If you’re an Amazon seller looking to make more sales, you need to master the art of keyword research in order to rank higher and generate more traffic.

In this article, we’ll show you our tried and tested method for quickly finding the highest volume, most relevant keywords to include in your Amazon listing using Helium 10’s Cerebro tool.


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What is Helium 10 Cerebro?

Cerebro is an advanced Amazon research tool created by Helium 10. It allows you to quickly and easily find information about your competitors’ performance by searching against their ASIN.

It’s what’s known as a reverse ASIN lookup tool, essentially allowing you to enter an ASIN and get data about the listing that uses that product ASIN.

This data includes information such as the indexed keywords—the keywords the listing ranks for—the search volumes of those keywords, estimated competitors, and more.

Reverse ASIN Lookup tools are extremely useful for Amazon sellers because they allow you to see what works well for your competitors and then replicate and improve those strategies.

How does Helium 10 Cerebro work?

Cerebro is arguably the best Amazon ASIN Lookup tool on the market due to the number of data points it analyzes and its advanced filtering system.

There are three key sections to understand when using Cerebro:

1. ASINs

In this first section, you enter your competitors’ product ASIN(s).

Depending on the use case, you can search one ASIN or add up to ten ASINs to unlock more powerful data aggregation features.

2. Filters

In the next section, you can filter the results according to your needs.

There are 20 filters in total, but here are a few of the most useful options:

  • Search Volume: Filter for keywords within a certain search volume range to find the keywords that are searched most often.
  • Cerebro IQ Score: A score that reflects the ratio of competitors vs volume of searches.
  • Word Count: Enter a minimum here to search only for longer tail keywords, which usually have less competition.
  • Organic Rank: Use this filter to identify keyword indexing and understand what keywords your competitors are ranking well for in search results – and, therefore, most likely getting good sales from.
  • Title Density: Enter a maximum to find keywords that don’t appear in the titles of other products, presenting a potential opportunity to rank quickly.
  • Ranking Competitors: Enter a minimum to show only the keywords for which multiple competitors are ranking. This greatly increases relevance and is a key for our keyword research process – coming up next!

3. Keywords

Finally, in the keywords section, you can begin to analyze the results to find the best keywords.

This section shows each keyword along with its scores for different fields mentioned above, such as search volume, title density, and organic rank.

You’ll also see a column for competing products so you can quickly see how many unique products are ranking for any given keyword.

Plus, the CPR score is an algorithmic assessment created by Helium 10, which estimates how many sales you will need to make attributed to that particular keyword to rank for it.

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Using Helium 10 Cerebro for rapid keyword research

Once you know your way around Cerebro, it can become a powerful tool for effective research for Amazon sellers and outperform any other free tools you might come across.

One of the best ways to use it is to carry out detailed and accurate keyword research.

Let’s break down the five-step process we teach our Brand Builder University students. This process allows you to quickly find a large list of the best keywords to populate your listing with.

Step 1: Search with the main keyword

Head to Amazon and enter the main keyword for your product in the search bar. Let’s use a classic BBU example: the yoga mat.

Step 2: Run the Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Next, you’ll want to open the Helium 10 Chrome Extension and launch Xray to display the results from page one.

Step 3: Select the ten most relevant results

Look through the results and select the products with the highest sales volume and that are also highly relevant to your product.

Step 4: Run keyword search

Click the run keyword search button to open up the results in Cerebro.

Step 5: Filter by ranking competitors

Finally, the most important step.

Set a minimum of 7-9 in the ranking competitors’ field.

The lower you go, the more results it will let through. But the higher you set the minimum, the more relevant the result will be.

This is because products on Amazon can rank for random keywords occasionally. Setting a minimum number of competitors to all rank for this keyword shows that it is much more relevant.

Now, all you need to do is sort by search volume to order your list by the most searched terms. You will have an ordered list of the most important top-ranking keyword phrases to include in your listing.

You can export these important keywords through Frankenstein and into the Listing Builder tool to create a highly optimized Amazon listing.

How else can I use Cerebro?

Keyword research isn’t the only function for which you can use a reverse ASIN tool like Cerebro. Let’s look at some other great use cases.

1. Product research

When carrying out product research for your Amazon business, it’s key to consider the competitive landscape.

As a reverse ASIN lookup tool, Cerebro provides great insight into the competition of certain keywords.

Understanding the competition on keywords before proceeding with a product is essential because selling on Amazon is very much a keyword game.

By taking individual product listings from the search result pages and running them through a reverse ASIN lookup, you can see the average number of searches the most important search terms get each month and other key accurate data to help with product tracking.

2. Competitor Analysis

By entering the ASIN for a specific product into Cerebro, you can gain extensive competitor insight that can help you grow the sales of your existing products.

Simply run the reverse ASIN on any leading competitor, and you’ll see a full list of the search terms they are appearing for and exactly where they appear on the search results page.

This insight can help you identify how any competitor is performing with regard to keyword ranking.

You can then use this data to run PPC campaigns to target keywords they are appearing for that you may not be.

Ensuring all the keywords competitors are indexed for are found in your listing, too, maximizes your opportunity of being found by Amazon customers.

Better still, by targeting the same keywords your competitor’s product listing is positioning for but potentially not appearing on the first page you can generate more traffic and make more sales.

How much does Helium 10 Cerebro cost?

Cerebro’s reverse ASIN functionality is part of the full Helium 10 suite of tools, which can be accessed for just $39/month on the Starter plan.

While there are free tools available, you will quickly find their limitations. When put to full use, Cerebro alone is well worth the subscription cost.

For active sellers, you will quickly find a lot of value in either the Diamond Plan at $99/month or the Platinum Plan at $279/month.

Each plan upgrade gives access to more tools, more uses of each tool, and a host of new features.

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So what are you waiting for? Get started with Helium 10 today and find the perfect keywords to optimize your product listing and PPC campaigns so you’re as visible as possible in search results!

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