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Follow the link above to register for the program, let us know what PayPal email address to send your commissions to, and you're up and running!

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Next, grab your personalised affiliate links and begin promoting them through your content channels in order to send traffic to the offers.

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Every time one of your link clicks leads to a purchase* you will receive a commission as a thank you from us! What are you waiting for? 

Affiliate FAQs

Anyone! Of course it will help you promote the programs if you have seen value in them yourself, but you are not obliged to be signed up to promote them. 

Commission is set at 25% of the purchase price (payment plan purchases will be paid out on a similar 3-month timeline).

There is no minimum payout, meaning you will be paid commission on your sales whatever the value on the first working day of each month.

Affiliate commissions will be paid via PayPal on the first working day of the month and will be paid out one full month in arrears to give time for the 30 day refund period to expire. 

Example 1: Your referral purchases on 4th April, you will receive the commission on the first working day of June.

Example 2: Your referral purchase on 27th April, you will still receive a commission on the first working day of June.

We do not accept any spam or false claims. Any false claims or spam will subject you to be automatically removed from the affiliate partnership and all commissions will be forfeited.

Example of non-compliant claims: "Make £1,000,000 by enrolling in the Amazon Masters" or "Make 6 figures this year with Ben Donovan's training".

*The tracking link uses cookies in order to credit any sale to your affiliate account. The nature of cookies means that the sale needs to take place within 30 days of the most recent click on your link in order to be credited to your account.

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