The role Amazon PPC plays in a successful Amazon business has become increasingly significant over recent years.

What was once a simple click of a few buttons to get launched now involves a steep learning curve and a large time investment.

As such it’s no surprise more sellers than ever are turning to Amazon PPC management agencies to launch and scale their PPC advertising.

If you’re considering doing the same, you may be wondering how to find the best marketing agency to help you with PPC management strategies.

So, in this article, I’ll break down my honest experiences engaging with all kinds of agencies in the industry over recent years.

From managed automation services to all-in-one Amazon marketing agencies – we’ll present the best of the best so you can get the support you need.


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What makes a good Amazon PPC management agency?

A good Amazon PPC management agency is one that considers your entire business when implementing its strategies.

For example, when launching a new product your number one goal should be establishing organic ranking.

If your PPC agency implements a cookie-cutter approach to this new product in the same way they would to an established product, you may not get optimal results.

It’s no use having an Amazon PPC agency that pulls in one direction while the rest of your business pulls in another.

Other things to be on the lookout for are good communication, documented success stories or case studies, and recommendations from within the Amazon seller community.

What type of Amazon PPC management agency is best for me?

To help give the best recommendation based on your specific circumstances, we created this guide in three clear sections:

  • Managed automation services: Lower cost services (thanks to software automation), but still have a dedicated account manager for strategic input. Best for sellers looking for support on a tighter budget.
  • Full-service Amazon agencies: Agencies offering a full suite of services beyond just PPC. Best for sellers looking for a complete growth partner.
  • Dedicated Amazon PPC agencies: Agencies focusing solely on Amazon PPC management. Best for sellers who have all other areas (design, copywriting, etc.) dialed in but want expert PPC help.

For each section, we’ll list the best options and give a summary of their core features.


Most Amazon PPC agencies encourage potential clients to book a call rather than display pricing so where necessary we have provided general industry guidelines.

Best managed automation services

Managed automation services are PPC advertising agencies that have software at the core of what they do.

This software automates the vast majority of time-consuming optimization tasks meaning less human input is required which results in a comparatively lower cost service.

You still benefit from an account manager who will guide you through the process and offer strategic input so this is a great middle-ground solution between a DIY Amazon PPC tool and a full-blown agency service.


These Amazon PPC agencies are best for sellers who want strategic input and expertise but aren’t yet ready to pay for a full agency experience.

Let’s get into our best picks!


quartile home page

Quartile is an AI-powered advertising optimization platform that helps brands and agencies optimize Amazon advertising, expand market reach, and drive revenues upwards.

Their proprietary technology uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to make decisions based on real data for improved performance growth.

These decisions include launching and scaling a large number of campaigns at once with single keyword focus for ultra-granular control and increase profitability.

With Quartile, you also get:

  • Cross-channel optimization: Quartile can help you optimize your Amazon advertising campaigns across multiple channels, including Google Ads, Facebook, and Walmart. This allows you to reach a wider audience and get more bang for your buck.
  • Flat-rate pricing: Quartile charges a flat-rate fee based on your total ad spend. This means that you won’t have to worry about hidden fees or commissions.
  • Expert support: Quartile’s team of experts is available to help you get the most out of their platform. They can provide guidance on setting up your campaigns, optimizing your bids, and tracking your results.

Overall, Quartile is a powerful AI-powered advertising optimization platform that can help you boost your Amazon sales and reach a wider audience.

The AI innovation and patented machine learning ability are what really makes Quartile stand out as the number one option in this field and is why big brands like Thrasio are happy users.

Many of our BBU community are also actively using Quartile and seeing great results, and you can see our recent interview with Quartile’s Bradley Davis below:


Starts at $895/month, but you can save 40% for your first three months here.



Perpetua is a powerful tool-based service that can help Amazon businesses of all sizes grow their reach. Some of the key features include:

  • Customizable recommendations: Perpetua’s recommendations are based on a variety of factors, including your product catalog, target audience, and budget. You can easily customize the recommendations to fit your specific needs.
  • Contextual, conversion-based bidding: Perpetua’s bidding algorithms take into account the context of your ad, such as the product being advertised and the search terms used by potential customers. This helps you ensure that your ads are seen by the right people at the right time.
  • Full visibility into ad spend: Perpetua provides detailed reports on the performance of your ad campaigns. This information can help you identify what’s working well and what needs to be improved.
  • Market intelligence reporting: Perpetua’s market intelligence reports provide insights into the competitive landscape and trends in Amazon advertising. This information can help you make better decisions about how to allocate your budget.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your Amazon advertising performance, Perpetua is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals.

Plus, they also benefit from having acquired the leading Amazon PPC tool Sellics (a tool that I have spent a lot of time using) and the innovative Benchmarker tool.

Want to know more about how they work? Check out our interview with Sellics founder Thomas Ropel below.


