan that helps build a lasting business. Highly recommended!

12. The Unofficial Shopify Podcast by Kurt Elster

If you’re looking to grow sales on Shopify, this eCommerce podcast is a must-listen. Kurt is highly experienced in all things Shopify and delivers helpful content week in and week out.

The podcast not only features great advice and advanced selling strategies but also has an active Facebook community of established sellers and successful brands.

13. eCommerce Fuel by Andrew Youderian

Another high-level eCommerce podcast featuring some fantastic guests. Andrew is a great host who draws actionable tips and marketing strategies out of each guest.

The episodes are usually a little longer (40-60 minutes) to allow the time for Andrew to dig deeper into each business guest’s story and when you listen, you’ll be glad he does.

14. Shopify Masters by Shopify

It wouldn’t be an eCommerce podcast ‘best of’ list without featuring the legends of the eCom space, Shopify.

This podcast features interviews with full-time success stories – sellers who have launched an online business on Shopify and seen great growth. Essential for any Amazon seller looking to build off-Amazon.

15. The Smart Marketer Podcast by Molly Pittman

If you’re looking to grow off-Amazon then you’re going to need to learn marketing strategies in order to drive traffic to your online store.

Amazon sellers can get far too reliant on Amazon traffic and struggle to drive their own traffic to their own stores. This great podcast from Molly and the legendary Ezra Firestone will equip you with the marketing skills you need.

16. The Ecommerce Opportunity by Chase Dimond

Chase is an email marketing specialist who has risen to prominence in the eCommerce world over the last couple of years after having been featured in a popular Foundr course.

His podcast features interviews with knowledgeable founders and service providers that give key online marketing insight that will be a great asset to you in building your private label brand.

Best General Entrepreneurship & Mindset Podcasts

Successful entrepreneurs don’t just stay in their industry silo, but instead, look beyond for wisdom and tactics that translate across all industries.

This category features podcasts that are more general in nature but should be on the subscribed list of every entrepreneur who wants to build something great.

17. My First Million with Sam Parr and Shaan Puri

One of the fastest-growing podcasts on the planet right now for a reason. Sam and Shaan’s energy and intrigue around new business ideas is utterly contagious.

Mixed with a large dash of humor and a side of banter, it makes for a fascinating yet entertaining listen whatever the topic. Be prepared – there are certainly some random topics!

But each episode is a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

18. The Diary Of A CEO by Steven Bartlett

Steven rose to fame as the founder of Social Chain and author of Happy Sexy Millionaire. Now the youngest ever Dragon on Dragon’s Den (the UK’s version of Shark Tank), he is an influential voice.

Steven’s interview style is thoughtful and reflective, and each episode is an insightful adventure through the journey of the interviewee.

19. How I Built This by Guy Raz

Nothing beats a good founder story, and nobody draws them out like Guy Raz.

This incredibly popular podcast features some of the biggest business success stories and shares the highs and lows of their entrepreneurial journey.

There are hundreds of other great Amazon FBA seller podcasts out there, but hopefully, this gives you a comprehensive idea of some of the best Amazon podcasts to help you become a well-rounded pro seller.

These are all shows I regularly listen to and have helped me grow on the Amazon marketplace and beyond.

So if you’re looking to be successful selling on Amazon, and want to grow a brand that becomes an asset – make sure you’re feeding on some great content like this!

Happy listening!

Ben Donovan


Ben Donovan
Ben is the founder of Brand Builder University and has a passion for helping normal everyday people create financial freedom by building successful eCommerce businesses. He lives in Manchester, UK with his wife and 2 children and loves to play sport and watch continual re-runs of The Office (US version, obviously).


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