AMZ Suggestion Expander: Find More Keywords (FREE Tool)

As an Amazon seller, you’ll know that keywords are essential for getting your products found by shoppers.

But it can be difficult to come up with all the right keywords for your listings without paying for expensive tools.

That’s where AMZ Suggestion Expander comes in. This free tool helps you find a bigger keyword list that you can use to improve your listings and get more traffic. 

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What is AMZ Suggestion Expander?

AMZ Suggestion Expander is a free Chrome extension tool developed by Raybek Solutions that helps Amazon sellers find more keywords for their listings.

How does AMZ Suggestion Expander work?

The tool works by taking the keywords you type into the Amazon search bar and expanding them to include related terms – far more than Amazon’s default list of search suggestions.

By default, the Amazon search suggestions will include ten additional terms that expand on what is typed in the search bar.

However, the AMZ Suggestion Expander Chrome extension expands that to 30+ extra keywords in different categories:

Keywords Before

This section of keywords takes the term you have entered into the Amazon search bar and looks for related keyword phrases containing additional words before your search term.

For instance, if you type yoga mat into the search bar, with the AMZ Suggestion Expander active the Keywords Before column will show keywords such as:

  • best yoga mat
  • thick yoga mat
  • slip resistant yoga mat
  • blue yoga mat

And so on.

Keywords After

This section of keywords takes the term you have entered into the Amazon search bar and looks for related keyword phrases containing additional words after your search term.

This is similar to the existing functionality of original suggestions but expands on it to provide even more keyword ideas.

For instance, if you type yoga mat into the search bar, with the AMZ Suggestion Expander active the Keywords After column will show keywords such as:

  • yoga mat with strap
  • yoga mat for men
  • yoga mat with padding

And so on.

Keywords Between

This final section of keywords takes the term you have entered into the Amazon search bar and looks for related keyword phrases containing additional words between the various words of your search term.

This works in a similar way to broad campaigns when running Amazon PPC.

If you type yoga mat into the search bar with the AMZ Suggestion Expander active here are some examples of what the Keywords Before column will show:

  • yoga accessories mat
  • yoga pilates mat
  • yoga gym mat

And so on.

As you’ll see, the search bar results are greatly expanded when using this tool – but there’s still more where that came from.

If you want an even bigger list, use your down arrow key to expand even further and have the tool suggest even more terms to use.

What should I do with the keywords I find?

So, you’ve found three times as many relevant keywords as you would’ve done by simply using Amazon’s search suggestions, but what do you now do with them?

Listing Optimization

Writing a keyword-optimized Amazon listing is essential for success on the platform and a core aspect of our Brand Builder Blueprint.

By including as many relevant keywords as possible you are maximizing your opportunities to appear in search results, attract clicks and achieve sales.

In order to use AMZ Suggestion Expander to optimize your listing simply type relevant keywords into the search bar one by one and note down the additional results provided.

Do this for a handful of your most relevant keywords and compile a list of 20-30 (or more) relevant phrases, or to save even more time use the handy keyword download functionality to create a saveable word analysis sheet.

Finally, include each of the words in these phrases somewhere in your listing to ensure your listing shows up when the phrases are searched on Amazon.

To take this a step further, get a free trial to a tool like Helium 10 and use its Listing Builder too to help speed up the process of writing a listing that has maximum possible keyword coverage.

PPC Campaigns

Not only do you want to appear organically for these relevant terms, you also want to dominate the paid search positions for them too.

Take your list of relevant keywords and create PPC campaigns that specifically target them.

You can use exact, phrase, or broad match types but you will have the most control over an exact match campaign and it will also send strong relevance signals to Amazon’s algorithm, so we would suggest starting there.

You can always add a broad match campaign to find a wider set of search terms to appear for once your listing is beginning to rank organically.

How do I install AMZ Suggestion Expander?

To install AMZ Suggestion Expander simply head to the Chrome extension’s page, and click add to Chrome.

Check the tool has loaded onto your Chrome browser next to the address bar and click to ensure it is activated.

Finally, head to Amazon and click into the search bar, start typing and watch the extension work its magic!

How much does AMZ Suggestion Expander cost?

The great thing about this tool is that it is completely free!

You can use the main functionality of the tool without paying a cent. However, if you’d like to access added search volume data you can upgrade to a pro version for $9.97 per month or $99.97 per year.

The bonus of being able to see search volume is you can quickly prioritize which keywords should appear the most prominently in your listing, making the pro version well worthwhile.

Are there any alternatives to the AMZ Suggestion Expander?

Whilst AMZ Suggestion Expander is a great Amazon tool to help find an initial set of keywords inside search suggestions, you may want to combine it with other tools to help get the most benefit from the downloaded keywords.

For the best overall tool, you can’t go wrong with a Helium 10 subscription.

It has further keyword research tools like Cerebro and Magnet, and also has a range of other tools for different functions in your Amazon business.

Once you’ve added the AMZ Suggestion Expander to your Chrome browser you can also check out Helium 10’s very useful Chrome extension.

You can check out our complete guide to Helium 10 here.

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