Starts at $250/month up to $5,000 in monthly ad spend.


seller app

SellerApp’s AI-powered software automates all aspects of Amazon PPC campaign management, from keyword research and bidding to ad creation and reporting.

You’ll get access to a team of Amazon PPC experts who work with you to help you achieve your Amazon PPC goals.

You’ll also get comprehensive reporting on your Amazon PPC campaigns with key data such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost per click, so you can track your performance and optimize campaigns effectively.

Overall, SellerApp’s Amazon PPC agency service is a great way to get your Amazon PPC campaigns off the ground and start seeing results.

With their automated software, expert consultants, and comprehensive reporting, they provide a solid budget-friendly agency experience.


Starts at $400/month.



Teikametrics is a similar offering to that of Quartile or Perpetua, but I have also included it in this list as it does have some unique technologies.

Flywheel 2.0 completely automates campaign creation, keyword targeting, and bidding workflows across both Amazon and Walmart, making it an ideal solution for multi-channel brands.

Teikametrics also has a long list of high-profile clients including Nutribullet, Clarks, Dickies, and Splenda.


Starts at $199/month with a 30-day free trial.


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Best full-service Amazon marketing agencies

A full-service Amazon marketing agency will not only manage your PPC campaigns, but also work on other optimization aspects such as your product images, listing copy, and A+ content.

Amazon PPC on its own won’t build a great Amazon business but instead needs to be used to amplify a listing that already converts well.

So having this focus across your entire Amazon operations can be a huge asset in driving your business forward.


With this extra work comes an extra cost and these services are generally best for growing sellers generating $20,000 per month or more in PPC revenue.


Incrementum is one of the most respected agencies in the Amazon seller industry.

Founded by industry expert Liran Hirschkorn, Incrementum is a marketing agency dedicated to helping bring sellers success on the Amazon platform.

It offers full PPC management services – including Amazon DSP – along with listing copywriting, image creation, and A+ content creation.

The Incrementum website features a number of testimonials from high-profile brands and is perfectly positioned to accelerate your growth on Amazon.


Creative services start at $895. PPC management pricing is available upon request.

AMZ One Step

amz one step

AMZ One Step is an Amazon marketing agency that offers PPC management services.

Their service provides sellers with top-notch PPC management that is designed to suit a wide spectrum of customers and grow sales effectively.

The PPC management package includes an initial storefront analysis, followed by setting up optimized campaigns and carrying out ongoing bid and keyword management.

Given the range of services AMZ One Step offers this is ideal for the seller that needs support across a number of areas.


PPC management pricing is available upon request.

My Amazon Guy

my amazon guy

My Amazon Guy is a full-service Amazon agency run by industry guru Steven Pope.

I’ve personally used the services at MyAmazonGuy several times to help with listing related issues and their Amazon knowledge is honestly second-to-none.

The team now offers Amazon PPC management services run entirely manually using spreadsheets and macros.

They claim to be able to update your advertising faster, more frequently, and more holistically with this new in-house technology and the service includes initial PPC keyword research and ongoing weekly reporting.


PPC management pricing is available upon request.

Profit Whales

profit whales

Profit Whales is a full-service Amazon marketing agency that helps brands maximize the efficiency of their marketing budgets and the effectiveness of their strategy to increase conversion rates.

They offer a range of services, including Amazon PPC management, Amazon DSP ad services, Amazon product ranking, and also offer an Amazon PPC audit.

They also have their own in-house software that allows them to provide a more data-driven approach to Amazon marketing.


PPC management pricing is available upon request.

georges blog was founded and operated by, you guessed it, George. He is a seasoned Amazon operator who has also spent time working at Amazon in the advertising department.

George and his team offer a free audit to help you assess your current Amazon advertising performance, and if you decide to work with them, they will take over your advertising and create a bespoke strategy based on your requirements.

They work as an additional member of your team, utilizing in-house software to act faster and more frequently, and adopting the latest features as soon as they are released.

They believe that Amazon advertising is hard to manage in-house, and they offer their services as a solution to this problem.

George is a great creative mind, I enjoy his takes on Amazon and eCommerce, and he’s a great follow on Twitter too!


PPC management pricing is available upon request.

Straight Up Growth

straight up growth

Straight Up Growth is an Amazon advertising agency that specializes in helping brands grow their sales profitably with listing optimization and Amazon PPC advertising solutions.

They use a data-driven approach to create custom strategies for each brand, and they have a team of experienced “Adsassins” who are committed to helping brands grow their return on ad spend.

Straight Up Growth has helped brands achieve incredible growth, including a 6,566% increase in sales for one pet brand and a 61% improvement in ad performance efficiency for a nutraceutical company.

To learn more about Straight Up Growth and its founder Daniel Tejada, you can also listen to our podcast episode:


PPC management pricing is available upon request.

