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I have loved the last six months. There's always a leap of faith when you part with money to a complete stranger, but I've got back in spades what I handed over. It's not just the (very!) frequent contact, but also the community that has been built around BBU... I can't wait for the rest of the entrepreneurial journey.

~ Peter K.

Like some people I have a bit of a fear of the unknown and didn't want to part with money without understanding what I was getting into. Ben offered both professional advice and reassurance at every junction. I'm now proud to be part of the Brand Builder University, a growing and wonderful community whose support and encouragement has been fantastic.

~ Fergal F.

Ben and the team surrounding him are truly superb! They provide genuine, up to date content on the Amazon world and guidance on the real gemstone in this industry... building an actual real brand and not just instruction on how to play the Amazon game!

~ Danny J.

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“I followed your process… now we’re making £10k-£30k per month”

Joanna joined Brand Builder University looking to make a separation between her time and her income. Having "traded time for money for far too long", she set out to build a brand by launching products on Amazon. 

Her first product showed her the immense possibility of online retail, and was a catalyst towards going all in and ultimately creating a business that began to generate up to £30k/month within 12 months. Watch the short case study to learn more.

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