Are you seeing little-to-no success when it comes to improving your Amazon sales?

Throughout the years we have found that stunning visuals are a sure way to boost your Amazon sales, however, infographics, lifestyle, and white background images require different photography styles and techniques.

Focusing on optimizing every type of image will help attract potential buyers to spend more time looking at your listing.

As a seller, you need seven extremely high-quality listing images in order to compete with the rest of the competition out there.

A reputable Amazon photography service will help you get the best infographic, lifestyle, and white images for your listing.


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Types of Amazon Product Photography

Let’s review every type of Amazon product photography! Amazon product photography has several different categories.

The first image in an Amazon listing is the white product image – which will display the product without any props near it.

Lifestyle images are arguably the most important type of images for your Amazon product listings.

The reason is that it showcases what a customer can expect when using your item, which can help build trust with the buyer.

Lastly, a product listing is not complete without infographic images.

The infographic product photography shows how your product will have a positive impact on the buyer’s life, explaining all the benefits in as much detail as possible.

White Background Product Photography

Amazon requires sellers to upload at least one white image to their listing.

White background images also help consumers take a clean, raw look at the product for what is.

One key detail is that this type of photography ensures that there are no distractions or props alongside the product.

The clear visuals help customers see if the product fits the criteria that they have in their mind.

If the product is placed next to other props in the white back image, consumers may not understand what product they will receive in the mail.

White background photography makes your product look elegant and beautiful. Crisp image finishing enhances its unique features.

Since this type of imagery is the first impression that a buyer will have on your product, it is crucial that your white background photography is clear and concise for consumers.

Highlight your product in the best light with Amazon photography services!

Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle product photography allows you to show your product in a lifestyle setting.

Showing products with people involved improves customer perception.

It’s important to consider that Amazon sellers that rely on stock photos are limited in the sense of trust they can build since the buyers are quite capable of noticing the difference.

When done correctly, potential buyers imagine themselves in place of models, using the product for themselves.

Sellers need lifestyle photography to succeed on Amazon and set themselves apart for competitors who are also utilizing real-life photography.

Professional models and photographers bring out the best in your product and its best conversion rate.

Buyers are charmed when they look at beautiful lifestyle images. A positive visual reference helps in improving consumer perception.

For example, if the models within your image seem happy to use your product, this emotion can be conveyed to the potential buyer – allowing them to make a positive connection with your product.

Infographic Product Photography

The infographic images are the perfect way to show off product features. Text and bubbles are used to highlight individual features.

Furthermore, buyers on Amazon love learning about the product before going ahead and purchasing them.

Infographic product photography services give an overall better impression on potential buyers.

If a buyer is looking at two similar products, a good infographic image can sway the buying decision in your favor.

Keywords and listing bullet points will improve product ranking. However, most customers look at the images rather than reading the entire description.

The “show, don’t tell” principle applies to these images.

Due to the nature of people being easily distracted, as well as having a short attention span, great visuals will stand out and retain attention when compared to text.

Sellers can make a massive difference if they hire product photography services. Boost your sales with the help of Amazon photography services.

Why Does Amazon Product Photography Boost Sales?

Visual references heavily influence consumer perception.

Buyers do not have a long attention span and mostly do not read the listing text. Everyone takes a look at the images before reading more about the product.

A single stunning image can convince customers to buy the product at first sight. Products with the best listing images have the ability to generate increased revenue on Amazon.

The statistics prove that visuals are much more effective than text. Eye-catching images are the clear winner on Amazon!

Additionally, images help buyers see all the important details such as product dimensions and features.

A simple glance at a picture has the ability to convey more information about the product than a one-minute-long passage of text.

So, consumers can learn almost everything about the product with just images alone. They only move on to the text if they are interested in the pictures.

So, attractive images help sellers to convert views to sales!


Investing in high-quality visuals will result in a boost to your sales on Amazon.

More than 50% of Amazon buyers only look at the listing images and not the text underneath.

After grabbing their attention, buyers will move towards the product description to find more information.

You must consider the customer journey when selling on Amazon, and understand what consumers are experiencing when searching for products. Sellers need to grab the attention of consumers – or else they won’t stand out from the competition.

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