AMZ Pathfinder

amz pathfinder

Founded by Brent Zahradnik in 2015, AMZ Pathfinder is a leading marketing agency that manages Amazon PPC, Google ads, and Amazon listing optimization.

The team has a 5-step process for Amazon PPC management which consists of:

  1. Initial account analysis
  2. Onboarding & triage
  3. Campaign structuring and ad scaling
  4. Ongoing optimization
  5. And ongoing collaboration

It’s a well-thought-out service and has many happy clients.


PPC management pricing is available upon request.

Best dedicated Amazon PPC management agencies

Dedicated Amazon PPC management agencies focus on one core competency – making your Amazon ads absolutely hum.

They should of course be aware of best practices in other areas of the Amazon selling dynamic like good listing optimization, but they only offer management services for your advertising.

The strength of this is that they can become the best in the industry at what they do.

However, the weakness can be that they lose sight of other key factors like organic ranking. So, be sure to look into each of these options and see which is the best fit for your business.


This category of Amazon PPC agencies is best for businesses who have most other areas dialled in but want expert help with PPC growth.



Trivium is an Amazon advertising agency that helps businesses scale their Amazon ad campaigns and create winning strategies.

Founded by popular industry figure Mina Elias, they have a team of experienced PPC experts who can handle all aspects of your PPC campaigns, from keyword research to campaign management to reporting.

They manage all formats of Amazon advertising including Sponsored Product ads, Sponsored Brand ads, Sponsored Display ads, and Amazon DSP.

They also offer a free audit to help you assess your current Amazon PPC campaigns and identify areas where you can improve.

If you’ve got most other areas of your Amazon business locked in but want dedicated PPC support, Trivium would be our #1 recommendation.

To learn more about Mina Elias, check out our podcast episode:


Free Audit. PPC management pricing is available upon request.

Ad Badger

ad badger

Ad Badger is a powerful platform that helps you manage, automate, and monitor your Amazon campaigns around the clock.

Their platform effectively combines a strong software solution with expert hands-on support.

Ad Badger will perform PPC keyword research, adjust bids, and optimize campaigns with optimal strategies so you can generate the best return on ad spend possible.

While Ad Badger may not be the biggest agency in the space, the team includes of the most experienced operators and is well worth speaking to if you’re considering a dedicated PPC agency.

We spoke to founder Michael Facchin on our podcast, and it’s well worth a listen!


PPC management pricing is available upon request.


moon ads

Moonads is a relatively new Amazon PPC management service founded by successful Amazon sellers with over 10 years of experience in PPC and a 7-figure exit under their belt.

Moonads helps sellers increase product visibility and sales with hands-on campaign setup, optimization, and reporting as well as offering assistance with branding objectives too.

The team works with my favorite Amazon PPC tool (Scale Insights) and offers clear, transparent pricing.


Starts at $1,399/month for 3-10 ASINs.

Amazon PPC Management Agency FAQs

Amazon PPC agencies are experts in managing PPC accounts all the way from keyword and competitor research to campaign launch and optimization. Outsourcing Amazon PPC management to an agency can help give you back valuable time in your week to focus on other key areas of growth.

Amazon PPC agencies vary in their pricing depending on the services they offer and the clientele they target. Some agencies will only work with large, enterprise clients whereas some specialize in helping new sellers launch. Typically the cheapest option will be a managed automation service like Quartile, Perpetua, or Teikametrics. Whereas if you are looking to hand the reigns over entirely to an agency you might expect to pay in the region of 10% of ad spend.

There is no exact science, it really comes down to your individual journey as a business. If you feel managing ads yourself with an Amazon PPC software tool is becoming a hindrance to the growth of your business, then that is usually the time to explore outsourcing this aspect in one way or another.

Choosing the right Amazon PPC management agency for your business primarily comes down to budget and skillset. If your budget is on the lower end, you’ll be limited by that and should look at managed automation services. Whereas if budget isn’t so much of a factor, the key is studying the digital marketing services offered by the agencies included here and seeing which is the best blend for the current stage of your business.

Are Amazon PPC agencies worth it?

At the right time, yes.

A good Amazon PPC agency can be a valuable asset in your business journey and prevent growth bottlenecks caused by trying to wear too many hats.

They of course come at a cost, so they only really become worth it once your Amazon business is generating at least some revenue.

If you want to outsource to an Amazon PPC management agency early in your journey, the most cost-effective solution is a managed automation service like Quartile.

If as you grow you want support across a number of areas of your business then your best option is a full-service agency like Incrementum.

And, if you want a dedicated, top-of-their-game Amazon PPC agency then look no further than Trivium.

If you’re still undecided and think you might prefer to run your Amazon PPC in-house, you can also explore our Amazon PPC course designed to take you from beginner to pro with Amazon ads.

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